The Big Boo Cast, Bonus Episode – Mike Leach (!!!)

Today we found out that Mike Leach is the new head football coach at my beloved Mississippi State University.

Needless to say, Melanie and I needed to talk about it.

This is just a little bonus episode, but our enthusiasm, of course, knows no bounds. So all that to say: we invite you to share in our joy. :-)

Happy Weekend, everybody!

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Show Notes:

Announcement Video #1 from MSU Sports Media (Coach Leach is a big fan of pirates)

Announcement Video #2

The GIF I sent Melanie

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  1. Sharla Barefield says:

    As a Texas Tech alumni I can honestly say kuddos to you, but oh, do we miss Mike Leach.

    I’m loving the 2020 playlist from the last podcast. Great job, Sophie!