The Big Boo Cast, Episode 114

Well, our good friend Travis Cottrell is back with us this week, and oh, do we have a fine time. However, since y’all know how we like to pride ourselves on technological excellence, you might as well be aware that apparently my microphone wasn’t completely plugged in for this episode. So be forewarned that I sound considerably more tin-ny than normal. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED, however, because Melanie and Travis managed to get their microphones connected and it all works out fine in the end.

On this episode we talk about our sleeping preferences (pillows, comforter weight, side of bed, etc.) and prove once and for all that Melanie and I are not low-maintenance individuals. Melanie also shares her surefire method for hacking hotel thermostats, and my enthusiasm for this bit of information probably reveals more about me than I’d like. We also answer more of your questions and cover a whole lot of conversational ground (you have never seen three people agonize more over their hypothetical guests to a hypothetical dinner party than we do).

Plus, Neil Diamond shows up. Please do enjoy.

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The Popcast Live Show in Chicago (we can’t wait!)

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  1. Wish you’d stay with black ink throughout your posts. Sure is hard to see that light green on my iPhone!

  2. Vanessa Radomski says:

    Hi Sophie! I love your podcast with Melanie. A few weeks ago you mentioned “The Staircase” on a podcast. My husband and I are down to 2 more episodes. I would love to hear you discuss your thoughts on this one. I’m really on the fence about Michael Peterson.

  3. Stephanie G says:

    I always love when Travis visits. I’m from Jackson and think of him every time I go home. Can you get us a link to Angela’s breakfast cookies?

  4. The only thing that eases the pain of an episode ending is the delight of trying to guess what songs Sophie will play after the credits. I’m nearly always wrong, but get great joy from your choices every week!

  5. Was the meringue thing you mentioned a Pavlova?

  6. Where’s the recipe for the breakfast cookies!? I’m dying over here!
    Also, the pillow longways in bed… I do that too. Had to have my husband listen to it. “See? I’m not alone in this!”

  7. I have so many thoughts, but I have to say I howled when Travis told how his Grandma pronounced K-Mart. All my older Southwest Missouri relatives say it that way (to this day!). My big city husband didn’t believe me until we were in a cafe in that area one day. The ladies behind us were trying to decide it they should go to WalMarks or KMarks first (it always has an “s” on the end, too!). I like to spit my tea (Big City thinks it’s funny when “I like” to almost do something).

    Thanks for the reminder, Travis! It makes me miss my aunts and the old days back home!

    P.S.: Yes, please! Let’s have the breakfast cookie recipe!

  8. I’m going to need you to watch Last Chance U again. Did you see they came out with the new season at a new school? You will HAVE SOME THOUGHTS about the language. Worst I’ve ever heard. 😳😳😳 But oh the backstories on the players! So fascinating to see how football and JuCo truly is their last chance. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  9. You guys spoke all my love languages in this one! For an ultra fun time, watch the latest season of the British Baking Show and rename all the contestants with Office character names. My husband and I did this on the first episode of season 5 (I think this is the latest one?) and we laughed SO HARD! Now we can’t even remember the bakers’ real names, but we’re really cheering for Creed, Plop, and Erin. :)

  10. Sara Ring says:

    Loved this, and I had to comment on your mutual desire to travel to England, but without any of the planning. My author friend, Julie Klassen, (she’s written a dozen Christian historical fiction books for Bethany House about the Regency era) is taking a group trip to England next spring. They’ll make all the arrangements for you, and they’re going to the Cotwolds, Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon, Lacock, Bath, Cornwall, New Forest, Jane Austen’s House Museum, and more. Here’s the link if you’re interested:
    Something to think about!

  11. Jennifer K says:

    I think I am echoing other comments but I would also like to know the breakfast cookie recipe and have you watched Last Chance U? I watched the first 5 minutes and had to turn it because I hadn’t adequately mentally prepared myself for the language! Thanks for entertaining us and encouraging us!

  12. Connie Hein says:

    I listened to this after I arrived home from the Alaska cruise with Travis and Beth and team! I feel like they are my beat friends now because they were so gracious and delightful everytime we ran on to any of them! Loved your concert Travis and all the worship times. Never laughed so gard and clapped along so hard when the barbershop guys performed!!! Ohhh that was right in my wheelhouse! Where an I get a video of that?? Love the 3 of you together so much!!