The Big Boo Cast, Episode 131

This is the second part of the conversation we started on episode 130, and I have to say that this part is really of no substance at all (but oh, did we have fun).

We talk about a new product Melanie loves, an old product Melanie loves again, and my recent descent into a YouTube rabbit hole. We also discuss the books we’re working on and actually settle on a title for mine even though we can’t say a whole lot about it. So there’s some mild vague-ery – but there are also laughs aplenty. It’s a shorter-than-usual episode, but hopefully it packs a punch.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

Vidalia Onion Chop Wizard

The Weighted Blanket

Frankincense Oil

Edie Wadsworth’s Instagram

– Sophie’s YouTube Rabbit Hole:

Safiya Nygaard Melts A Bunch of Different Candles Together

Safiya Nygaard Melts A Bunch of Eyeshadow Together

Safiya Nygaard Melts A Bunch of Lipstick Together

Architectural Digest Goes To Famous People’s Houses

Sweet Digs on Refinery 29

– And by special request, Melanie drags a (dead) wild hog into the brush.


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  1. Casey Springer says:

    Walking around my house cleaning with my phone in my pocket blasting you all and my 16 year old daughter says, ” Oh are they talking about Safyia Nygaard?”

    WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WORLD. All I could think as you were recounting her viewer count that I’m a chump trying to eek out a living.

    I’m gonna need an essential oil and weighted blanket to get over this.

  2. Anne Hollis says:

    I bought a pricey weighted blanket from Weighted Comforts. It was expensive ($300). Hated it. It felt like I was sleeping under a bag of gravel. I thought it should be comforting. Not so, it also was VERY heavy. I got the 15 pound one and didn’t think that would be so bad. I could hardly lift it off the porch when UPS delivered it. I returned it immediately, but had to get hubby carry it in the UPS office. Then I ordered another one from QVC that was half the cost, but it was still so heavy. It was softer, but still felt like rocks. I returned it, too. Some companies sell lap blankets which are throw size. I may order one of those. Read the reviews before ordering.

  3. Hypothetically, how would one apply for the position of Big Mama’s oil guru??? I’ve been well trained (by Edie herself!); am a avid oily user excelling at little else as much as I do at bossing my people around in the ‘apply this’ and ‘take tha at this time, for this thing’, role in my life. I am happy to text my encouragement daily. 😂 This add-on episode was one of my favorites of all time.

  4. My daughter asked for a weighed blanket for Christmas. I bought one that comes recommended by Sheri from Young House Love (blog, Insta, podcast, etc). It has a removable cover that can be washed. So far, my daughter loves it! Here is the link:
    Weighted Idea Soft Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover | 15 lbs | 48”x78” | Grey Rhombus | for Adults

  5. Speaking of YouTube rabbit trails- after listening to one of your older podcasts with Travis (where y’all talked about favorite groups/songs in each of the decades), I went on a YouTube spiral with Journey songs, concerts, with all of the band member’s personal lives, etc… Which led me to a documentary on Amazon about them. I now know more than I want to know…

  6. I’ve been listening through some of the old podcasts and have been dying to hear your commentary of Madam Secretary on CBS. It’s my favorite thing on TV right now, it’s not dark or depressingly current like some political shows. It has a whole bunch of scenes that take place in the Oval Office and the first four seasons are on Netflix (the fifth is currently on TV). Also. Y’all’s podcast fulfills all my enneagram 9 dreams and I love it a lot 😂💕

  7. greetings from minnesota! the perfect storm of insane sub-zero temperatures and a terrible cold led me to fall down a little rabbit hole on youtube thanks to you, sophie hudson. why am i watching these videos of safiya’s?! whyyyy? i can’t stop.