The Big Boo Cast, Episode 78


Well, this super-sized podcast was a mighty memorable moment for Melanie and me. Because much to our delight, legendary football coach Jackie Sherrill and his super-talented daughter, Bonnie Bishop, join us at the beginning of this episode. Specifically, they share some of the challenges they faced in terms of forming a relationship after Coach Sherrill married Bonnie’s mom. Now they’re extremely close, and they’re doing speaking events about motivation and relationships – and how when it comes to life, it’s more than Xs and Os. Mel and I had the best time talking with them about football and parenting and football and also football. And seriously – it was such a treat to be able to soak up their stories and their wisdom. You’re going to love spending some time with them and laughing with them.

After our conversation with Coach Sherrill and Bonnie, Melanie and I jump into our regular brand of nonsense: her dog Piper’s recent bout with intestinal distress, our current Netflix favorites, my reaction to Dunkirk, and Melanie’s new favorite skin care product.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Jackie Sherrill

Bonnie Bishop

– Coach Sherrill on Twitter

– Bonnie on Twitter and Instagram

Bonnie’s website

Bonnie’s latest album

– Bonnie’s “Ain’t Who I Was” (there’s a little language :-) – but my goodness this is a phenomenal song)

(And a quick BigBoo PSA: if you’re drawn to the music Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, etc., then Bonnie Bishop’s music will be right up your alley.)

Last Chance U – Season 2

Jane the Virgin

Pentel Sign Pen (Sophie’s forever favorite)

Organic Rose Hip Oil – (By the way, this article popped up in my Twitter feed this morning, and it sheds even more light on why Melanie has embraced this product.)


Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil No. 6 (this stuff is a WONDER)

All in All, Sophie’s new devotional journal for young women

Grateful for y’all!

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  1. Yolanda McLean says:

    I’ve used and loved Rose Hip oil for a few years now!! I am excited to listen. Could you check the link for the Rose Hip oil article?

    • Fixed it! :-)

      • Yolanda McLean says:

        thanks! I am excited about your book – I ordered it for myself but I have my eye on a young teen girl at church that I think I will give it to. Guess I gotta order another!

  2. Gerry Voland says:

    I am always delighted to see a new podcast. I love your podcasts and listen to them on my daily walk, and when there is a new one to listen to my walk is so much more enjoyable. You are really challenging me with this one – I am going to be mighty tired after walking for 1 hour and 27 minutes!!

  3. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but it is downloaded and queued up. So forgive me if this was answered in the podcast itself. HOW did this interview with Jackie and Bonnie come about??? I’m so intrigued by this!

    • Melanie’s friend Debi (who owns our beloved Hummingbird Farms, source of all great lavender potions) is friends with Bonnie. Bonnie was telling her about how she and Coach Sherrill have started speaking together, and Debi told her they should go on our podcast to talk about it. She put Mel and Bonnie in touch, and when I was in Kenya, I got a text one night from Melanie that said, “I need you to know that Jackie Sherrill is going to be on our podcast.” It was such a treat to connect with Bonnie through the whole thing, too – and we had such a good time talking to them. They are delightful.

  4. I thought Chin Up America was the best episode ever and would never be topped… but this one is clearly a front-runner. Just awesome.

  5. Love your podcasts and listened to this yesterday in the car. After just finishing binge watching FNL, my question is do you think Coach Sherrill was inspiration for Coach Eric Taylor!? :) love y’all.

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Coach Sherrill! He was wonderful! If he’s up for a return engagement on BigBoo, I’d love to listen to more of his stories.

  7. Robin Thompson says:

    Another awesome podcast!! I started watching Last Chance U–love it!!! Thanks for the recommendation. Have you seen the movie The Gridiron Gang? That is my favorite football movie because it reminds me of the kids that my husband coached a few years ago. A few of them are now in their mid 20’s and still contact my husband and get together with him occasionally. What an impact he had the their lives.