The Big Boo Cast, Episode 221

Be advised that you may get whiplash from this week’s episode; we are all over the place with our topics. We move from discussing the new Buc-ee’s in Birmingham to Melanie’s new liver supplements to the fact that I read two books in 24 hours to Melanie’s determination to solve her family’s TV streaming issues once and for all.

And at the end of this episode, you’ll hear an excerpt from our recent Patreon conversation with our friend and business manager, Retha Nichole. Our conversation with Retha is one of our favorite episodes ever – she offers so much wisdom and perspective – and we are so happy that you’ll get to spend some time with her today. She is fantastic!

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:


BeneRx (THE BEST topical pain relief – we both love it – use promo code BOOMAMA or promo code BIGMAMA for 10% off plus free shipping)

Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Good Morning, I Love You by Shauna Shapiro

Revision brightening face wash

Liver supplements (YES. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.)

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Our Patreon conversation with our friend / business manager, Retha Nichole

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Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. by Laura Tremaine

That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs

Brave: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety by Sissy Goff

Perfect Coverage Bra by Third Love

flat whisk (my favorite kitchen tool besides my knife)

The full Patreon episode with our friend / business manager, Retha Nichole (on Patreon we do two bonus episodes a month for $5 / month – and you get access to all the previous episodes when you subscribe)


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  1. Ahhhh, the Buc-ee’s!! So great! We were so thrilled the one was open on our way to 30A last summer, in fact, we said we’d limit our water drinking to make it to Buc-ee’s from our Louisiana stop and we did! hahaha! Best “truck stop” around with no actual 18-wheelers. I have one local to me, and it’s one of my “gift shops” because they have such a great selection of Mud Pie, etc., and I can get there after work when other boutiques are closed. Not to mention 59, 69 and 79-cent fountain drinks, candied jalapenos, sea salt popcorn, the list could go on…

  2. Melanie J says:

    Don’t sleep on the Buc-ee’s BBQ sandwich. Or the homemade potato chips. Really, after you’re done with the book just don’t eat for a couple of days and THEN go. It’s really something.

  3. Buc-ee’s!!!! Clean restrooms to rival Disney! Great food, really. Meat and cheese in a cup; try the pork tenderloin/pepper jack cheese version. It’s my travel/on the go meal. When I could travel that is, before covid. Home decor! My sister has a gorgeous framed map of the Republic of Texas in her dining room bought at Buc-ee’s. Great gift ideas, kitchen ware, seasonal stuff. Once I can safely go shopping in person again it’s one of the first places I’ll go.

  4. Buc-ees!! Only 10 more miles LOL. It is worth the wait on a long drive. Although my husband doesn’t like to leave me unattended because it can get out of hand with shopping! Cow hide throw rug, jewelry, clothes, cutting boards or just a sign for your kitchen!! And it is all cute! Now what I just discovered in January on a drive was that they also have beef jerky in a case like the deli! Now that is something that is out of this world delicious. Keep refrigerated and it is good for 3 weeks. Sophie it is an entire wall of buc-ee snacks of their brands. My treasure last year was that they have covers to replace your yeti cover if it breaks. The 20oz is $4 and is a great knockoff replacement.
    Pulled pork sandwich
    Hot nuts
    All kinds of cold options and not just sandwiches.
    P4 on steroids….turkey, almonds, cheese, hard boiled egg and grapes
    coffee and every kind of creamer under the sun!
    Then of course the reason you stopped….restrooms are individual very clean quiet stall. Green go or red lock move over.

  5. And the t-shirts are pretty much sold out! :(

  6. I have a Hisense (the price was right & it works) & I have a Roku on it….I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, & Hulu Plus. The Hulu Plus replaced my cable – I can get local news & I see sports on there (but I’ll be super honest…I don’t watch those, so I have no idea). I would say check the Hulu website for your area.

  7. Read Good Apple over the last few days. So good! Will certainly be on my favorite books of 2021 list. Highly recommend!