The Big Boo Cast, Episode 76


On this episode we discuss my almost-here trip to Kenya, what I refer to as Melanie’s enthusiastic opposition to khaki, and recent events at the SEC Baseball Tournament.

Recent events may or may not have involved me approaching someone I believed to be a This Is Us cast member.

Basically there’s a lot of talk about sports – college baseball in particular – a lot of laughs, and a lot of theories about why I might have felt so compelled to approach the alleged celebrity.

Good times, people. We hope you enjoy.

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Fantastic Beasts

– Sophie’s conversation with “Gerald McRaney”

– The real Gerald McRaney


NCAA Men’s Baseball Regional Bracket

NCAA Women’s College World Series Bracket

Closing Songs

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  1. Just bless your heart. To your defense, I think he looks just like him! Also, the episode where he was on DW was one of my favorites. Dash Goff was amazing!!
    Also, I was trying to find inspiration for a new story for my mfa workshp and the episode on This Is Us when we learn his story was inspiration for the last thing I just submitted. I LOVE him on that show.

    Can’t wait to see your Compassion blogs.

  2. Nancy D says:

    I am so tickled that you mustered up the courage to go speak to Not Gerald McRaney. Good for you!!! Never mind that it wasn’t the Real Gerald McRaney. Long time ago I was a flight attendant on a short flight out of New York and I kept telling the other crew members how much the guy in the aisle seat looked like Warren Beatty. Never even occurred to me that it might actually BE Warren Beatty. I just thought he was a doppelganger…Until after we landed, the passengers deplaned, and the gate agents came on board wanting to know how my flight with Warren Beatty was. At least I can say I shared a Diet Coke with him. Sort of. Again, kudos to you for your bravery!!!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    I’ve followed both yours and Melanie’s blogs for quite awhile now, but have never commented. I’ve read your books too & gifted to friends!
    Now to the matter at hand… in your defense, he does look an awful lot like Gerald McRaney. I died when you were telling the story on the podcast. I just feel like that would totally happen to me. The one time you actually bothered someone (you thought was) famous. Too good.

    I got caught by a work friend listening to the podcast in my car before work. I’m pretty certain she’s never going to get over the fact that I’m 26 years old and listening to y’all podcast in my spare time. I told her I never claimed to be cool. Ha. No shame at all!

    I can’t wait to read all about your trip!

  4. Maggie says:

    Sophie, I’m sorry your Esther moment with Gerald McRaney didn’t work out. I have had a star crush on him forever. He is such a sexy man for his age. And you look great in that picture talking to faux Gerald. That treadmill is really working.

  5. Cracking up at your story of mistaken identity!! So funny! Glad he was friendly! Can’t wait to follow along with your trip to Kenya!

  6. I have THREE pairs of Sketchers Go Walks! I can’t recommend them more. I have feet issues and they feel like you’re walking on a cloud. I have these:

    I wear them EVERY.DAY! I get up in the morning and think, “What can I wear today that will work with those shoes….?”

    Can’t wait to hear from your trip!

  7. Oh, bless your heart! He did look like Gerald McRaney! I just love that his first character that you mentioned was Dash Goff, the writer, from Designing Women! Anyone who ever references that show has an automatic place in my heart. But… don’t feel bad. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s worse to think you’re talking to a famous person and not be, or to be talking to a famous person and not know it.

    Several years ago, I worked at a TV station, and John Oates of Hall and Oates came in, expecting me to recognize him. I didn’t for quite a while, because HE DIDN’T HAVE THE MUSTACHE! Granted, in 25 or so years, it’s ok to shave, but he was just a guy! Also, I’ve probably passed many celebrities here, in NW Arkansas over the years, between Walmart functions and the Bentonville Film Festival. Just last month at the BFF, I caught eyes with an older gentleman who nodded to me like I should recognize him as someone famous. Was he? I don’t know, but I seriously doubt he was a nice-looking gentleman from our church who recognized me from my groundbreaking role as Mrs. Jolly in our preschool choir’s Christmas production.

    Fear not! You are not alone!

    Blessings to you and Alex on your trip to Kenya. I cannot wait to follow your trip.

  8. KayVonne says:

    Until I listened to the podcast, I had no idea Gerald McRaney is the physician on This Is Us. Your encounter with him is hilarious. Thanks for the great entertainment!

  9. shelby says:

    i do not think that looks like Gerald McRaney. text me next time i’ll set ya straight

  10. I love this!!!!! Praying for you, Alex and Compassion on your trip!!!:)

  11. Stephanie Shoemaker says:

    I’ve been listening to older podcasts in between the new ones. Yesterday I laughed out loud about your encounter with Not Gerald McRaney but nearly embarrassed myself when just after that I listened to the podcast where you talked about not having the courage to approach the REAL Travis Cottrell in that concession line! Mercy, my sides still hurt!