The Big Boo Cast, Episode 195

If you’ve been listening to the podcast pretty regularly the last couple of months, then you have heard Melanie and me mention the Netflix series Somebody Feel Phil over and over again. Melanie started watching (after Karen Howell recommended it, if memory serves), and then I started watching, and here we are, roughly six weeks later, both certifiably obsessed with it. Because it is FANTASTIC.

So you can imagine how delighted we are to tell you that, in one of the most unexpected occurrences in lo, all of our podcasting years, Phil Rosenthal from Somebody Feed Phil is our guest on this episode.

Sometimes life comes at you fast, my friends.

You’ll hear the story of how all of this came to be at the beginning of the episode, and then for the rest of the episode you’ll hear Phil be super funny and wise and inspiring. It was such a joy to talk with him, and it was also confirmation that 1) we cannot wait to travel again and 2) Phil really is our Quarantine All-Star.

Next week we’ll be back with our usual shenanigans, and it’ll just be Melanie and me again. Unless Melanie gets in touch with Jimbo Fisher – in which case, all bets are off.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

Lenox Hill on Netflix

Phil Rosenthal, Prince Among Men

Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix

You’re Lucky You’re Funny by Phil Rosenthal

The Chris Farley Show sketch

Anthony Bourdain

Massimo Bottura

Chef’s Table Season 1 on Netflix

“Earth’s Greatest Hits” on I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

Phil Rosenthal / Somebody Feed Phil website – with links to all the places and restaurants he has visited (plus merch!)

Century Old Eggs


School Mask Pack

Thrive Market (use this link for a free membership and a free gift of your choosing, worth up to $22)

Hydrant (use promo code BIGBOO for 25% off your first order)

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  1. SherriLen Amundson says:

    If I thought I was happy to hear you talk about Somebody Feed Phil, this sent me over the moon! You did not pull a Chris Farley (we had a dog named Miss Farley, then a dog named Farley, btw). In fact, you and Melanie are my favorite interviewers because you ask the questions I want to hear about (ie: those shoes!!)

    Can I just say:
    Phil Rosenthal is 2020’s Mr. Rogers! (You can quote me on that.)

    Excellent podcast, ladies!!

  2. Anita Buster says:

    Oh my gosh! I loved this. I have watched all of Phil`s shows, some more than once. He was just the same. Thank you so much for this conversation. Love!

  3. Vanessa Radomski says:

    This episode brought me so much joy! With all that is going on in our world, I’m glad there is someone that is still spreading kindness. Phil is such a delight and a million thanks for having him on the show. He is exactly the same in person and as he is on his show. The world is in need of more Phil Rosenthal’s!!