The Big Boo Cast, Episode 121

On this episode we talk about college football – specifically, the Bulldogs’ misfortunes against LSU and the upcoming MSU / A&M match-up. We also discuss Harry and Meghan’s baby news – along with their Australia trip. 

Besides that? Oh, just a couple of new strategies from Melanie in terms of fighting her sleep lines, and some serious over-thinking / over-emoting from Sophie in terms of how fast time seems to move these days. 

As the kids would say, we get all up in our feelings. 

You know who else would say that? BRIAN CHALMERS.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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– Brian Chalmers’ latest (thanks, @JennyDawnTX)

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QB1: Beyond the Lights (it’s FANTASTIC)

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The Good Place

The Syla

The Slip silk pillowcase

Meghan and Harry’s Australia trip

The “portrait” in the glass carriage

Closing Song


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  1. This was one of the best episodes! I laughed so hard! And I also will look at my four young daughters differently. Thank you for saying there’s more to enjoy, instead of “cherish every moment.”

  2. Elonda VanMaanen says:

    This was so fun to listen to. You can watch the Royal Wedding on the Royal Channel on YouTube

  3. JuLee McCraney says:

    So so so enjoyed this episode!! “They aren’t crows feet so much as eagle talons.” “I’m going to tape my forehead and go get in the bed!” LOLOL!! It was an absolute pleasure laughing along with you two. :-)