The Big Boo Cast, Episode 160

You might expect that all we’re going to talk about on this episode is the LSU / Alabama game, but we might actually surprise you. I mean, of course we *do* talk about LSU / Alabama because HAVE YOU EVEN MET US, but we also discuss our air travel pet peeves, the initial rounds of the college football coaching carousel, and a cold front that has swept through Texas and Alabama.

And if all of that weren’t enough, I have a couple of Hazel tales to tell, not to mention that Melanie has some TV and make-up recommendations for the good of the group.

Enjoy, everybody!

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  1. Qvc has the mascara on 6 easy pays

  2. Riley McCune says:

    Y’all!!! Joe Burrow is from my local high school!! I’m not a football person, but I’m so enjoying y’all’s commentary.