The Big Boo Cast, Episode 142

Well, if college baseball isn’t your favorite topic, don’t worry – because there’s a point in this episode where we talk for over five minutes about what is causing the rustling noise in Melanie’s microphone. It’s every bit as riveting as you might imagine.

We also talk about Real Housewives, a new Netflix movie we enjoyed, our kids’ summertime activities, and an ill-fated trial run with Snapchat.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

Always Be My Maybe on Netflix

Cheer Squad

The Popcast / Big Boo Live Show in Amarillo, Texas


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  1. JuLee McCraney says:

    This session was an absolute delight! All of the “musical breaks!” LOLOL!!! Y’all are SO enjoyable!!
    My sister and I have entire conversations on Snapchat (I am 49 and she is 56)! We have a streak over a year-long. We use it completely “wrong.” But we love the filters and chatting back and forth that way. Our family has a group Snapchat. My 82-year-old father picks a silly filter every night and sends us a daily update. It is all delicious and fun!!! So enjoyable!!! Our young son made me change my Bitmoji, because I make it look too old! He earned MAJOR points!! Lol!!!