You Are Cordially Invited…

…to participate in a little shindig being organized over at A Gracious Home.

Now I’m fairly new (in the grand scheme of things) to all this bloggy business, and I see that there are some pretty specific requirements for these awards, but my guess is that every single person in the “Bloggity Goodness” links on my sidebar meets the criteria. And there are lots of categores besides the one you see to the left…that was just the only badge I could find on their website.

So if you have the time, do yourself a favor. Make a point to visit some (or all!) of the people I link to day in and day out. Check out the “Captivating” study girls, too. I am constantly encouraged and humbled by how well these women write, how deeply they think, and how fun they are to read.

Then, after you look at their blogs, as well as any others you read, think about heading over to “award headquarters” and taking the time to nominate a few.

And by the way…I don’t know any bloggers who write because they want to win contests. They write because they love it and because they have something to say. But encouragement is always a nice thing, and so many of the bloggers I read are deserving of a little pat on the back.

So thanks, Carol, for getting the word out…without you, I’d never have known that I can nominate all my favorites.

I’ll be working on that list directly. :-)

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  1. Its way past bedtime here but I promise to look at this again over Saturday morning coffee, which is a very lazy event. What a great idea!

  2. You are SO nominated for the mocha one! (Although I’d prefer if it were called a diet Coke award, you know? And is this making sense? And why am I not sleeping, since the baby is? I’m losing it!)

  3. Ohhhhh…. BooMama…. I know several people from…. Meridian…. In fact, one of my Best buds is from there… I just went every year to watch the Jr. Miss pageant (Or is it Young Woman of the Year, or is it Jr. Miss), And I’m sure we probably are kinfolk… You are sooo right, Mississippi is a VERY small town.. (No “six degrees of separation” here.. maybe 2?)

  4. Thanks for steering us to A Gracious Home. What a fun contest. I already have several nominations in mind….

  5. Bloggity Goodness! I’m cracking up here! I think you may have just invented a new phrase! I don’t know why, but it makes me think of ice cream. When you say ‘Bloggity,’ your mouth sorta moves the way it does when you are tasting something sweet.