Works For Me Wednesday

I haven’t talked much about Potty Training ’06 because, well, it’s been a bit of a train wreck. We moved to Pull-Ups a couple of weeks ago, but any requests / encouragements / demands about going to the bathroom have been met with “No thank you, Mama. I don’t want to go to the potty. No thank you.”

I give him points for being polite, at least.

But here’s what seems to be working (she says, with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed): throw out the Pull-Ups. Put the young’un in some underwear. Let nature take its course. And, despite every pre-parenthood vow that I would not, would NOT bribe my child to bring about a certain behavior, BRIBE THAT CHILD LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. :-) At least when it comes to potty training.

Seriously, the combination of Superman / Spider Man / Batman underwear, lots of encouragement and praise, and a couple of bags of Hershey’s Miniatures (two pieces of chocolate after every successful potty trip) is giving us MUCH better results. He’s so much more interested in going to the potty now that his underwear becomes a little, um, uncomfortable if he reverts back to diaper-ish behavior.

And the chocolate helps, seeing as how our child considers it The Most Special Treat Of All The Special Treats In The History Of Ever.

It works for me!

For now. :-)

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  1. Merritt says:

    I think you’re doing great and so is Alex! I definitely agree with the no pull-ups idea – it’s too confusing to a child. They are just like diapers!! There is nothing wrong with bribery…nothing at all. You’re really just rewarding him for the behavior you want him to exhibit. Way to go, Soph! You’ll be all done with this before you know it. And think of all the money you’re saving on diapers!!

  2. I always made a game out of it with Caleb, Potty turned to fun when I would put a few cheerios in the comode and he would shoot at them. He always wanted to go after we made it fun and it turned into a habit. His reward was fun and one m&m. When he went for 5 days with no accidents he recieved a trip to toys R us for a little toy. Plus we kept a chart and he stickered it. He was trained in 2 weeks!!! Now my daughter was a little different, but hey she didnt have nothing to aim for lol

  3. I am in the muck of potty training (again) so I understand!!! I would pay umpteen amount of money for a “potty training boot camp” where you just pay for it, send them off, and then they come home 2 weeks later FULLY day and night trained. Hmmm, a business idea????? :)

  4. Yep, I’m all for the bribery idea. It worked with both of my kids.

    You go girl!

  5. Im sending Emma to your house ;)


  6. BM (Hmm, that’s especially funny in light of today’s post), you’re right on target–underwear and chocolate. In fact, I’d potty train myself all over again if someone would buy me new undies and loads of chocolate! It probably won’t take long, now. (And if it does, just remember–nobody goes to college wearing pullups)

  7. Hey, you know, if it gets the job done in a pleasant way, it’s fine. And if it doesn’t get it done (but still in a pleasant way), that’s also fine. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a healthy, normal child on earth that gets on the kindergarten bus in diapers. (And one day…they turn 16…and memories of all this potty training business are just that…memories.)

  8. Yes, I’m childless, but I did contribute to the potty training of foul-mouthed-nephew, Houston. Remember “Dollars for Disneyworld”? I’m sure chocolate will also do the trick…it would for me. :)

  9. Thanks for playing along! That’s a great tip, and those very same things worked for us. In fact, we didn’t even mess with underwear; we just spent a few days doing the naked-from-the-waist-down business. It worked, even if wasn’t particularly pleasant visually.

  10. Hi. I’m visiting you for the first time. I’m going through potty training right now, too, with my youngest who just turned two. She’s super young for potty training, but interested nonetheless. I’ve just been putting her in underwear, too. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn’t. Haven’t done the bribing thing yet, but as far as potty training is concerned, I think it’s perfectly acceptable! :-)

  11. I’m so with you on the potty training. I just have to find a bribe that works for my son though, and it changes all the time…so it gets a little tricky.. : )

  12. kids dont come with written instructions (other than Scripture but you know what I mean), so whatever works for you is just great. For ours it was M&Ms and jelly beans. And makes sense to let him feel the wet – pullups just pull it away and he can be happy in his own ickiness. However you make it through is great!

  13. I am a firm believer in doing WHATEVER it takes to potty train. Bribery works wonders. It has to be one of life’s most unpleasant chores. I always say that some enterprising (and talented) mom should start a potty training boot camp that you could bring your toddler to for a week and leave with them potty trained. I know I would have paid BIG money for that :-)

  14. I don’t know how she did it, but my mom had each of us trained at one year old. So she says. Could be why we’re all a bit, um, anal.

    My girls each trained at two. The older one never had any accidents – she loved big girl panties and always let us know when she had to “pobby birst” (potty first – from reminding her to go potty before getting into the tub.) The younger one took longer, and I started putting her in pull-ups after several overnight accidents.

    Patience is necessary. And bribery, definitely.

    Oh – a word to the pull-ups crowd: please don’t give your kid a steady diet of peanut butter if you’re going to let him wear pull-ups to Mother’s Day Out, especially if he’s a HUGE 4-year-old. That’s just wrong.

  15. I have an article for you when I see you on child directed potty training (I’m not for or against; it was just interesting.) And when we are on the road, remind me to tell you about my fiasco with Reia. It’s still slightly going on, btw. =)