Thursday Thirteen

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Bev did this for her Thursday Thirteen – and I thought it was such a good idea that I’m borrowing it.

Plus, this whole potty training thing has totally sapped my creativity. :-)

But I won’t talk about potty training ANYMORE.

At least not today.

Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For
1. We set the TiVo to record “A Bug’s Life” over the weekend. But “Pillow Talk” came on instead. And I would SOOO rather watch Doris Day and Rock Hudson than animated bugs. Have y’all SEEN all those cute stoles and hats that Doris Day wore? I think I want to be her when I grow up.

2. We have air conditioning. That may seem a little trivial, but I’m not taking it forgranted. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but OH MY SWEET MERCY it’s hot.

3. We have a fresh 24-pack of diet Coke in the kitchen.

4. Ground chuck is on sale for $1.99 a pound at Publix. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. It makes me want to buy eleventy hundred pounds. But I don’t have a deep freeze. Or $2200 to spend on hamburger meat. But still.

5. WIRELESS, HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Let’s have a moment of silence in honor of that one, especially given the fact that this past weekend I was bogged down in Daddy’s dial-up debacle.

6. When Alex says his prayers at night, he says, “Thank you for Jesus’ name. Thank you for Amen.” And it makes me want to cry just a little bit.

7. Remember me telling you about Emma Kate and Brad feeling led (by God – not with, you know, a leash) to do a new work in Tupelo? Well, things are movin’ and groovin’ with that. And one day, in the not-so-distant-future, when I tell y’all all the details, you’re not going to believe it. Well, yes you will. But I’m telling you, it is gonna be cause for some TESTIFYIN’, and God will get ALL the glory. Seriously.

8. My husband just stopped by the couch on his way to bed and gave me a very sweet hug and kiss. That never, ever gets old.

9. You. I’m thankful for YOU, the person sitting there, looking at your monitor, wishing this post were over already. :-) Writing is great and all, but this blog wouldn’t be nearly as fun for me if y’all didn’t make time to read it. And comment. And email. And call. And come back day after day.

10. Sarah is going to be writing for Lisa Whelchel’s website (yes! BLAIR WARNER! I KNOW!). I am so tickled for Sarah – first of all because she’s one of my favorite people I’ve never met – and secondly because God is providing her with a ministry so uniquely geared to her gifts. If you’re not reading her blog, you’re missing a blessing. I just love her.

11. This person and this person and this person are all coming to visit soon. And we’re going to Paula’s restaurant! We are!

12. I don’t have to cook for the next two nights! We’re having supper at our neighbors’ house tonight, then at some other friends’ house tomorrow night. And I will be thrilled to death if all we have is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – because I don’t have to plan it or fix it. That makes me happy.

13. God is good. All the time.

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  1. Ahh BooMama,
    I was just sitting here wondering WHY I HAVE TO DO ALL THE COOKING and meal planing, and how often can we order pizza and maintain a well balanced eating regime? But My kiddos are 2 and 10 mo, so theier not ready to do meal planning yet, and pizza, well, you know that might work with a little tweeking . . . .Happy “no cooking/meal planning” days. Loved your list.

  2. Thanks for #1, the link. #2 being crazy about my daughter since I’m her biggest cheerleader. And the ground chuck thing – I never could decide – why does it matter if you just pour off the grease, vs. there isnt grease $1.99 is $1.99 an a lb makes abour 4 burgers. And little kid prayers – one of my favorite things about being in Texas is getting to tuck in my 4 year old grandson. His prayers – sweetest ever!

  3. What a sweet list…and I am so excited for Sarah too. How cool is that?

    Also, not sure how it ever happened but the link to Robin’s site is someone else’s named Aimee. I think you have the right address so I’m not sure what blogger is doing. Just an FYI…

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love your blog, love this post, love you. :)

  5. Love the last one. I think we don’t remember that often enough.

  6. All the time God is Good!! That is the second Part to God is Good, all the time!! Just a tid bit. Did you know there is even a song, God is Good, all the time? A fast Spiritual our choir does it…
    Sorry just rambling. I loved your post it made me smile as usual. Always look forward to reading your
    Hey if you ever come to Texas I will take you to some awesome restaurants…
    Have a great day Boomama

  7. Hello, its me again, how do you participate in the TT and wordless wednesdays? I havent been able to figure it out.Thanks

  8. I just found your blog this week and I LOVE are hilarious but you have a great faith message,…what a refreshing combo…seriously, i love your should write the ultimate christian chic lit book!!!!!

    Holly in Texas

  9. CAN NOT WAIT until July 16th. I’m beginning to feel a bit like a teenager. Like I said, I will fall asleep before anyone and I don’t want anyone putting my hand in warm water. Because I have no bladder control left after birthing 9 lb babies. K?

  10. Oh, my goodness, I haven’t seen a Doris Day movie in years! What was the one where she became a spokeswoman for a soap company? She totally flubbed her first ‘live’ commericial, and it was so funny. I also love her in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Que sera, sera! (And thanks for stopping by my blog. Can’t guarantee the soap will help everyone’s bug bites…but they sure seem to help me!)

  11. Great TT, BooMama. I envy you going to Paula Deen’s restaurant, and with blogging friends, too! ;)

    And I am grilling tonight, barbequed chicken and grilled yellow squash, with fresh garden green beans and red new potatoes. It’s a little better than standing over a hot stove in the house, but not as good and having someone else cook it for you. :)

    And God IS good, ALL THE TIME. Period.

  12. We have a wine fridge in our kitchen. But it is usually just full of diet soda. (mostly diet coke, but I throw the man a bone sometimes and give him some variety. After all he is paying for the stuff.)

    I told my friend that it’s still technically a wine fridge, because I whine, when it starts to get empty! :) Just filled it up again last night!

    I SO CAN’T WAIT for our trip. Paula’s restaraunt is just a nice little perk of the whole thing. (But that food will be slap-yo-mama good!)

  13. OK. You have a new reader! I flew over from Lisa Whelchel’s site to Sarah’s site, and that’s where I learned about you.

    I live in Edmonton, Canada. I am a homemaker. I have 5 children ages 6 and under (NOTE: the last 2 were a bit of a surprise: Twin boys!). I am busy. I love being a Mommy. And I think you’re funny!

    So hope you don’t mind if I tag along for the ride! God’s richest blessings on you Boomama!!

  14. Great list, you’re so adorable. Yes, God is good… he made that butcher sell you ground chuck for $1.99 lb.

    Ahhhhhhh, do you mind if I just linger here for a while? I don’t want to go home yet!

  15. Are you gals sure you wouldn’t rather come to Atlanta?(hint, hint) Cause I could SO be there! I’m excited for you (and a teensy bit jealous).

    Love, love, Love #6 – kids’ prayers are the best!

    Can’t wait to hear more about #7.

    God is good. ALL the time. Amen!

  16. Oh I am so jealous that you are going to Paula’s Lady and Sons! That is my dream trip! You must eat the Okra and Tomatoes! Yummo!

  17. I just love you, Boo. Just do.

  18. such a great list!! it is so good to be thankful :)

    as for airconditioning. we don’t have it. it only gets really hot here for a bit so most homes don’t have it. some do – like my neighbours. but most of us sweat it out. it doesn’t last long and it is never unbearable like some places.

  19. I love reading your blog. It’s like chatting with a good friend. I love Pillow Talk – heck all the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies! My favorite is Send me No Flowers.

    Your son’s prayer is just adorable. I think we should all say thank you for Jesus’ name!

    My son tells God all that’s happening or going to happening and what he wants to do. Like this:

    “Please help we’re going to bed. Please help that I’m going to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow. Please help my toys. Please help that I swim with Austin today.”

    It’s cute but it could go on all night if the rest of us aren’t saying, “Amen?” while he takes a breath.