Come On In, Y’all!

Welcome to the 1st Annual BooMama Blog Tour of Homes! I can’t wait to see all of your posts and pictures – so in the spirit of the festivities, here are some snapshots of La Casa de BooMama.

You’ll have to forgive this first image. Since I’m at my parents’ house, I had to crop a picture of the outside of the house so that only the front door was showing (trying to protect my family from The Ring of Thieves, of course). But when I finally got it cropped on Daddy’s unfamiliar software, it turned a little smaller than I’d planned. You can get the idea, though.

This is our den – where we do all of our hanging out, TV watching, and some of our very best napping.

And then our master bedroom – with all shams, drapes, and throws made especially by Sister. She’s a talented one, she is.

The kitchen is pretty self-explanatory. It’s where we, you know, cook. My favorite thing is that the pantry door is covered with Boo’s artwork – which makes it functional AND decorative. You can’t see the rest of the cabinets, the refrigerator, or the breakfast area, so just close your eyes real tight and let your imagination run wild. :-)

And then, over in the corner of the den – the place where all the bloggy magic happens. With “magic” being a bit of an overstatement…but a whole lot of typing goes on in that chair after the little one goes to sleep.

Upstairs is A.’s room, his playroom / guest room, another guest room and a bath. It’s his little sanctuary up there, and it felt weird to me to post pictures of it. So, again, just close your eyes real tight…. :-)

And now that you’ve seen all I have to offer…SKEDADDLE. :-) Lots of great posts to read – and don’t forget to comment on them!

Remember, when you enter your link below, link to the specific Tour of Homes post – not just to your blog in general. We wouldn’t want anyone to get lost as they navigate their way through this new bloggy territory.

Happy tour travels to all! I’m so glad – and so grateful – that you’re sharing your homes with all of us. I can’t wait to stop by for a visit.

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  1. First, thank you so much for hosting this in the midst of life’s challenges. I pray it’ll be a nice heart lifter for ya!

    Second, love your house! I am so NOT domestic so I always love to see people’s homes which are decorated so tastefully. Your’s is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow – this is incredible. What a fun way to get to know everyone! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess.

  3. Your front door is Sooo inviting, just makes me want to come in for a visit. And the master bed…oh my goodness, I have bed envy. It’s beautiful! A gorgeous home, thank you for sharing. And THANKS for organizing this great bloggy event. May it be a blessing to you, and all who participate!

  4. O.k….I’m leaving a comment because your page told me to. ;)

  5. Oh! And yeah…your home is gorgeous!

  6. Yeah, I made it as one of the first!! Looking forward to all the fun!

  7. What a beautiful home you have and I’m so thrilled with this idea of the Tour of Homes!!! Thank you BooMama for making it possible for us to all visit each other’s homes:-)

  8. You have a beautiful home! Great fun, this little tour you’ve set up.

  9. Your home is so warm and inviting!
    Thanks for hosting this :-)

  10. You have a beautiful home! I love how you decorated the door to your pantry with Boo’s artwork!

  11. I’d love to take a nap there! Gorgeous, and i love how inviting your home is in all of those pictures!

  12. Pretty place. I love the big bed. I was talked into this by Deana, who posted first but I got here to list first.
    Thanks for doing this.

  13. Your house looks JUST exactly like I knew it would. Lovely!

  14. Beautiful and so inviting! I love the color in your kitchen! What is the name of that color (and brand). Thanks for doing all the work for this!

  15. Holy Crud! I clicked over and thought, well I’m not going to be the first name. Sheesh! What are we crazy women doing up so late at night, just breathless to post pictures of our homes on the internet! :-)

    And your house is very homey! But I already knew that. :-) I didn’t know sister was so talented though. I really think that Sister is someone I need to become BFF with! I could definitely use her, I mean connect with her. Did I say “use” out loud? Oops. ;-)

    Thanks Boo!

  16. Beautiful, as I knew it would be. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s!

  17. im typing my post fo the tour of homes as I type .. this.. uh nevermind, in an hour or less it will be up!

  18. Beautiful bedroom – that bed – wow! Love the brick steps up to the front door.

    Thanks for setting this whole tour up BooMama.

    Praying for you, still (& E and her boys)

  19. Oh Boo your home is just beautiful and so warm and inviting, it matches your personality to a tee. Love it, can’t wait to visit one day! :)

  20. I’m adding my images right now. Give me 12 minutes. Then let the tour begin!

  21. your home looks beautiful. i’m glad you decided to go ahead and do this. i wondered if you would be up to it. take care.

  22. Yee har! That auto link thingie worked! Thanks for this great idea. I’m off now to visit other people’s homes.

  23. Love your home, boomama… everything is so beautiful and tasteful… just love it!

  24. I love the chair where the bloggy does its thing! My recliner, when reclined, puts my laptop right at perfect eye-level and typing comfort. But alas, the wireless signal that I occasionally poach from my neighbor is poor there. So I hook up to my own modem on the desk. :) Thank you so much for all your hard work on this project! Looking forward to the other open houses.

  25. Just how i pictured it. Very lovely and inviting. I’ll be right over, just let me finish msking this tea!

  26. Wow…beauuuuutiful home, so warm and inviting. Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to see all the other homes!

  27. Wow, love your home. Just beautiful. Looks like it was professionally designed.

  28. Great home. I love the colorful artwork on the door!! Thanks for hosting this. I am up way too late tonight… for this!!

    Oh, it’s going to be so difficult to get up for work tomorrow, let alone going!! At least it’s Friday!

  29. Dear Boomama
    I have been a silent luker for a while and this idea has de-lurked me !
    LOL I hope you don’t mind, but 1st thing tommorrow I will join in. I too love my home and feel so fortunate and blessed to have a place like it to raise my children in. Thankyou for having such a great idea!

  30. Loved this post! Mine will be up shortly, my dear…I don’t know how to do some of the code stuff so I’;m going to put a link to your blog at the top of mine. Hope that is okay!
    Oh this is fun!

  31. Wow what a beautiful home, covet, covet! Thank you for sharing :o)

  32. Loved your home. So glad you decided to go ahead with it. I’ve posted a tour of my little place also.

  33. I like your kitchen. I am looking at kitchens alot lately since we are building a new house, and yours is nice. Thanks for hosting the “tour.”

  34. IT is after 2 in the morning. I definitely have a blogging addiction. The day got way too busy and what is a blgger to do – pull an allnighter! I mean it is Boomama’s Tour of Homes – this is a BIG deal!!! (I also had another post I was working on too.)

    LOVE your house. Your front door is soooo wonderful!

    I love seeing where people live – this is so fun already!!! I can’t believe how may people are already on the linky – you are bigger than the Beatles.

    Now – since we have seen your house – even you bedroom for goodness sakes – don’t you think we should get to see your face a little more?!?!

    Love ya girl – you ROCK!!

  35. You have a lovely home Boomama- love the decor!! Homely also. Thank you for the snazzy link up on this post- clever girl!! :)
    I know you’ve been having a hard time lately and think your a star to have gone ahead with this tour of homes.

  36. I just want you to know you have a beautiful home and heart…thank you so much for going ahead and doing this while your heart was breaking for you dear friend…I will always remember it!

  37. Beautiful–I love that front door, and maybe porch?? I have to say that I saw nary a toy or “real life” as you indicated might be the case. Beautiful kitchen–like an old farmhouse where everyone can gather. Thanks for the idea, the work, the encouragement by your example to try to get around to ALL of them–for everything.

  38. Thank you so very much for being such a delightful host!! Your Tour is off to a wonderful start. Your home is warm, inviting and beautiful! Love your comfie chair for blogging bliss!!

    {{still praying for you all}}

  39. Hope it was okay that I posted a tad early; I actually went to bed and got over 7 hours of sleep – ahhh the bliss of it all. Loved seeing where you guys spend time; made me want to curl up on that sofa and chat away. Cant wait to visit all the others – thanks for the work you did to make this happen. Hope its a light-hearted fun for you too. xoox

  40. Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for hosting us. This is so much fun!

  41. Thanks for hosting this, and what a beautiful home the host has!!!! This was a great idea! Love, love, love your front door!

  42. Your home is beautiful. I can see we have some of the same coloring tastes. Your living room rug is gorgeous.

  43. What a pretty home! I also agree that your front door is amazingly inviting – just makes me want to wander right in.

    Thanks for doing this – it’s a lot of fun!

  44. Beautiful home!

  45. When I grow up I want my house to look just like yours! ….Oh wait…I’m in my 30’s….


    Love your taste Boomama. Thanks for letting us inside.


  46. I love your living room rug. And your bed! And your kitchen!

  47. Thanks again for hosting this. What fun! Your house is beautiful!

  48. You have a beautiful home!

  49. Your home is so warm and cozy — I love it! And, I have front porch envy! Thanks for setting this up. I can’t wait to go visiting this afternoon while my girls nap! Come on over to my place too…I’m at #62.

  50. Wow! Look at ALL the homes I have to tour today!! So much fun! =)
    Thanks for hosting this (and thanks to Carol and Shannon for the sugesstion)! =)
    Come on over to my house & have a quick tour! =)

  51. Whoops. I believe that would be a “suggestion”. I’m so excited about all this, I guess I forgot how to spell there for a second! ;)

  52. Thanks, BooMama, I was just introduced to you and jumped right in with the Tour of Homes-great fun-I can’t wait to see everyone’s and BTW yours looks beautiful, warm and inviting!

  53. How fun! I plan to particpate tomorrow…as my camera is somewhere over the North Eastern United States right now.

  54. thanks for hosting the tour!! your home is so inviting! love your front porch….looks like a southern home should! :)

  55. Thanks for being such a gracious hostess–I am joining in!

  56. Your home is as lovely and inviting as you are. Love your green kitchen! This is so much fun. Thank you for hosting!

  57. The tour was a great idea!

  58. Lovely. Everything about your home says, “Ya’ll just come right in and sit down.” My favorite? The artwork on the pantry door. That child is talented!

  59. Can’t wait to see everyone’s Tours. This was fun…thank you so much for the idea, and for hosting it!

  60. I’m pretty sure that you have a guest you that I need to use…

    Love your house, especially that inviting den. I could see playing Sorry or Uno on the floor in front of the fireplace. Very warm and inviting!

  61. Holy cow! There were over 60 at 6:00 this morning! Go, girl!

  62. Thanks for hosting this! I love your kitchen’s layout and artwork :)

  63. Lovely home. Lovely idea–the tour, I mean. Thanks for hosting!

  64. You have a beautiful, inviting front door! And a beautiful home. ;-) Thanks for the great time!

  65. Beautiful home!

  66. How fun!!!!!


  67. Boomama, I already love you; now I love your house! I could SO live there:) (Just think of the blogging insanity that would happen, with both of us in the same house!!)

    I didn’t put a picture of the oh-so-cozy couch upstairs, but it’s got your name on it next spring!

  68. Your house is so beautiful! I love the rug in the den :) Thanks so much for putting this together. Off to “visit” more homes…

  69. I miss having a porch… and a kitchen made for more than one butt. Someday!!

    Lovely house Boo.

  70. Thanks for hosting this! I think it is going to take a LONG time to visit all these links, but i will try my best!

    I have been enjoying your blog and your most recent posts have brought tears to my eyes. It is so good to be reminded to appreciate the people around me since we don’t really know what life has in store for us. You and you friends family have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  71. It may take days or weeks, but I will make it to everyone’s home. Love your pics!!!

  72. What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for hosting this Tour of Homes! Can’t wait to visit everyone’s blogs!

  73. I’m in! I’ll stop by to see your lovely home and leave a proper comment later. I’m at work now…can’t take time.

  74. I love your kitchen!

  75. Your home is beautiful – I especially love your den. It feels so warm and welcoming. I love this tour of homes! I kinda feel like I am eavsdropping on all of you since none of you know me but I found this blog through Lisa Whelchel linking to Sarah’s blog. Boomama – your heart is beautiful and I have been blessed by your blog!

  76. I am not quite sure why it says “delete link” by my name… the first one did not work, so I deleted it. This one does work as far as I can tell :) Anyhow, please do not delete me!

  77. Thanks for “hosting” this, it’s been fun. :)

  78. I love you house, and I’m tickled with the wway this whole thing came together!!!

    Of course, I have to run out a get a new leash to upload everything- mine seems to have run away.

    I Love your pantry door and big comfy Blog chair (does that make is a “blair”) the BESTest!

    Hugs- Kelli

  79. What a lovely home! Thanks for the invitation to visit.

    It will take me quite some time to visit but I am determined to visit each and every home!

  80. Excellent!
    So fun seeing where everybody hides out.
    Blogger is NOT letting me upload pics at the moment, and since I’m leaving for the weekend at 1pm, I’m not sure I’ll be able to post mine.
    What a bummer…

  81. I am just in LOVE with your bedroom…..that bed, that’s the one I want LOL

    Love your whole house, thanks again for hosting this Tour of Homes, I have my coffee ready and I’m dying to go visit everyone :)

  82. Your home is gorgeous. You should be in the business! I feel like I would be so comfortable in there too.
    I love the front door. Is there room to sit out there too?
    Thanks so much for doing this. I’m having a ball touring. As you can see by the response, it is a big hit!

  83. Your home is lovely! I’ve decided it would take me a month to make my home blogger-presentable;)

    Maybe next tour!

  84. I love, love, love your house!! Thanks for doing this, Boomama.

  85. Your front door is so welcoming as is everything that follows once you get in. I bet that leather chair sees lots of MSU games along with blogging.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  86. What a beautiful home you have!! Your front entrance is so inviting and I LOVE your bedroom. The colors you have chosen throughout are just lovely.
    Kelli and Grace (8 years old)

  87. First time stopping by. I am very interested in the picture of the front of your house. Is that a stained glass window to the right of the door? I am learning to make stained glass and have just finished a window. I love looking at old designs and getting ideas. Could you post a pic of the “window” ? Or send me a photo via email. THANKS!!

  88. I love the front of your home! Such a beautiful place to call home.

  89. You have a very nice home. Thank you so much for sharing :-).
    Have A Great Weekend!!

  90. That front door looks so inviting! You have a very lovely home. The pictures on the pantry door are definitely the best though.


  91. I hope you don’t mind that I joined your tour of homes. I’ve been reading your blog entries, and you are an inspiration. I’m sorry for the events that you and your friend have suffered, but glad that you can turn to God for peace. I’ll be praying for your friend E. I’m bookmarking your blog…. you write beautifully. Thanks!

  92. Thanks for the wonderful idea

  93. Okay. Now that I’ve had a chance to actually tour your house (rather than just running through to post my link)…Love it! Looks very comfy-cozy! Love the green on the walls! Love the artwork! Love the bloggy chair!!! =)

  94. I am doing this too, although my house is nowhere near as nice, beautiful, neat and tidy, and show-worthy as yours is.

  95. Alright, BooMama, I’ve already posted on your beautiful home. I’m here this time to say – I’m having so much fun!!!
    However, next year…please place a tip for those participating to find a sitter for the day…maybe even for the night so that we can be prepared for the day of sitting infront of the computer. My poor kids have been “on their own” for the entire morning – and I’ve just started! Hehe. Maybe we should block out a weekend?!!!

  96. You know, Boomama, things are going too well right now, so I think that rather than rush through these ladies beautiful homes, I will take my time with this list over the next week or two, go slowly, check out their blogs, try to get to know some of them & take my mind off of things. I just wanted to say thanks again for this great idea. It has been great fun so far with more to look forward to. Hope you have a really good weekend. :0)

  97. Sorry, I meant to say things are not going too well right now…

  98. Hello, I had added my link and don’t see my name. Please add me to the home tour. Thanks!

  99. OH MY LORD!!! This list sure has grown since I was here earlier today…! FANTASTIC! BUT I don’t think I’ll be able to get to everybody today!!! (lol)

    Thanks so much for your comment, my dear….Just let me know if and when you are coming this way….It would be great fun to meet you.

  100. I’m not a “joiner” but I couldn’t resist this. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Thanks for the idea.