I Like, So I’ll Share

For lots of reasons, this post by Toni blew me away.

Y’all click on over and give her a warm bloggity welcome. :-)

You’ll be encouraged.

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  1. How do you always manage to sniff out the good blogs, BooMama? I left her a comment thanking her for being my teacher in this. I needed to hear it. :-)

  2. Boomama, I found Toni through Leslie of Haply Thinking. Just added her to my bloglines and read this post tonight. Knocked me over. I have a burden for the homeless, the hopelessness of them, and seeing that she ministered to “the one” so touched me. Amazing person, to have this burden, and then act on it – how many others must have just walked by him. Made me think of the verse that talks about whatever you did for the least of them, you did for me. Glad to see you are introducing her to others – she’s so worth reading!

  3. Yes, very encouraging, inspiring and a good reminder of what our work here is! Really there are SO MANY hurting and we HAVE THE ANSWER! *arg!* Sorry, I’m reved up!

  4. I loved her post. I’ve been focussing on “the one” too… right now it’s the one who just needs to be listened to. Seems like a thankless task, one-by-one. But, really, it’s so much easier that way… and aren’t we ALL “the one” at one time or another?

  5. Thank you for introducing us to her. It really moved me.

  6. Thank you, BooMama, for the wonderful introduction to so many fabulous women. (“Not that there aren’t plenty of fabulous men out there, too,” she hastens to add.) You’re a dear. Too bad Faith Hill is already your BFF. ;-)

  7. Me again. Just read your comment on my blog and am commenting on your comment. The hours-long timeout? AWESOME. It’s not like you MEANT to do it. What’s a little guilt in exchange for such a stretch of quiet? You’ve definitely inspired a future post. Where to start? Connor falling out the window? Reattaching Madeline’s fingertip? (Seriously.) Having a stranger stop to get Connor out of the road? Yes, I’m hanging on to my Mom Card by a thread. The candy-as-poison was a good day.

  8. Toni, allow me to introduce you to my friend Emma Kate, who also had a stranger retrieve one of her children from the road. We really should start a club. I’m also trying to document all the stupid things I say, like, “You have to stay upstairs until I tell you to come downstairs” or “When you act rude, it is just so RUDE.” Really, I don’t understand why no one has asked me to write a parenting book. Because I have obviously GOT. IT. GOIN’. ON.

    Oh yeah. :-)