Big Boo Five Questions with Retha Nichole

This week on Five Questions – a bonus series of The Big Boo Cast – we’re talking with Retha Nichole, our favorite life and business coach who also happens to be the business manager for our podcast. Retha has a way of cutting straight through excuses and procrastination and helping people not just see their goals – but figure out how to make forward progress. So whether you’ve dreamed of writing or painting or starting your own business or running a half marathon, Retha has some great tips to help you get started and build momentum.

This week we’ll also have a new regular episode – Episode 228 – and then we’ll be back next Monday with episode four in this bonus series, a (continued) conversation with the author of Good Apple, our new friend Elizabeth Passarella.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

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  1. Love this! Retha ‘s insights are sooooo good.