Idol Re-Cap: Finals, Week Three

Only an hour-long show, so the songs will be mighty short, and that’s no fun. The non-theme (songs from the 21st century) hopefully means that folks (Mandisa, Katharine, Taylor) can showcase what they do best.

Lisa Tucker – “Because of You” – I really like Kelly Clarkson’s version of this song, but Lisa’s version didn’t blow me away. Is it me, or was she really flat? She seemed to concentrate so hard on E-MOT-ING that the singing part suffered. I almost felt a little sorry for her because Simon was so rough on her, but he was on the money, truth be told.
Kellie Dawn Pickler – “Suds In The Bucket” – She seemed hesitant to me, not to mention the fact that she sang through her nose the whole time (which was pretty accurate now that I think about it, because Sara Evans does the same thing in her version, which is really another post for another day). But it was bad. Really. Bad.
Ace Young – “Drops Of Jupiter” – One of my favorite songs, but speaking of singing through your nose…was he out of his range or what? And y’all – WHAT is going on with Ace’s hair? It looks like he’s slicking it down on the top and then poufing it out on the sides. Weird. And WHY WAS HE SHOWING HIS SCAR, for heaven’s sake? The scar next to the BIG THICK CHAIN? I don’t get it.
Taylor Hicks – “Trouble” – I’ve never heard this song before, but I like it. The only thing about it is that nobody knows the song – but he was good. I actually agreed with Paula – it was nice to see Taylor just stand behind the microphone and sing. David said that it sounded like the perfect movie montage song, which is an excellent call.
Mandisa – “Wanna Praise You” – Y’all! It’s the “Shackles On My Feet” song! Look at Mandisa breaking out the praise and worship music. But I don’t think the judges got it…it was a bold choice for her. And I don’t think Mandisa’s goal was for 40 million people to want to join the “Church of Mandisa,” as Paula said. I think Mandisa was really trying to use her platform tonight, so good for her.
Chris Daughtry – “What If” – Well, he’s consistent. But again, I’m a little tired of this one-note genre deal. I think it would be way more impressive if he would show some variety, some actual interpretation, instead of doing what feels like one cover after another. He’s good at doing covers…but I’m starting to feel like he’s not very original.
Katharine McPhee – “The Voice Within” – This was probably my least favorite performance by her. She’s so good at subtlety, and I felt like she was over-singing (I guess that’s appropriate seeing as how it’s a Christina Aguilera song). After David heard her, he said, “It’s gonna be one of those nights, isn’t it? She’s better than that song.” But the judges liked it, so that’s positive for her.
Bucky Covington – “Real Good Man” – Y’all, Bucky can’t sing. And I feel it’s a mistake to venture into Tim McGraw territory, because Tim can sing. And he’s cute. And he has charisma.
Paris Bennett – “Work It Out” – Now that was just too much. And who would let their seventeen year old sing, “We can’t make it to the bedroom, so we’ll just hit the floor”? I’m a little offended. Seriously. Too much. And I agree with Simon: it was like a little girl pretending to be Beyonce’.
Elliot Yamin – “I Don’t Want To Be” – I like the twist on a Gavin DeGraw song. This was probably my favorite performance of the night – I loved it. But again, Simon was right – the dancing was hideous. :-) Great fun, though.

What a lackluster night…I’m kind of disappointed. But I think part of the problem was that they had all of a minute to sing, so everything felt jumpy and disjointed. Eh.

Best of the night: Elliot
Should go: Pickler or Bucky
Will go: Lisa Tucker

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  1. *Yawn* :)

  2. Oh, gracias. It wouldn’t be the same without the *Yawn.* :-)

  3. I was completely disappointed tonight, except for Mandisa. You could tell she was very uncomfortable with Paula’s comment.The heavenly hosts were rejoicing. Chris’s song was too much and you’re right about Paris — offended!! Loved Taylor’s vocals. Overall: Poor Evening

  4. Lisa, Kellie, and Bucky shouldn’t even be discussed…..all should “go home”

    Ace shouldn’t be discussed either, but ya’ll he STROKED his hair and then proceeded to PULL OPEN his shirt. Enough already!!

    Taylor is good but has an uphill battle I’m afraid.

    Mandisa…..I know ya’ll are going to say I’m like Cowell, but I think she started with the platform too early to be effective.

    Daughtry…..I’m with Sister….”YAWN”

    McPhee is good but I think they want a male winner this year….and yes, I don’t think it’s necessarily how votes are cast!

    Paris….one word…schizophrenia

    Elliot…I think is one to watch

  5. Know what? You’ve echoed my feelings on this last American Idol PERFECTLY. I thought Mandisa’s performance was amazing.

    I found your blog through Faith’s LBY links. I’ve started the study, too. ;)

  6. Hi there! Just thought I would drop in and introduce myself – since we will be studying and growing through LBY together!

    I am sorry I missed AI last night. We were faithful viewers last season because my daughter takes lessons from Vonzell Solomon’s voice teacher, but I keep forgetting it is on again.

    I am still pulling for Mandisa – even though I haven’t heard her sing – and I appreciated what Blogs4God ( said about her this morning. The Mary, Mary song she sang is one of my favorites – I’m sorry I missed it!

    See you later in LBY! In Christ ~ Patricia

  7. I’m loving Mandisa still and actually voted for her last night. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever actually called in and voted.

    I have to disagree with Simon, which I rarely do. He said Mandisa was being self-indulgent. Why is her singing one of her favorite songs and genres any more self-indulgent than Pickler or Bucky singing country or Chris singing rock? Each of them sang what they were comfortable with. I’m not even a big follower of Contemporary Christian music, but it seems like Mandisa should be able to sing “her” kind of music. Aren’t there many R&B singers who venture into gospel? Didn’t Ruben just put out a gospel album?

    I am the defender of Mandisa.

    Liked Taylor’s offering and still like Chris (and disagree with Simon on this too. Why does “American Idol” have to mean “sold-out” pop, as he seems to think? Chris sang the kind of song he’s comfortable with.)

  8. Kellie Dawn is actually getting alot of sympathy votes. She will probably make it in the movies because she is a dumb blond. Rhonda (sales assistant) who sits next to me votes for her every time. So do I. Janie votes for that Katherine girl.

  9. Daph, I hereby appoint you Official Defender of Mandisa. :-) You’re right – she is completely entitled to sing the type of music she relates to. The judges kept saying that they wanted to hear the kind of music the contestants would put on an album, and I think Mandisa did that. It was a bold choice in a way, because it’s potentially alienating to some of the voters – but she was totally true to who she is. Her version at the Knoxville Beth Moore conference was actually MUCH better -there’s a part that she sings a cappella that I wish she had done last night.

    Stacy, I’m with Janie on the Katharine thing. I like her, too. I think Kellie is cute, but I don’t think she’s much of a singer. I keep wondering why she seemed so SHY last night – it seemed like it was her first time on a stage ever. And did anybody else think that she looked really, really tired?

    I keep thinking about what Paris did – and it bothers me more and more. I can’t put my finger on why, exactly…but I think I’m more frustrated with the adults who didn’t stop her than I am with her.

  10. I just figured out what I don’t like about Paris. She is like a black Diana Digarmo from 2 seasons ago. Everything she does just seems a little too affected. I just find it annoying.

  11. Merritt says:

    BooMama, you’ll be pleased to learn that I watched AI for THE FIRST TIME EVER last night. Sorry, but I wasn’t impressed, although I was told by T. Riels tonight at church that it wasn’t a good night to have tuned in b/c nobody was really that great. I’m definitely not “hooked”. Probably won’t watch again next week. Sorry if this is met with hisses and boos or if I terribly offended someone.

  12. Well, TRiels is right – you probably caught it on the worst night EVER. But I am proud of you for trying something new. No hisses or boos.