I Have A Confession To Make

I Tivo’d “The View” today.

And I feel a little guilty.

I mean, I’ve never watched “The View” except for a couple of times when it first came on. I’m sure the girls on the show are lovely people in real life, but on TV they all sort of get on my nerves talking on top of one another, and I always feel like it’s some sort of weird contest to see who can be the most “outrageous” or “hip” or “controversial.”

But to me it was all just “annoying.”

But then this Star Jones / Barbara Walters thing happened – and I just had to check it out. Would that be called television rubbernecking? Craning your neck to survey the damage as you slowly channelsurf past the morning show train wreck?

And to make sure I got all the latest “View” info, I even Tivo’d one of those entertainment “news” magazines (this is “apparently” the “post” of “quotation marks”) a couple of nights ago. You know, the shows where they scream at you and use the word “hot” a whole bunch? (Which reminds me: have I discussed my disdain for the use of the word “party” as a verb? I need to put that on my list.)

So that’s all. No other point to this, really.

And for all I know, this whole thing was just a big publicity stunt to get normally disinterested parties like me to watch “The View.”

I guess it worked. Because if they have a big tearful reunion show about two months down the road?

I’m SO there.


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  1. Well, all I can say is THANK GOODNESS…it’s about time you “outed yourself” and got back to the rag-mag, tivo-ing Boomama/sister that I love. I mean, how do you expect me to comment on subjects like cooking and potty training (’cause it is all about me, right?)? :)

  2. All I know is Star was very upset that Barbara hired Rosie ODonnell.Star felt like she could not condone her lifestyle and couldnt set next to her. I heard today on the news that Star was fired though sooooo. I do not normally watch it for the same reason, I cant stand when they all try to compete for talk time.

  3. Merritt says:

    Ooohhh, very catty. Interesting, indeed.

  4. I’m right there with you. Ive seen it a few times while I was getting my nails done, etc. When they all start talking over each other I want to ask them, “Didnt your mother teach you not to interrupt? Were you raised in a barn?” Drives me way too crazy.

    But I might have watched this episode. What does that say about me? But Rosie O’Donnell – I dont care what her lifestyle is – she’s completely annoying on a good day. Way way too loud. I’m always horrified I might have to sit by somebody like that during a quiet dinner with my husband and have to give them the hairy eyeball look all during dinner.

  5. I had to stop by. Your name is just to meaningful to me. My nickname for my oldest son is BooBear. One of his earliest names for me was BooBoo’s Mama. He has outgrown it, but I still call him Boo. Your name reminds me of a sweet time.

  6. I am a longtime View watcher and let me tell you – in the last two years Star has gotten more annoying than usual. It was to the point that 3 months ago I stopped watching. I couldn’t take it anymore. Now that she’s gone I might just start watching again. he he.

  7. I am actually a Rosie fan – used to love her talk show – but I know she’s one of those polarizing personalities (you either love her or love to hate her).

    But aside from that, what’s so interesting about this Barbara / Star thing to me is how they’re both using the media to fight it out. I think what Star did was pretty tacky, but then you have Barbara playing nice to her face that day on the show and then running to the media and saying she was “betrayed” shortly thereafter.

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing / hearing a LOT more about it.

  8. I am sooo with you!! I LOVE Rosie and Satr was getting more judgemental by the HOUR (not very Christian of her huh??)

    Star was JUST tacky the way she bilindsided Barbra (but DANG she has KNOWN she was out since APRIL)

  9. so funny that you write this! I did the same thing! I am in to all the junk going on with it. I hate the View but I adore Elizabeth Hasselback. She is a republican, conservative and I dig her! I have TiVoed Entertainment Tonight just so I can hear all the stuff. DON’T like Rosie and I can’t stand Joy and all the talking over one another!

    Oh but I do love Regis and Kelly! And here is a pretty bad congession. I have been TiVoing “The HIlls” on MTV. It makes me realize how well I do have it together based on these young girls and their choices. Crazy stuff going on out there!

  10. Amanda – I feel so much better after reading your comment. I have been TiVo’ing “Making the Band 3” on MTV. I feel that my confession is complete now. :-)

    I ALMOST wrote a post about it a few weeks ago but figured everybody would think I’d lost my mind. Maybe a “TV Guilty Pleasures” post is in order. Ya think? :-)

  11. And, what do you expect from somebody named “STAR“?

  12. I was out of the loop but feel much better informed now. ‘Cause this is important stuff. And I admit, I’ve watched the View. All in my quest to try to be a little more confrontational. But I can’t stand it. Joy? She drives me bonkers! This should make for some interesting cat-fighting. :) (And as for my own TV confession, I watch Grey’s Anatomy. And LOVE it. Without apology.)

  13. Well, you know I quit buying Us and People back at the end of last year b/c I got so sick of reading the same thing OVER and OVER. And I haven’t been Tivo’ing as much because there’s NOTHING on. About the only thing to watch these days is Food Network or HGTV.

    All that being said, this Star / Barbara thing has definitely made me want to buy a People magazine tomorrow. And then fix a diet Coke and get in the tub and just read to my heart’s content.

    And yes, it IS all about you, Sister. :-)

  14. I’ve picked up “People” again myself. Plus, I can send you a really good “Hello” magazine that I got in Ireland. Good foreign trashy reading. :)

  15. I am chuckling because not an hour ago I downloaded some streaming video to watch a report about it. “Television rubbernecking”…I love it. That’s exactly what it is. Says the girl who Tivoed the Britney Spears thing!

  16. that is so funny girl – i just read all the comments too to see what everyone else thought too.

    I just hear a snippet about it yesterday as i flipped channels late at night. I totally missed out. I am just trying to figure out what all happened.

    i too do the rubbernecking about such things too. it is horrible but true…

  17. While I don’t support Rosie’s lifestyle either I don’t think you should need to have your lives in sync to be on a show together where the whole point is to bring together different women with different VIEWS!
    I don’t buy that Star left for moral reasons.

    My show confessions are Desperate Housewives and 24! Kinda funny that most of the ladies are not really a housewife anymore.

  18. The reason Star and Rosie weren’t expected to get along was because Rosie called Star out on her blog for not coming clean about having gastric bypass. While Star was trying to front like she lost 100 lbs. in a couple of months by “eating right and doing Pilates,” Rosie was like, “Uh, I don’t think so.”

    That said, I go back and forth between finding Rosie humorous and annoying. And, I feel exactly the same way about Star (although I’m not usually laughing with her, I’m usually laughing at her).

    AND, I have a hard time buying that Star “betrayed” Barbara when they both admit that Star has known since April that her contract was not going to be renewed but played the good employee and held her tongue. If she wanted to go out with a bang, I say more power to her.

  19. I love your tv rubbernecking term! Cute! As for Star and The View, I think that since Star has sort of recommitted to God (at least she has shared that she has), that she really doesn’t fit anymore on The View. It is much better for her to leave. I hope she will choose a good path.

  20. I’ve only watched The View maybe three times and never through to the end because all the talking over each other makes me nuts. I agree with Bev. Some manners please? I used to really like Rosie back in her Tom Cruise/Elmo/count how many people she’s kissed days. Not so much any more. She just seems abrasive and in your face now.

    My guilty TV secret? Hell’s Kitchen. Disgusting because everyone’s so mean to each other but I’m completely hooked on it.

  21. Hey Daph – You used the word “front” as a verb. Made me laugh out loud. YOU GO, suburban mama of 2. :-)

  22. I used to love Rosie’s talk-show. Used to like Starr. Even watched the View when I could but then I kept wondering why it was so important that they all get the last word in and force their opinions on us… not just state them, but overstate them, ya know? Have to admit, I would have been the first to “rubber-neck” at the sight if I’d only known about it. I always seem to miss out on things like this until they are over!!!! Hmmm… maybe that’s a good thing?

  23. All I know is that I had NO IDEA any of this was going on until I got sucked into your people link for 45 min. I had to hit the back button a zillion times to get back and comment.

    Now, I could tell you about the huge debacle going on between Pablo and Uniqua of Backyardigans fame…=)