Giddy With Excitement, I Am

Just a few reminders for those of you who are planning to participate in the Christmas Tour-o-Homes:

I’ll put up my post and Mr. Linky a little after midnight (CENTRAL time).

Please remember to link to your specific post, not just to your blog URL.

You may add your link at any time. If you can’t put your link up until Sunday or Monday, that is perfectly fine.

I reserve the right to remove any links that are inappropriate or unrelated to the Christmas / Hanukkah season. And please don’t mock the beliefs (not to mention decor) of the people who are participating. Because that’s just rude.

I think that about covers it.

Except for this: make sure your husbands know that they’re responsible for the young’uns this weekend because you’re going to need to need a LOT of computer time (at least I hope you will. OH LORDY what if only five people show up? Now I’m having hostess anxiety. Perhaps that explains the fever blister that is a galaxy unto itself on the right corner of my mouth. Charming, aren’t I? Just a dainty Southern flower).

Now I need to take some pictures. Of my house. Not the fever blister thing. Gah.

See y’all in a few hours!

For The Threes Of You Who Actually Care

The email link over to your left has been corrected.

My new email is up and running.

Please try to contain your excitement as it is early yet and I wouldn’t want you to use up all your energy.

“Rocks” The Vote*

Click here to register your vote in the Best Parenting Blog category.

And you can vote daily!

And see the results as you vote!

And I can’t spend too much time over there because I have work to do and a family to care for and if I’m not careful I’ll turn into some form of bloggy award play-by-play announcer.

But be sure to take time to vote for all your bloggy buddies, and I’ll try not to mention this again.

At least until tomorrow.

*punniest. title. evir.


I Need Info On Houston, And I Don’t Mean Whitney

Do any of y’all live in Houston, Texas? Or have a vast pool of knowledge regarding Houston?

And would you be willing to offer one of my sweetest friends in the whole wide world a tutorial on the area?

Leave me a comment if you can help (my email isn’t working), and I’ll pass along your email address to my friend (if you don’t mind, of course).

Thanks a bunch (I have nothing else to say, but I just felt the need to add one more parenthetical expression in the interest of continuity).

Look! I Posted A Picture!

The learning curve, it is long.

Look! I Posted A Picture!

Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You

I know everything looks really different – but I’m getting ready for a few changes in this little corner of the blawg-o-sphere. Except it won’t be THIS corner, exactly – it’ll be a different corner – and I hope y’all will come hang out in the new corner with me.


More details soon!