The Big Boo Cast, Episode 156

The Bulldogs and the Aggies didn’t have an easy time of it this past weekend, but don’t you worry: we still have big fun recapping what we love about the LSU Tigers and analyzing the greatness of Nick Saban. We also discuss a recent situation where I was told I have angled cuticles, and yes, I realize that might be the strangest declaration I have made to date via this podcast.

In the second half of this episode we were absolutely plagued by disconnection problems, but the bright side of that is that we discovered the root of all of our sound issues. We appreciate your patience as you have had no choice but to join us on this perilous audio journey.

We also talk about a couple of products I’ve tried and enjoyed, and then we pretty much give up on being able to record anything else. Which is why I am delighted to have included about ten minutes of our most recent Patreon episode at the end of this one. NOW DIDN’T THAT ALL WORK OUT.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

The Late Night Movie

Downton Abbey

Prettygarden Women’s Solid Sweater

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Queen

Relavel Make-up Case (IT IS A GAME CHANGER)

Speed Test for upload and download speeds

Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange candle

Pickwick and co leather, woods and tobacco candle

Nest Moroccan Amber candle

Northern lights whiskey and tobacco candle

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  1. Connie Hein says:

    Love laughing with you two wacky ladies who feel like my friends!

  2. I love listening to y’all but 20 minutes on college football this time almost did me in!

  3. I laughed and laughed with you ladies this morning! I hope Melanie got to send 2 thumbs up to her internet rep over the chat. ! And I love the new T-shirt ” Won’t He do It” but after this episode I think we need one that says ” Oh my Word”