You Gotta Have Faith

About five years ago, David and I drove to Memphis to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in their first “Soul2Soul” Tour. While I typically have fairly decent perspective in regard to celebrities, I have no perspective at all when it comes to these two.

I love them. I Love Them. I LOVE THEM.

So we drove to Memphis and went to the concert with Stacy and Janie. And OH MY WORD WAS IT FUN. The show was awesome, we had great seats (thanks, Sister), and we determined that two such beautiful people should not be able to marry because the sight of Tim and Faith together is really more than the human eye can comprehend at one time. It’s an overload of beauty. Well, it’s actually an overload of hotness, but good Christian girls shouldn’t say that about strangers, so I’ll steal Sister’s expression: “They are all that. And then some.”

You can imagine my reaction when I got the following email from my husband yesterday (and I would like to point out that we were both in the house, except he was down in his office, and I was in the kitchen, so the fact that he emailed me this information struck me as very, very funny): “Tim and Faith have updated their listings. They will be in our area Friday, May 26. Might you be interested in going?”

I do not even have to answer such a silly question. I could say “yes” in every language, and it wouldn’t be enough.

But just for the record: Yes. Si. Oui. Uh-huh. (I don’t know any languages besides those.)

It’s important to note that our ninth anniversary is May 31, mere days after Faith and Tim come through town.

Do y’all think they’d want to go to dinner with us? Or maybe come over? Or maybe arrange a play date between Alex and their youngest daughter, Audrey? I’m sure they would be fast friends.

I have put David in charge of all arrangements because 1) I’m far too excited to actually plan anything and 2) this is an excellent opportunity for him to hit an anniversary homerun. Which we usually don’t even try to do – we’re actually really laid-back about that kind of stuff – but FAITH AND TIM? Only five days before our anniversary? Come on.

I believe it is God’s will that they become our COUPLE BFF, which in no way interferes with Wynonna’s designation as my GIRL BFF, because everybody knows you have your couple friends, and you have your girlfriends, and there’s no conflict of interest at all.

And no, I’m not crazy. Not at all. I’m just, um, enthusiastic. Nothing wrong with that.

Now since I have confessed my pretend celebrity BFF, who are y’all’s? Don’t even try to act like you haven’t thought about it. You KNOW you’ve watched a movie or a talk show and decided that you and so-and-so would hit it off.

I will be EAGERLY awaiting your comments.


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  1. Well, I’m obviously the only weird one among us.

    But Bible Promise is back! Do you feel better now, Bubba? No need to subscribe.

    And I’ll take one further step into interweb humiliation and confess that my other celebrity couple BFF would be Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick because they like spelling bees.

    Least likely to be my celebrity couple BFF? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I still haven’t gotten over it all.

    Well, as much fun as it is to talk to myself on my own blog, I guess I’ll go cook supper now. But I’ll be back later to continue this riveting conversation. With myself, I reckon. ;-)

  2. Well, now it’s Saturday, and I’m borderline depressed by my one-sided conversation. MERRITT and DAPHNE, WHERE ARE YOU?

  3. Sorry, BooMama, I’ve had my dad and Toni here this weekend, so I’ve been goin’ and blowin’. Plus, I don’t think Jimmy and I could ever agree on a celebrity BFF couple, mainly because I don’t think there are any celebrity couples on the Military, History, History International, Learing or Discovery Channel. Those are pretty much the only TV channels Jimmy watches, so my choices would have to come from there. :) Oh, wait, he does also watch the Fine Living Channel (The Thirsty Traveler is his favorite); maybe we could agree on a couple from there.

    BTW, don’t think I could be BFF with Matthew and SJP. He always seems like he’s condesending to her, and I couldn’t stand for that.

  4. Maybe your and Jimmy’s celebrity BFF could be Colin and Alma Powell. :-) Isn’t that her name?

    I have not picked up on the MB / SJP condescension vibe, but I will now be on full alert – b/c that does make my hackles go up, you know.

  5. N/A :)