Sunday With The Boys

I’ve made not one but two trips to Lowe’s today – one to scope out the grills, another to pick up The Chosen Grill (we weren’t in D.’s truck when we went after church, and TCG wouldn’t fit in the back of my car).

It’s a curious thing, Lowe’s. As soon as the doors slide open D. goes into a “hunt and conquer” mode: he must find the right drill bit, the right lugnut, the right grill, the right sprinkler, the right width of such and such so that he can brace the thingamajig. It is endlessly entertaining to me. I’m eyeballing the patio furniture and the latest organizational gadgets, and he’s looking at the latest edgers and mowers, admiring the sharp blades, nodding his head and saying, “Coooool.”

Alex is no different. Both of his trips to Lowe’s today afforded him the opportunity to hop from riding mower to riding mower, each time announcing to me where he was driving, and then he’d jump off once he’d reached his imaginary destination, tend to his imaginary business at each imaginary place, and climb back on his yellow and green mowing machine, making all manner of cranking and screeching noises.

Meanwhile, I’m rocking in a patio chair, thinking, “I really like the fringe on that garden umbrella,” while Alex pops imaginary wheelies and D. talks with clerks about BTU’s and warranties and propane.

When we got in the car after our first trip, D. said, “Aren’t you excited about our new grill? It makes me want to hunt things and kill them and then cook them.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It just makes me want to eat some chicken.”

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  1. So did you grill tonight or was it one you had to put together and you won’t be able to use until summer 2009? I hate those kind! Me want chicken now!

  2. My husband is 1200 miles away, for 10 days. when I phoned him today I asked him if he did anything fun. He said no, then remembered, well I DID go to Lowes. Without him saying a word I could hear that noise men make when they come in contact with power tools. It would be weird if they didn’t all do the same thing….I guess the male counterpart of Martha would say, Lowes, it’s a good thing….since my husband was going there to get parts to fix something I broke before I left, it is a good thing for me!

  3. Oh, Diane – I have some vivid chicken wringing memories from when I was little (seeing my daddy and my granddaddy do the things you mentioned). To this day my mama cannot stand handling a whole chicken – she says she smells feathers! :-)

    Bev – yes, they do all make a weird noise when they come in contact with power tools. Or, as Sister and I talked about last weekend, pressure washers. They love those.

    Lauren – the grill was assembled when we went to pick it up – thank the good Lord. One of the salespeople told D. that they have three full-time grill assemblers this time of year. Bless them.

  4. What IS it with men and power washers? They think they are the be all end all to problems. Second only to duct tape!

    We just did the grill shopping a few weeks ago and my girls were riding all the lawn mowers too! However, I was not near as smart as you. I didn’t sit in any nice relaxing rocking chairs. :-)

    (I could just hear Tim-the-toolman-Taylor, and his animal grunt, as I read your post.)

  5. Poultry, beware of D the Chicken Slayer! LOL. ;) If you need any pointers on wringing the chickens’ necks, plucking, singeing and cleaning them, I can help. I’m a country girl from Outer Hickville, Arkansas, you know. :)

  6. We sold a bunch of tools because we are moving. My husband is still in mourning. We did keep the gas powered blower. I think because my husband uses it to get the coals hot on the smoker which we are taking with us. He experiences a sort of eurphoria everytime he lights the smoker and revs up the engine on the blower.