I’m BAAA-ack!

I have safely returned to the land of DSL.

Alex is still at my parents’ house.

Which leads me to two words:


Since D. is heading to my hometown tomorrow anyway, it seemed silly to subject the toddler to traveling back here only to get in the car again tomorrow for a return trip.

By the way, this is the first time in over three years that it’s been just the two of us in our house.

I definitely miss the little man, but I have just spent the last two hours on the computer, catching up on blogs, and I realize that I have forgotten what it’s like to do anything without being interrupted.

And it’s nice to know that A. is happy as a clam at his grandparents’ house, where the Coke is plentiful, the ice cream is cold, and the Cheetos come in bottomless bags.

But I do miss that sweet little laugh.

And tomorrow? My first day alone since 2003.

More about that later…because right now, my hubby awaits. :-)

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  1. Merritt says:

    Have fun tonight! What are the two of ya’ll gonna do anyway?

  2. Oh geez.

    I’ll keep my mouth shut. Have fun though.

  3. We’ve done some light knitting and will be moving on to making macrame plant hangers later tonight. If there’s time (fingers crossed)…DECOUPAGE!



    So let me get this straight…Ya’ll get the house to yourselves for a whole night (boom-shaka-laka) then you get the house all to yourself for a whole ‘nother 24 hours. SO JEALOUS!!!

    Oo, and can you post pictures tomorrow of all the ‘crafts’ ya’ll made tonight…oh, I get it, nevermind! ;-)

  5. I’ve heard it called lots of things, but knitting, macrame and decoupage, no! LOL ;) My very proper MIL has been known to call it “Making Bouqets”, though, especially referring to dogs, cats, etc. and occasionally to people, too. :)

  6. I’m laughing too hard to type.