You Can’t Even Imagine The Horror Of It All

If I seem a little shaky this morning, it’s because my husband took the computer from me during my normal writing time (while Alex is eating breakfast) and took it downstairs because we hadn’t password protected our wireless network or somesuch nonsense, and yes, while I see the value in keeping everything secure so that some crafty geekazoid can’t look at my hard drive while he’s sitting at the end of my driveway and therefore determine once and for all if I use mayonnaise or cream cheese in my chicken and broccoli casserole, I TREASURE those few minutes of peace and quiet in the morning when Alex is trying to spear his waffle with his fork and I can actually string some words together and make sentences or even paragraphs.

At one point, when it seemed to me like I had given D. AMPLE time to set up the network password thing-y, I went to the top of the stairs that go down to his office and said, “Hey. Just so you know? I’m starting to twitch up here!” He did laugh – but in a “I’m-somewhat-worried-that-we’re-going-to-have-to-put-you-through-blogging-detox” sort of way. He said he’d be finished in about five minutes, so you can be proud of my restraint when, TWENTY MINUTES LATER, he finally returned the computer to its rightful place. With me.

I was planning to write about TV guilty pleasures this morning, and I had this whole angle worked out in my head about how as Christians sometimes we feel “wrong” or like we have to hide it if we get interested in some pop culture something-or-other – and how good grief we all need some entertainment every now and again and can’t possibly just sit on our hands and sing “Blessed Assurance” from sun-up to sun-down – but I can’t even remember everything I wanted to say right now because I don’t know if I mentioned it but MY HUSBAND? HE TOOK THE COMPUTER FROM ME.

Anyway, please understand: you will never ever hear me say that I think it’s okay for people to sit around and watch certain kinds of shows or movies. I’m just talking about stuff you like on network television. Stuff you can watch without it becoming some sort of stumbling block. Just so we’re clear.

So since you now know – at least if you read the comments to my post from yesterday – that I TiVo a little show about P. Diddy’s search for a new all-girl band, and since we also know from those comments that Shannon TiVo’d the Britney Spears / Matt Lauer interview (HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT?), and Amanda and Barb have interesting favorites, too, I’m guessing that most of us have some TV guilty pleasures that we enjoy on a pretty regular basis.

Mine? “Project Runway,” “24,” “America’s Top Model,” and oh my sweet goodness “The Office.”

Yours? NO JUDGMENT. I promise. :-)

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  1. BooMama,

    Hubby took your computer?! I’m proud of your restraint!

    Would it be HORRIBLY unChristian of me to say that my absolute favorite guilty pleasure is “Grey’s Anatomy”? If so, I’ll go crawl back under my rock…

  2. Ohh- I am right there with you with Grey’s Anatomy AND Desperate Housewives, so make room for me under your rock! My husband & I have been discussing if it is OK for me to enjoy these shows–they are so far from my reality and seem to show the emptiness of pursuing these sins. We have taken the Summer OFF from nighttime TV in an experiment since it is all reruns anyway. We’ll see what happens when season premiere’s arrive!

  3. I’m a HUGE “out of the closet” Grey’s Anatomy fan!! Also, HOUSE — but goodness gracious, that’s not a guilty pleasure — it’s a medically necessary show to watch so one can stay current on all the latest diseases of our century — wouldn’t you agree!!? Ha Ha

  4. I have no idea why I forgot to mention House. Hubby and I both are addicted. Can you imagine actually having a doctor like him? I’m thinking the episode where a patient shot him probably broke all ratings records. And my husband would come real close to getting shot too if he took MY computer away for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes? I think not.

  5. Glad to see I’m not the only “Grey’s” addict! I also love “House”…though I can’t stop thinking of him as Stuart Little’s dad (Little Hi, Little Low)!

    My last addiction (other than Food Network & HGTV) is “Without a Trace”, but I’m okay with that one because Eric Close (Martin) is a Christian…so it must have SOME redeeming qualities!

  6. I was about to happily type in the words, “I adore Grey’s Anatomy (with very little guilt) and of course House, too,” until I saw Melissa’s comment–Dr. House was Stuart Little’s DAD????? Oh, that may just ruin the whole show for me. I mean, how can I truly love him as a grump, in this new light?

    Other (guilty) pleasures: Survivor (almost to fanatic level), Desperate Housewives occasionally (except I never seem to know what exactly is going on), and that new show, Tuesday Book Club, or something like that.

    24 is not, I repeat, NOT, a guilty pleasure. It is a need. :)

    And BTW, your last sentence on your comment to me, “squeeze it to death” made me grin really huge. Love it. I’ll stop hogging the comments now.

  7. Lighten up, Francis. :)

  8. Francis?

    Sarah – it’s an old expression Sister and I use – I can’t remember what movie it’s from – but she’s picking on me about being so uptight about the computer thing. Luckily she does not in fact think that my name is Francis. That would be bad. :-)

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  9. Sister, you KNOW I like me a routine. It just threw off my whole routine! My routine! ;-) And seriously, I didn’t know what to do while A. was eating breakfast what with the computer MIA. So I vacuumed. Just like we do during f’ball season.

    But I’m all better now. :-)

  10. First – did my daughter – is it THAT Sarah that said she watches Desperate Housewives???? After she gave me generous grief for watching. I’m not even sure I believe it. So – anyway, I cant live without Survivor, 24, American Idol, and watch the entire season of Desperate Housewives when my husband goes out of town for a week. Otherwise I feel like nothing happened on the show and it drives me nuts. And I think the guy that Teri Hatcher likes is pretty darned cute. I love the creepy people on it – fun, fun. I still havent seen the season finale of Greys Anatomy – just no time when it happened and I keep forgetting about it so guess Im not too addicted to it. House bugs me, and I hate hate CSI – dont want to see bullets propelling through bodies at closeup. No talk shows at all. My real life family is too much like the Jerry Springer show sometimes to enjoy it.

  11. You just made the list, buddy.
    (for Sister)

  12. ROFL….I’m BUSTED.

    My TV pleasures, some of which are “guiltier” than others:

    Lost, Survivor, ER, My Name is Earl, and (hiding face in hands) Grey’s Anatomy

  13. Daph and Sister – WHAT MOVIE IS IT FROM? I’ve heard Sister say “Lighten up, Francis” so much but I can’t remember the reference.

    And Shannon – my favorite thing from My Name is Earl? When Brett Butler was guest-starring and kept saying, “Don’t you judge me.” LOVED IT.

  14. Stripes

  15. Ooh. ooh. ooh. I agree- ya gotta have some (good, wholesome) entertainment sometimes. And I’m with you on America’s top Model, and also like That 70’s Show, Alias, and Hogan Knows Best. ; )

  16. Lea Margaret says:

    “True Hollywood Stories” on E. NOTHING better!

  17. Hello,
    mmmmmmmmn My favorites are 24 American Top model, I would love Hells kitchen but I cant take Chef absolutely treating the amature chefs like he does sooo I gave it up.
    So you think you can dance? Yep those are a few.
    For my Birthday my kiddos bought me the first two seasons of 24.ooooh la la.

  18. I’m such a party pooper, but you said No Judgement, so that goes for me too, right? I just wanted to chime in for the *other side*. I don’t actually own a TV. (Part of the less-than-one-percent of the US population, I know.) Also, we are involved in a 24-7 house of prayer where there are, literally, people praying and singing 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, for the last 6 years. (Not quite “sitting on our hands singing Blessed Assurance from sun up to sun-down”, but )

    I’m just sayin’…those of us who choose not to partake of TV are not all boring freakazoids. Not that you were implying that – at all. Anyhoo, there’s my input.

    Sarah – I think that’s just plain ole inspiring. Seriously. – boomama

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  19. Sister says:

    Daph – Thanks for the additional “Stripes” quote…I can always count on you to get my retro (read:*dated*) pop culture references. :) It saddens me that Boomama could not recall the source of our famous “Lighten up, Francis” quote. Methinks Boomama’s once envied brain library of movie quips may have been replaced by thoughts of “Nemo”. :)

  20. A friend of mine is a writing assistant for Project Runway :-)

    My guilty pleasures on network television include only Seinfeld and Lost. I don’t have cable tv but I did get into Six Feet Under on DVD. I’ve finished them all and as soon as I can purchase them all I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief…At almost $100 a pop, that might be a while :(

  21. I wrote you a qhole post on it at my site!!!! You have to visit to find out!

  22. I found’s full episode streaming online a few weeks ago, and while I don’t have a tv, I had heard about “Commander In Chief” and I watched every episode within about a week. for the whole season. ragged eyes. wonder if I can buy the season on dvd!! so that’s my guilty pleasure

  23. Okay, Tess said she likes “Commander in Chief”, and several of us like “House”…so now we’ve got BOTH of Stuart Little’s parents! (I agree with Sarah…hard to accept Hugh Laurie as House at first, but he’s so darn good at it!).

    We could almost do the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon in this post! I LOVE that game! It would work great if you bring in Wilson from House…he was in “Dead Poet’s Society” with several well-known actors.

    Anyway, what do you say…this weekend we try to link folks thru movies. I’ll go first. My hubby is watching a Kevin Spacey movie right now. So, let’s see if anyone can link Kevin Spacey to Susan Sarandon. 6 degrees or less!

  24. Kevin Spacey to Keifer Sutherland – A Few Good Men
    Keifer Sutherland to Julia Roberts – Flatliners
    Julia Roberts to Susan Sarandon – Stepmom

    Oh, and hi there! Just found your blog from Rocks in My Dryer. I love this post – and my guilty pleasure for SURE is Project Runway. I almost feel queasy bringing up that I actually like it.

  25. Ha- I’m there with you. CAN’T WAIT for Project Runway in just a couple weeks, and love love love Office (we are enjoying even the reruns now!) & Top Model. Hubby loves 24 and I’ll blog during that one usually! Too intense for me!

  26. This is like a true confessions from the blog world. :D
    I love Survivor, Amazing Race, House, Bones, American & Canadian Idol. (Too bad you don’t get Can. Idol down there. It’s just as good). And hubby and I are seriously considering plopping down some dollars to buy the seasons of Star Trek: Next Generation. It’s the only T.V. series we both enjoyed together.

  27. Was Kevin Spacey in A Few Good Men? I had it figured like this;

    spacey to annette benig – American Beauty
    Benig – Warren Beatty – Mugsy
    Beatty – Madonna – Dick Tracey
    Madonna – Sean Penn – whatever the name of that horrible movie was while they were married.

    Penn – Sarandon – Dead Man Walking

    Guess no one else wants to play, huh? Probably for the best…I didn’t mean to take over Boomama’s site!

  28. Melissa – I’m HORRIBLE at the Kevin Bacon thing. But I do think that Madonna / Sean Penn movie was Shanhai Surprise. I think.

  29. Boomama,

    I think you’re right on the movie. I never saw it. Enjoying your blog. I need to get off the computer & start reading chapter 3 of “Captivating” so I can finally contribute to our group!

    Have a great weekend!

  30. I know I’m late getting in on this, but what about

    Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman in Seven.
    Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption.
    Tim Robbins directed Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking.

  31. Daph!

    Are you in Starkvegas?

    Call me b/c we can’t find a weekend that works for a get-together…I’m moving to plan B. :-)

  32. Yes, I’m in Vegas. About to put D in bed. Will call you in a few if it’s not too late.

  33. Love “The Office” and how it ended!

  34. sonshinemommaof3 says:

    Ok, first I have to say, I can’t live without Grey’s, Seriously!!

    Second, Boo, just wanted you to know that you have your first stalker. I just discovered you, my heart broke along with yours, as I listened about Elsie and Paul. I cried. Now, I archive, and you keep my in stiches. You have a true gift of words. I LOVE that you are sooooo REAL! The grocery list…me! The TV rubbernecking…me!

    Don’t worry you’re safe. I’ll keep my distance…..but remember I’ll be
    here, each day….peeking and laughing…and laughing….and laughing.