The Big Boo Cast, Episode 110

A few days ago some of the folks on our Big Boo Facebook page were kind enough to leave comments with some questions / topics that they wanted us to discuss, so that is exactly what Melanie and I do on this episode. We picked seven to start with, and my goodness: WE HAVE SOME THOUGHTS.

I actually couldn’t fit all of the answers into one episode (you’ll hear the rest next week), but we cover a lot of territory when it comes to grief (specifically in relation to my mama and Mel’s friend Jen), friendships, writing, and whether or not we enjoy crafts (I’ll take “NO” for $400, Alex). This episode is maybe a little extra personal, but we loved getting to talk about this stuff.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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“Caroline’s” shoe box Fiesta floats

– “Old Friends” by Ben Rector (we don’t mention it specifically – but it’s fitting considering what we say about friendship)

Melanie’s friend Jen

Sophie’s mama

– Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney (we don’t talk about this at all, but it’s so heartwarming and will totally brighten your day)

Closing Song

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  1. I haven’t listened yet. But, I am so glad ya’ll are talking about grief. I lost my dad when I was 36. Not many of my friends could relate, because most people weren’t losing their parents in their 30’s. Grief can be such a lonely, personal place.
    BTW…I posted it on FB – they have a Barefoot Dreams Caftan!!! Can you imaging how fabulous!!! 😍

  2. I listened this morning. I really love you guys & enjoy tuning in to your less than heavy topics during these trying times. I totally get why you don’t talk politics (heck I often can’t bear to talk politics to my closest friends and family & I’m not a public figure). But… maybe, there is a place for you too. I remember seeing you on Jamie Golden’s Instastories the day of the Alabama elections and I really appreciated it. I don’t know the answers to our tough questions these days. And… I believe one of the tough questions is how do we talk about the tough things in this age of social media, divisiveness, etc. But… I just want to say, if you decide you want to talk politics somewhere, I support you and would love to hear your perspective.

  3. I haven’t listened yet, but I will this week. I am reading your devotion book and really enjoying it each morning. I realize as a 40-something year old woman I am not your target audience, but after buying them for my nieces for Christmas I also bought one for me :) You mentioned in one about a church beach trip where you stayed across from the Gulf in a cinder block building. Me too!!!! We went every summer and stayed at a place just like what you described, called the Gulf Lodge. There was another place next door that was very similar, I know lots of churches used that one for retreats too. I just had to comment on that – small world. Wow, so many great memories from that place and yes, many, many sunburns too!

  4. Missy C says:

    Ran into Martha up at “the Walmarts” today – she is always so precious and was just so darling in her peach and white outfit. Her energy amazes me and she never changes! I told her I wanted to hear HER on the podcast, lol.

  5. I have been listening to your podcast for a little more than a year now. I would love to know how Sophie and Melanie became friends. How did all of this start?

  6. I’m listening with tears running down my face. We’ve just found out that our 15 year old daughter is pregnant. We are the family that you described – we did everything we thought was right (Christian home, boundaries, two-parent household), but they make their own choices. This time the result of that choice has a much bigger impact than others. We never dreamed we would be here, but with God’s grace and mercy we will get through it.