The Big Boo Cast, Episode 204

Normally Melanie and I try to show some restraint during college football season, but this week, between the start of SEC football, Mike Leach’s coaching debut with Mississippi State, and my Bulldogs winning in Baton Rouge, WE HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. Thank you in advance for your patience with us during this very exciting time.

In addition to talking about football, football, and LO, MORE FOOTBALL, we discuss my day-o-fun at a student leadership retreat and five of Melanie’s current favorites.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

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Lane Kiffin and his baseball jersey

Weekend at Bernie’s in the stands

Mike Leach says last Saturday was “better than average”

Coach Leach’s postgame speech

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Goodfellow & Co. quilted pullover

Family Savvy’s Spicy Hamburger Soup

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  1. Sheila Pace says:

    Sooner Fan here! Thanks for the shout out!! I love how you two love college football and knew that this Boo Cast would be a great one. Congrats on a big win, will be cheering for Mississippi State this season since ours tanked!

  2. Susan Funk says:

    I am a fairly new listener; I discovered you through a roundabout way through Christy Wright interviewing Annie F Downs and then hearing Sophie on Annie’s podcast. I love listening even though I have never watched a football game in my life. I listened to all the newer episodes and am now listening to the old stuff. So today I had to run a virtual 10k and thought I would listen to an episode while I ran. One of the neighborhoods I ran through was a little shady and I kept thinking I heard someone behind me or a dog chasing me.. Eventually I realized it was one of Melanie’s dogs in the background and it was the chain or leash I kept hearing. Im pretty sure I picked up my pace for a few blocks 😊

  3. I looked at poppies on blue and had a huge 90s flashback! My personal china was Mikasa Antique Lace and wow, also not me.

    LSU fan here, I thought about Sophie during the game and knew how excited she would be. No hard feelings, y’all deserved that W.