For My Anniversary I Got…

…a headache! Seriously! The kind that sends you to the doctor!

Now what I had today was not a full-blown migraine, to be sure – I never threw up, and I eventually got to the point where I could drive myself to the doctor (and I know full well that when Sister has her migraines, she can’t sit up long enough to find her keys, much less get herself in a moving vehicle and operate it). But because I’ve only had about four headaches in my life, and because today’s was the worst of the lot, I was convinced that I was dying. And oh, after today, do all you migraine sufferers ever have my sympathy. I don’t know how you ever find a space quiet enough to recover.

I had a twinge of behind-the-eye throbbing when I got up this morning, but I’d slept a little later than usual, so I thought maybe I was having some caffeine withdrawal. Then Alex and I headed to the zoo with some friends, and I medicated myself with a large diet Coke, thinking surely to goodness the caffeine would work its magic. But by lunchtime I had a pretty clear understanding that caffeine would not be the cure-all…and I wanted to get home. Fast.

The funny thing (and I say “funny” because, really, you have to laugh to keep from crying) about having a headache with a three year old in the house is that children pretty much do the opposite of everything you need. When I finally found a position on the couch that didn’t make me feel like my left eye was going to detach from my head, Alex took care of me by screaming things like, “ARE YOU OKAY, MAMA? ARE YOU SICK?” while he climbed up my legs so that he could pummel me gently on the shoulder.

After about 30 minutes of that, I knew I was out of my headache league, and I called the doctor to see if he’d phone in a prescription – which he wouldn’t, because since I’ve never been a headache sufferer before, he wanted to see me. Of all the doctors in the land, I have to have the one who’s “sensible” and “responsible” – even though this was a day when I would have preferred one of those doctors who fills up your purse with a veritable cornucopia of narcotic samplers. A pain-killer buffet, if you will.

After another hour on the couch, I had been still long enough so that my head was what mama used to call “easy,” and I now understand that by “easy” she meant that the elves in my temple that had formerly been using sledgehammers to pound the area behind my left eye had switched to regular hammers, and it was really so much better, relatively speaking. So off we went to the doctor’s office.

Long story long – the headache was the result of a particularly nasty sinus infection, and after a shot of some delightful medication called deca-somethingorother, I am pain free. A little woozy, to be sure, but happy beyond measure that those pesky elves behind my eyeball have been sedated.

And you know what’s even better? I have some really cute pictures of A. at the zoo. Wanna see?

Our zoo has a really big area where the water shoots up from the pavement, and oh, the joy that filled Alex’s soul…it was so fun watching him. It was extra fun because the tables and chairs for the parents are in the shade, oh thank you Jesus.

And it makes me happy that carousels are still in vogue with the toddler set – nothing beats those sweet smiles.

So I’m going to take a hot bath with some rosemary mint stuff I found in the pharmacy (I love me some aromatherapy), and hopefully will be a brand new woman tomorrow.

At the very least I’ll be clean and medicated. Everybody needs a goal.

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  1. I do believe you are sharing your headache with me. While I am not at migraine status yet I may be before too much longer.

  2. Hey Maria – Just curious – have y’all had any rain? The nurse told me that mine was probably helped along a bit because there is absolutely no moisture to be found in central Alabama right now…which only serves to prove my mother’s theory that the weather is responsible for every illness on the planet. :-)

  3. t-riels says:

    i love it-pain killer buffet!! classic!!!

  4. Bless your sweet soul. My mama had migraines and they would send her to the hospital for a drip because she would get so sick from them. Glad you are not in that league.

    Alex is getting so tall!!! Looks like a fun day.

  5. Love the pictures!

    Glad to hear you aren’t a migraine sufferer – major pain in the butt is what they are (not literally, of course.) I used to get them nearly once a month. Miserable.

    Hope your sinuses clear up soon.

  6. It has been hot and sticky here, but no rain. Rain within a few miles all around us……But not here. Mama always said when it didn’t rain, it was because somebody wasn’t paying the preacher right. We sho’ do need some rain, so I wish somebody would get prayed up and give the preacher a raise, LOL. ;)

    Bless your heart, I have had maybe 2 migraines of that sort in my life. I have silent migraines, where I see auras and something like heat waves, and get where I can’t focus or see, but mine usually pass in 30 minutes or so, and I don’t have any pain with them, Praise His Name! You have my deepest sympathies, and I hope you are much better tomorrow if not sooner. :)

  7. Aw I hope you feel better soon. I am going through allergy hell right now myself…

  8. What a description! For a second I thought it was my head that hurt. I feel so bad for you. I do hope you wake up with no pain in the morning!

  9. Hey Diane – y’all could always do like they do at Calpurnia’s church in To Kill A Mockingbird…shut the doors to the church and sweat the $$$ out of the congregation. :-) That scene always cracks me up – especially when the preacher starts calling people out (“I haven’t seen you walk up that aisle yet! We’re not leaving until every family gives one more dime.”). And seriously – we desperately need rain. I can’t remember it ever being this dry.

    And thanks, everybody, for being so kind. I usually veer away from “health posts,” but today got downright comical. I’ve had my bath now, so I’m feeling semi-human again. :-)

  10. Sorry you had a headache. That stinks.

    At first I was like ZOO? Where’s the animals. Tee hee. Those pictures are cute!

  11. So glad you are on the mend and that you will have time to relax and take a bath. Cute little boy you have there. I can picture him in your face while you are sick. Kids are so cute when Mom is sick. Too bad we’re too sick to fully enjoy it.

  12. My sister, Barb (Chelsea Morning) gets migraines out the wazoo….I got them being on the pill – WAY too much estrogen and took myself off. Rarely have them anymore, but the fact that you went to the zoo, spent the day with children, in the heat and your head was throbbing – I stand amazed. When my head hurts I dont speak, cook, clean, function pretty much-everything just shuts down. Of course, how on God’s green earth do you shut down a kid? Hope its better tomorrow – and I loved seeing him instead of some camel’s face.

  13. Oh BM, I’m soooo sorry. My mama gets those and use to give herself a shot in the leg for em’. Now I think she pops a pill. So glad the doc could help ya! Easy duz it tomorrow, ya hear?

  14. OK, does it make you feel a little weird that people call you BM? Cause I think it’s a little funny. Sorry.

    Bev’s right. I get migraines you could write a book about. Hey! Sarah! I used to get them weekly. In my case, seems to be hormonal and uh, you know, I’m getting up there and the hormones are getting down there now, so they’re about monthly now.

    About that narcotic smorgasbord. My doctor gave me a prescription for Imitrex. I RAN it to the pharmacy and guess what? $360 for S I X pills. That’s $60 per headache. Nope. That wasn’t happening. So my approach now is to avoid the triggers and here’s what you’re just not gonna like one bit. One of the biggest triggers is CHOCOLATE. Sad, isn’t it?

    I’m lucky. Like Diane, I get the aura and the bright spots in my vision, lasts a half hour and goes away leaving me with a dull headache and nausea for a day, but no serious, life interferring pain. Poor you. Poor BM.

  15. Poor lil’ Boon! The migraine sufferers ofthe world SALUTE YOU!

    Note: If I can catch it early, Excedrin Migraine really does work. It’s OTC.

  16. Sister says:

    Ditto, ditto, and more dittos.

    Not to sound like Mama (but I will because I can’t help myself), but you didn’t seem “quite right” when I talked to you the night before. I wanted to call you all day yesterday, but did not have one free moment until I got home around 11:00 p.m. last night.

    Oh, I’m sooooooooo sorry that you had to go through the eye stabbing pain. Those “evil spirits”…they are something else.

    Hope you’re feeling better. :)

  17. Merritt says:

    Hey Boomama,
    Long time, no talk.
    First of all, glad you’re feeling better. Headaches are pretty scary.
    Second of all, love the pictures from the zoo. I’m noticing that Alex DEFINITELY seemed to have inherited your skin tone – please tell me you lathered that child up with a good sunscreen of at least SPF60!! Hmmm…reminds me of a good story…
    ATTENTION EVERYONE — PLEASE CHECK BOOMAMA ARCHIVES – FEBRUARY 6TH- a delightful post called “One Hot Mama” and I think you’ll agree that Alex is indeed, like his (Boo)Mama!

  18. Merritt, I think we should refer to A as “one hot Boobaby”. Whenever I need to laugh so hard I cry/wet my pants, I read that post. Never have had a headache in my life (knocking on wood) but, you all know my severe ear situations and I bet they are similar as far as the ole pain thresehold goes. I’m all about that “buffet” T-Riels referred to!

  19. Y’all will be happy to know that I had SPF 50 on Alex AND me yesterday. And even though I know that your golden-hued children probably don’t need it, Coppertone has a great spray mist sunscreen this year…you don’t even have to rub it in.

  20. Merritt says:

    Already have some of that. I am a protective mother – we don’t go swimming without sunscreen…EVER! Can’t believe our parents never put sunscreen on us…or made us ride in carseats. But that was back in the day before anyone knew any better.