Where I Abandon All Talk Of Cleaning

So. Let’s talk about BLOGS! I tell you what – I know how to reel in an audience, don’t I?

Seriously, I’ve been giving this whole blog thing some thought, so bear with me.

As most of y’all know, I haven’t been writing this blog for very long, though I have been reading blogs for several years. I really didn’t know what was out there besides the 10 or 15 “big” bloggers who no doubt get thousands upon thousands of hits each day on their sites. And good for them, you know? They have an audience, they speak their minds, and several of them are oh-my-word-I’m-going-to-wet-my-pants funny.

A couple of months ago, though, I took a mental step back and really started to think about the blogs I was reading. I realized that the content of some of them was bothering me. Now I am certainly not Miss Prissy Prude, but there’s some stuff out there that made me uncomfortable…what Mama would call “vulgar” language, some incredibly personal details, and, on a couple of blogs, a little Jesus-bashing to boot. Please don’t misunderstand me. Those people are completely entitled to their opinions. But it doesn’t enrich my life to read that stuff. It just makes me frustrated and sad.

So I had an epiphany. Well, several. 1) If I was feeling isolated out here on the vast interweb prairieland, then I needed to seek out some like-minded people. 2) There’s some stuff that I was reading that I just didn’t want to read anymore. And finally, 3) I wish that I were a mere tenth as funny as Finslippy. I’d even settle for a twentieth.

Long story long – right about the time I was “evaluating” my reading habits, Sister mentioned a blog called HolyMama!. Sister found it by – oh, I don’t know how she found it, as she spends much of her internet time unraveling complex unsolved mysteries and pursuing justice in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. And I don’t think HolyMama! is connected to any of those things, just for the record. But I do think that Sister was looking for Christian bloggers, and HM was a great place to land. I envy HM’s ability to write short posts that generate lots of comments…I, on the other hand, seem to ramble on and on to the point that there’s nothing left for anyone to say. I believe myself to be quite gifted in that area.

Anyway, I didn’t visit HolyMama! (very important to include the exclamation point) much at first, because it takes me a while to work a blog into my daily routine (y’all know I’m OCD – don’t look so surprised). But eventually I clicked over more and more because there seemed to be a community there. And it’s not that I’m looking for people to replace my lifelong “real life” friends because why would I? They’re the best. But it is nice to read other people’s stuff and be able to ask questions and see what little buttons people have on their sites and try to figure out how to put buttons on yours. You know, geekery. (And now I’m singing “Geekery In Jesus” to the tune of “Victory In Jesus” in my head, which is proof positive that God made me, um, crazy.)

HolyMama! (again, punctuation is critical) eventually led me to Lauren’s blog, which is where I found out about the Bible study I’ve just started with some other Christian bloggers (oh, the wacky Christian bloggers). And also thanks to Lauren, I have a new blogroll over in the sidebar that links to the sites of all the other people in the Bible study. Y’all know that I don’t believe in coincidences, and I’ve shaken my head a couple of times when I’ve thought about the fact that I’m doing a BIBLE STUDY – on the INTERWEB – with STRANGER-FRIENDS. God is creative, no doubt about it.

All of the girls listed (sorry – I know I’m 36 years old, but I cannot bear to say “ladies” – ladies, at least to me, are 80-ish and use canes) will be posting about our study every Saturday for the next ten weeks. I really encourage you to check out what they have to say. I for one can’t wait to read all their bloggity Bible study goodness.

It’s gonna be good.

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  1. Hey, I’m in the study, too. See you later tonight/tomorrow morning with your progress report? ;)

  2. Just saw this–so glad you found our little circle. Holymama! and Lauren have become good friends of mine through the blogging community. Welcome!

  3. Yes, I am just the vessel in all of this. :)

  4. Oh, but the Lord loves a willing vessel. :-)