The Big Boo Cast, Episode 198

Sometimes we don’t get a chance to talk about a regular-ole-life something that’s going on until we sit down to record on Mondays, and that was certainly the case this week. Melanie shares some newly formed health / fitness goals, and I think the best way to describe my response is SURLIGHTED (surprised + delighted). Oh my goodness. Next week’s update should be solid gold.

We also discuss a parenting question we didn’t get to last week re: technology as well as the lingering effects of my renewed commitment to the chemical exfoliation of my face. It has been humbling and also very burn-y.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Our most recent Patreon episode that is basically Melanie’s graduate thesis on skin care

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  1. Jo Ellen Hickey says:

    Our church had a .5k marathon (yes you read that correctly – point 5k!) to raise money for missions. People dressed up in silly costumes, the track was one loop around the parking lot. You could walk or run. There were stations set up with donuts and drinks. There were misting stations along the route. Every participant received one of those white oval stickers for your car that said .5k. It was great fun and it’s immediately what I thought of when Melanie said in this podcast that she almost wants to start running again!