What (Not) To Wear

So this whole 80’s fashion comeback has had me in a bit of a dither, because in addition to the fact the the clothes were (and are!) ugly, I now have to re-think what I like to call my “mama uniform” – what I wear when I’m out running errands, when I take A. to birthday parties, when I want to convey the message that “I may be a mama, but I’M STILL SASSY!”

The sad part is that when I’m not intentional about being Sassy Mama, I tend to convey the message that “i am a mama, and i have given up completely.” There’s not much of a happy medium with me.

When I’m Sassy Mama, I have streaky highlights in my hair – with maybe a little red thrown in on top of the blonde. I have a fun haircut with what I like to call “lots of piece-y thingies.” I (try to) coordinate my clothes so that I look a little funky – yet modest and age appropriate – and I put on make-up before I leave the house. MASCARA, even.

I know!

But when I’m i’ve-given-up mama, I have roots that are two inches long. I begin to use my sunglasses like a headband (on a good day – mostly I just surrender to the clippy). I throw on one of D.’s long sleeve shirts over a pair of stretchy capri pants, and nary a trace of make-up touches my face.

SO not sassy. But SO much easier.

And therein lies my dilemma.

Sassy Mama can usually put on a pair of boot cut pants, some fun shoes, a white t-shirt and a denim jacket and look presentable. My other favorite option is a knee-length skirt and some form of cotton shirt (don’t all mamas have about 15 cotton shirts? isn’t that some sort of requirement for motherhood? don’t they, like, take your babies away if you can’t produce evidence of your cotton shirt collection?) with some fun, chunky sandals. As I told Big Mama earlier this week, flats will never, ever do. I NEED a chunky sandal to balance out my calves.

(Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you: because my calves are enormous. I can do four calf extensions and my calf muscles will practically ricochet out of the back of my legs. It’s so bad that I can’t wear boots unless there’s stretchy fabric involved, and even then the boots are so tight around my calves that I lose a great deal of the circulation in my feet. Which is a problem when, you know, walking. And please understand that the substantial calf muscles have absolutely nothing to do with actual physical effort and everything to do with genetics. My daddy is 74, and his calves are RIPPED. And now this sidenote has taken on a slightly disturbing tone and I will cease with the talk of the calves.)

So anyhoo.

I was talking about what, exactly?

Oh yes. Clothes. And my dilemma.

Now that the 80’s stuff is in style again, what in the world will Sassy Mama wear?

Because I can guarantee you that it won’t be skinny jeans. No ma’am.

LEGGINGS? I don’t think so. I mean, if I’m going to have to wear leggings and flats again, I’d just as soon resign myself to i’ve-given-up mode and call it a fashion-challenged day.

I guess I could start working out so that I can run around in my workout clothes and do the whole Busy-Mama-Who-Just-Left-The-Gym look.

Or! Maybe I should just BUY the workout clothes and PRETEND I’ve just left the gym so that I don’t have to deal with putting together an 80’s ensemble (or, you know, actually exercising).

Which brings me to my question (and praise the Lord for that, you’re thinking): what do you wear when you’re running your errands? Do you sass it up? Or do you dress it down? Or do you have the whole Busy-Mama-Who-Just-Left-The-Gym thing down pat?

And if you tell me that you’re running around town in a pair of skinny jeans, my calves and I are going to be very distressed indeed.

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  1. “sigh,” i could use some insight in this area. i love “what not to wear” the show because it gives me good ideas on how to put things together. why don’t you photograph your sassy momma outfits so i can get your ideas too.

    however, i have very little time to shop. cannot find anything this summer that is not a strappy, cotton, tummy roll hugging top. there are no sleeves this summer!

    so i’m already looking at the 3/4 length cotton shirts and i’m going to start wearing them whether it stays 90 degrees outside or not.

    now, back to the point: my errand running outfit is usually a pair of capris and one of my nice white tshirts (not one of the stained white tshirts i wear while i’m cooking bacon) and flip flops. not very inspiring is it?

    i don’t have a calf problem. i have a tummy roll problem.

    photos, i say. i need photos.

  2. I tend to wear casual skirts with one of my many knit tops and flip flops. As hot as it’s been in AL, I only do capris at night usually. I can’t stand to be hot. I really can’t stand to be out and about and feel like my hiney is sweating. I have about 3 almost cargo looking skirts (from Ann Taylor Loft) that I rotate for my mommy look.

    Now my work mommy attire is a whole ‘nother look. It’s almost like I’m 2 different people. If I have to leave work to take the kidlets to the dr. for check ups, I change into errand running mommy. Once you have a runny nose wiped purposely on your leg or shoulder of your black pantsuit…you learn.

  3. Hey Boomama,

    I concur…ABSOLUTLY NO SKINNY JEANS…! I am contemplating totally stepping out of the fashion world. Which i realize completely revolves around my shoes. I am shoe obsessed and to keep up with all the crazy fads, well i tell you i am not willing to exert the mental energies on it. I do love Clinton and Stacy- well, when i had cable- but I do believe them to be my stumbling blocks as i become all paranoid that i don’t have a lime green purse (see i haven’t watched them in a WHILE so i know that’s so mulitple seasons ago out of style) but anyway i’m comtemplating retiring into LL Bean style. Not cool i know. Speaking of chunky highlights…does anyone else not CHOKE at how much these things cost? Dude, i know cosmos have to pay their bills too but dog that just kills me to fork over nearly 100 bucks for a root reducer.

  4. Hey Boomama,
    Thanks so much for your very wise comments on blogging. I plan to follow your advice. I’m a tad behind – but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the post on no music in church. I know just what you mean. However, lately the word has become so very precious to me. I bought a book not too long ago by Beth Moore – “Praying God’s Word”. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it is so amazing how powerful it is when you pray scripture back to God. It absolutely changed my prayer life. That was beautifully written. You’re doing a great job.

  5. I’m in my mid-40’s…mom to 3…I wear capris mostly for day clothes..or light summer pants or skirt..long. I’m not in the fashion demographic at the stores..that’s for sure!LOL. But fashion trends are cyclical. This too shall pass!

  6. ok for starters you are a RIOT! Complete Hoot! Love it! Just totally love it! You made me smile.

    I leave in any number of garmets… I need to go shopping… but first I must lose weight.. yup, that isnt happening nearly as quickly as it should but that is the plan.

  7. I love frumpy mommies. You know why? I think they are beautiful not trying so hard. Mommies with mascara on ALL the time freak me out. I mean, what are they in the game for?

    So, be sassy for a while, and relax and just enjoy the other girlfriends for a while.

    My typical is a fav pair of used Liz denim capris and a cute polo shirt (not a frumpy polo shirt).

    My husband assures me that an approachable woman is actually a very lovely and rare thing.

  8. I pretty much do the “I’ve-just-left-the-gym” look, and I actually HAVE just left the gym when I look like that. I used to come home, shower, change into my “sassy-ness”, but my kids are in school and that takes ENTIRELY too much prime errand-running time! I shoot for sassy at PTA meetings. Sometimes. When I’ve had a nap. And feel skinny.

  9. I just want to Amen the cotton shirt comments. Yes, I have a closet full of cotten shirts that I just mix and match with like 4 pairs of cottoissn capris and 4 cotton skirts. I haven’t been sassy in years, but your blog made me miss it a little!!!

  10. Maggie – Love that. Heaven knows I’m approachable – not an intimidating fiber in my ample body. :-) And where, oh where, would I be with out capris?

    Melissa – my calves pale in comparison to my tummy problem. In fact, my calves are dwarfed by my tummy problem. Which is why my t-shirts and jackets always hit below my stomach – that’s a tip I got from Clinton and Stacey. :-)

  11. Sarah – If skinny is a requirement for sassy, I’m in big trouble. That’s why I try to have sassy hair – because I’m sorely lacking in the sassy body department. :-)

  12. Now I loved me some capris lo, these many years, but this summer I switched to the long bermuda short from Old Navy. I have them in every color and wear them with various cotton shirts, because yes, there is a rule about the cotton shirt. On the days that I don’t wear the shorts I am either in a skirt with a cotton tank or say to heck with it and go with the workout mommy look.

    Makeup is always completely optional. :)

  13. I know that I need to try more in this area, but when I’m “trying,” but still knowing that I need to be casual and comfortable, I wear a solid T-shirt (in a fashionable color and style, usually bought at Old Navy or Target), and some current jeans (modestly low waisted), and either some type of boot or cute sandal, depending on the season. Oh, and I think I have mom hair. It’s not really too great most of the time.

    Also, I’ve been thinking of this 80’s thing, since you posted before, and my question to you is, “What did you think when boot cut jeans were first all the rage?” If you’re like me, it was, “I’m never wearing bell bottoms!” And, yes, I do have the boot cut jeans in the closet, and I even wear them with flip flops some, which I more-recently said I’d never do.

  14. At my age, I do not try to look like a model. however I seldom leave the house without makeup. Yep, the whole nine yards. I grew up seeing my mom do this so it just comes natural to me. I feel naked without it.
    As for clothes, I LOVE comfort! When I am going shopping I wear slacks that come up to my waist and a blouce that covers my belly, flat shoes are a must.
    When I get home, well….that’s another story.

  15. SO that’s it! I wondered why I had this compulsion to buy a cotton shirt, whenever I’m clothes shopping. Thank you for answering THAT age old question.

    I’ll just say, that if the capri leaves the fashion scene … This mama will have to buy a whole new wardrobe. :-)

  16. Jennifer – I laughed at your comment, b/c I was actually tickled to death when the boot cut came along – because, you know, they balanced out my calves. :-) Seriously!

  17. This time of year – capris and a cotton shirt.

    I have a denim skirt and a flowered skit for dressin up (and church) the cotton 2 piece tops (tank and button down) can go with the denim, I have a pretty coral twin set to go with the flowered skirt.

    Fall — Levis and long sleeve V neck tees. I have to invest in a couple nice sweaters and a pair or 2 of dressier pants for church and date nights.

    Overall – no matter what the season, I am a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl (and am most comfortable in jeans a white tee shirt and a flannel of my DH’s)

  18. Since most of the week I am required to wear suits and/or dresses/jackets, I dress as far down as possible any other time. Shorts, capris, cotton shirts, big t-shirts, whatever is the most comfortable. Make – up yes, but not on vacation!

  19. Oh, the dilemma. I feel your pain–and right now, I have only about three things that fit. It’s enought to motivate me to lose the last 10 baby weight pounds!

    So I wear: capris and a sassy t-shirt during the day, and boot-cut jeans and a sassy t-shirt at night. I also go with the just-worked out thing, except that I haven’t really worked out–nobody else knows:)

    Really, I don’t need to wear very sassy clothes because, as Pace says, my personality is sassy enough to carry me far. (I don’t think he means it as a compliment, though!)

  20. First of all, you make me laugh hard!
    I used to be a PE teacher. I always wore the workout clothes, always. Whenever I wasn’t working I needed to feel normal, so I was the hip-mom look. Now, I homeschool and I never wear workout clothes at home. Weird huh? I start the day in care-less-mom clothes and graduate to hip-mom to run to the store or library!

  21. Well, I feel well-qualified to comment here, as I am about as sassy as the Good Lord makes ’em.

    Errands outfit? Today, denim capris and rust colored tee from Target with Crocs and a clippy in my untamed shag-bob-mom hairdon’t. Enough makeup to keep people from staring (read: still covering zits in my late 30’s), and my beloved Maui Jim sunglasses.

    80’s fashion: Can I just say that I never felt prettier than when I was wearing my corduroy knickers with my oxford shirt with ribbon tied at the neck, argyle socks and penny loafers.

    On an environmental note, I will not be reviving above referenced “look” due to the burn ban here in Oklahoma (think corduroy and thighs that haven’t been “mastered” in years!).

    Oh! I just had another flashback – there was I time when I used a (singular!!) bandana as a belt in my button-fly 501’s.

    Those were the days, my friend…

  22. Leggings! That’s funny, my sister-in-law never gave those up. She’s been wearing them since 1987.

  23. Boomama, your post is too funny. I too am a child of the 80s… in my high school it was all about preppy. So in the winter I would wear a cute little turtleneck with ladybirds on it, layered under a polo shirt with the collar up thank you very much, layered under an oxford cloth button down, layered under a crew neck cable knit long sleeve sweater (and I wonder why I always look so chubby in my high school photos… it was all the cloth!). This carefully layered ensemble would be topping my Jordache jeans (so tight that a complicated maneouver involving lying down on the bed and a wire hanger was required). And my Tretorn sneakers with the laces tied just so.

    Running around clothes advice? I always find that a cute yoga-wear inspired combo is work-out enough to imply one might be exercising (thus inspiring passersby to admire how together your act is) without being so over the top that passersby wonder why you’re not exercising, if you get my meaning.

    Best of luck!

  24. Can you say Perfect Fit T-shirts from Old Navy and Old Navy bootcut jeans? And flip flops. If it’s chilly? Zip up hoodie. If I’m feeling really sassy I throw on a beaded necklace or something.

    I am addicted to Old Navy and there isn’t even one in my town!

  25. Don’t want you to think that I did not LOVE the post, because I did. The thought of skinny jeans on these thighs…..Oh dear!


    My hubby told me who was playing, and I was like “Oh! YAY! Boomama is gonna be soooo happy!” He was like…What is a Boomama?? Then I had to further explain why a diehard Bama fan like myself was keepin up with MSU.

    Well…uh, you know, cause I’m a Boomama stalker…..

  26. I totally do the “busy-mom-who-just-left-the-gym” look.

    And I’ve already decided that if capri pants go out of style I’m just going to be non-stylish and keep wearing them.

  27. Ugh, leggings & skinny jeans; 80’s fashion should never come back. I love Stacy & Clinton…I think boot cut jeans/pants balance out hips and I need that! I wear skirts, t-shirts, flip flops or capris & a top.

  28. I must be crazy. I am really excited that leggings are back because I hate being cold. I wear ankle or knee high boots all winter with everything. I am really short legged so high heeled shoes/boots are a necesity. I love wearing layers because I am always cold. My only concern is tht I have vey muscular thighs and upper arms. You know how you have trouble with calves, try finding non-stretchy jeans on muscle bound thighs (my hubby loves them, says its from years of dance) nd finding non-stretchy shirts that don’t go all hulk on you when you move.

    Anyway, yeah, I kind of like the 80’s thing, since I love short skirts (they make my short legs look longer, especially when worn with leggings–for the sake of modesty–and high boots) and I love not being cold. I guess you might call me one of those women who never got rid of her leggings. You mean they went out of style? I will not however be wearing any sweater dresses or mumu style shirts or dresses that come back in at the hips. My hips are rather pronounced after three kids.

    My suspicioun is that the typical “mommy uniform” will end up being slihtly tighter (with lots of lycra) jeans and a loose cotton shirt with some cute tennis shoes or boots.

  29. Ooh boy, I have a stylish selection of workout outfits to promote the hip mom who hits the gym even though I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in like 5 years! I was just lamenting my lack of clothing this morning when, doing my normal, clothes-your-eyes-and-grab-what-you’ll-wear-today, all I came out with was a fist full of underwear with the elastic all stretched out. But, hey, at least nobody sees those huh?

  30. I. LOVE. THIS. POST. I laughed so hard, my husband thought I was going to fall out of my recliner chair. (Calves! What a hoot!) That is saying something. And as to your question, as the mother of six children, who are mostly older, which makes me, well, mostly older, I have just decided that, it’s time to create my own style. It’s called when-did-I-get-to-be-so-old-that-styles-I-grew-up-in-are-coming-back. Bummer. Good luck to you though! You sound like you have some good years in you still! LOL

  31. MicheleinNZ says:

    Unfortunately I have never been a hip dresser, so I don’t think I’ll try to start now. I kind of have the Lands End/LL Bean kind of look and I like it. And my hair, well, I have a lot of it and now it’s going grey, so I’m not sure what to do. Short hair requires too much maintenance. At least when it’s long I can put it in a ponytail, which is pretty much all the time, or french braid it. My husband assures me all the time that he loves me so much and doesn’t really care how I dress. I just try not to wear something that’s got a stain on it :)

  32. I almost always put on makeup. It’s the southerner left in me, I think. My mom always raised me to “put my face on” before I leave the house.

    As for my running-around-uniform? Bootleg, low-rise jeans and sweater or long-sleeved tee-shirt in the winter with cute boots. Bermuda shorts or denim peddle pushers with v-neck tee-shirt and flip-flops in the summer. (All of the above from Gap or Ann Taylor LOFT.) I do my best to stay in style but not too trendy, and I do like to dress a little more sassy when I go out with the girls or on a date with dh.

  33. Well i just have to say it’s a good thing you’ve still got *some* SassyMama going on. I really have no clue any more. Sometimes I find myself in a room and look around and see all the younger hipper moms and think … well, mostly I just sigh because I’m too tired to think. I don’t get sassy, or hip, or whatever is in. And plus I’ve got big big calves, too.

    So … I’m no help, is all I’m saying.

  34. This post is bringing back painful memories. I actually wore black stretch jeans with an over-sized GREEN leopoard print shirt back in the 80’s.

    Dear God, Please don’t let that happen again.

    As far as my “mom” uniform… I’ve given up. i wear long shorts or jeans and a cotton shirt most days. flip flops or slip on shoes for me — if i must wear shoes. i do wear makeup because i am whiter than a ghost without it. and my hair… well… stacy and clinton could do a whole shoe trying to get my hair to look decent, and they may succeed. for that shoe. i refuse to spend time on my mop most days.

  35. I am not a sassy mama. I am not a sporty mama.

    I don’t even do my hair unless it is Sunday, or my husband is paying for dinner AND a babysitter.

    I’ll do sassy mama when I don’t have to spend a fortune, or when I have the time to find clothes that aren’t skin-tight, low-cut, or see-through. So far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time in the future.

  36. Boomama –

    Love your blog and check in on you daily. I would love to comment daily too, except for a few minor issues:

    1. My computer is in my laundry room. Yes, seriously.
    2. My laundry room is in my garage.
    3. At 10 pm in Texas in my garage it is 108 but feels 115.
    4. We also have the occasional rat, and one time of one RAT (not mouse) running across your toes while you type is one too many for anyone.

    So, sorry to go into all that, just wanted you to know. As for my fashion? As of late I have tried to get dressed most days, in make up and all. I wear those cotton jersey gouchos a LOT because they are comfy, hide a multitude of spots (did I mention I am pear shaped?) and last but not least stylish. But before this summer, whenever I would get completely dressed in the mommy cotton shirt and say a casual skirt, my son would say, “OOOH Mama, you look pretty! Where are you going?” So there you have it.

  37. I love the gauchos too but I am self-concious going out in public in them…my dressy ones yes but the knits ones..i just look sort of pentecostal in them..anyway, whoever said TRETORN sneakers..woohoo! too funny!

    So I am all about the sassy hair and the sassy jewelry and I aspire to be like my friend Anne Marie with all of her sassy bags! woohoo..then the outfit is just not as important.

  38. You are cracking me up about the boots!
    I mostly just look like I gave up. And, I did finally get the roots done the other day. I no longer had roots. I had brown hair with blonde tips. Very, very sad.
    But I Gawun-tee that I will change my purse after Monday.

  39. Not to worry BooMama–no leggins for me! Ever!

    I’m usually further from sassy-mama than I would like to be. And I will openly admit (at least here in this quasi-annonymous place) that I have never accomplished that fresh from the gym look-nope, never.

    I surrender to the pony tail. I surrender to the no make-up….but I will not surrender to the 80’s clothes!

  40. I wore my leggings until the mid nineties. They were just so comfy! Then one day my husband said (nicely, mind you, but I think he was afraid the leggings were permanently adhered to my body), “Ummm…you’ve kind of let yourself go, haven’t you?” That is why I will NEVER. WEAR. LEGGINGS. AGAIN. These days I wear long gypsy type skirts with a t-shirt or tank top and sandals or the occasional pair of boot cut jeans and t-shirt. My light weight denim skirt is good. It’s floor length and kind of groovy looking. (Wait! Maxi-skirt, groovy…am I a relic of the 60’s??)I don’t do the jeans much because I have this muffin top thing going on at the waistline. Sigh…I’m working on that. Anyway, I’m not much of a fashionista, but where I live these gypsy skirts are very popular, and comfy…and cool! I also like the way they are kind of flowy and feminine. Can’t clean the house in them very well, though. This summer jeans, heat, and humidity (and muffin tops) just don’t go together. IF(is there an end in sight?) it cools down I might think about jeans again and a V-neck sweater (and a corset. J/K)So that’s me. Love your blog btw; I check in on you daily! ~Mariah~

  41. I am so with ya on the 80’s fashion thing. (even though my 12 year old daughter loves it seeing as she has leggings and little skirts to go over them that she wears to school along with a lot of the other kids there, it’s like a time warp)
    So as far as my fashion statements when I go out, it’s all shorts, tanks, and t-shirts. Flip-flops are a must in my summer wardrobe. I hardly ever wear makeup (maybe to church sometimes) because well it’s just too hot to wear it. (unless hubby is takin me to dinner) We won’t even go into the hair thing because my hair is not on it’s best behavior in the summer. (clips are my bestest friend) Yeah so I’m not fashionable and far from being “Sassy Momma” but my clothes are clean and they match. =)

  42. Leggings-NO
    Short skirts-Heavens, no.
    Skinny jeans? Lord have mercy, NO!

    Calves–check, got em here too!
    Hair’s ok, make-up, well I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack, so I NEVER go out without it…..I think I need a body makeover! I think I’ll call Oprah…sigh. Surely she’ll have pity on me! lol….

  43. Definitely cotton tees here and capris or boot cut jeans and often the mama-that-just-left-the-gym look around the house but NEVER leggings. No, never!

    And by the way, don’t stay up too late watching that beloved MSU game tonight! Fall is finally here! (Well, as far as football goes, it is.) :)

  44. I realise I must be old when my 15 year old daughter says – “Mum you can knit me this, it’s really cool” – and the knitting pattern is 20 years old! :)

  45. You will be very displeased to know that Old Navy has just gone and done it (yeah, I am an English teacher, as a matter of fact!!!). The size 0 headless mannequin that greeted me caused me to burst into laughter. Why? Because I had just read your post on the whole 80s clothing scare/return. And what was the headless-but definitely not boobless- mannequin wearing? Skinny jeans with ANKLE ZIPPERS. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! I am so not kidding. And one could quite possibly make a case for the jeans being slightly acid-washed.

  46. Good topic. I try, try, try to not look like a total mess. For me that means a clean shirt, which means I have to change during the day when something spills, splatters or gets drolled on me. Polished toe nails, brushed hair and a big smile.
    If I am lucky everything also matches!

  47. Well, my youngest is almost 12 and they haven’t taken any away from me yet and I don’t own 1 cotton shirt!! Why, ’cause I don’t want to iron them!

  48. dallimomma says:

    Do you realize you generated 45+ comments on this issue? Clearly, it’s a hot one! My runnin’-around-Mama days are (technically)just about over; my “baby” is almost 17 and we RARELY do any runnin’ around together, if you know what I mean. I’m not sure how you dress when you are a runnin’-around-empty-nester. I’m sure it has something to do with Coldwater Creek, though. That notwithstanding, this has been the summer of capris. I only wear shorts in the privacy of my own home, for cryin’ out loud. I do have compassion for the masses, after all. And as for sassy, there’s not much sassy goin’ on right now. But in just under a year, when I reach my goal weight, you can bet I’ll be shopping in the regular-girl-size department and heading straight for “Sassy”. Thanks for sharing your gift (and it is a gift) of communicating with so many. Can’t tell you how often you’ve made me smile and how (more) often, you’ve made me laugh out loud while nodding my head in vigorous agreement while simultaneously forwarding your post to my friends who will “get it”. Enjoy these days when Alex wants to (doesn’t have a choice to) run around with his Mama. I miss them.

  49. Cut-offs and a tank when I’m running around at home. Most days is sans make-up, especially mascara – not because I’m against it or anything, but because I ran out a year ago and just can’t remember to buy any! Plus, it helps to keep me from looking like a racoon in the morning. (I’m so lazy.) Occasionally I’ll wear makeup for work, but that’s only if I have the time.

    And just to make you cringe, I LIKED the skinny jeans back then. I’d wear them know if I had a care in the world to be fashionable, which I rarely am. I don’t even like the look of the clunky sandals and I refuse to let my daughter have them too. And bootcut pants is just another name for bell-bottoms in my book. Yuck. See, hopeless cause, and I’m proud of it!

  50. Oh, and I can’t do capris because I’m too stinking short. They just look like high waters on me. It really reeks to be short sometime.

  51. Oh dear… I call myself a classic. (aka boring). Stick to nuetral colors and a few bright pieces thrown in every few days.

    I am actually excited about being pregnant so I can wear some cute maternity clothes… have you seen what they carry at Old Navy these days? So adorable.

    Be, most certianly, NO 80’s. I hated the styles then, don’t care for them now!

  52. I’m a jeans girl. Capri jeans in the summer. And cotton tops. And I always wear my jewelry. It makes me feel feminine. And usually makeup but not much, I’m a natural girl. Fads come and go. Wear what you like and what is flattering on your body. That’s what I do. Besides, skinny jeans are spawned from the devil…

  53. Oh glory. My Mommy-Errand-Wear is currently a pair of soccer shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops. If I’m feeling like I need to be dressed nicer, I wear a polo shirt. Dressing up would include khaki shorts and a polo.

    Polo shirts make everyone cute. Well, at least I keep telling myself that. :)

  54. Wow…you have a lot of comments on this one- even for you! ;)
    And I could so relate…I tend to be one or the other, too…and this week, since it’s the last week of real summer for us, I’ve been slogging around the house as Given-up-mama. And I’m always about five years behind in fashion…when it first comes on the scene, I might refuse it…then, finally give in, just as it becomes obsolete!
    Ahh well…at least I should go color my gr…I mean, dark roots this week!

  55. I read this late lastnight and could hardly stand to wait and comment. I needed to go on to bed. Anyway, I would love to be able to say I have the Sassy momma style down. Not Hardly!! I would be more of a busy momma who just left the gym. Although, I haven’t stepped in a gym in quite a long while. I really just prefer a pair of capris, a cotton shirt, and a pair of flip flops. I haven’t done mascara in I don’t even know when. I do put on foundation, powder and a little eyeliner almost everyday. That is something. Boo Mama, I can’t tell you how much I like this little analogies.LOL

  56. I too make an effort to be a Sassy Mama. I’m not getting any younger, but I don’t want to look like I’ve given up or am completely out of it. The one snag in this plan is that I walk the kids to school every weekday morning. Usually I wear bootcut jeans and a v-neck cotton tee with 3/4 length sleeves or a babydoll tee (not tight, though)with my unstylish tennis shoes. Once I am back home I put on some great shoes or boots and a fun jacket.
    I rarely go anywhere without makeup unless I am in a grumpy depressed mood. If I do, I always run into someone I know. The makeup thing is definitely a Southern curse; I feel like a total frump if I don’t put it on.
    I too have enormous calves. I bet I tried on 20 pair of long black boots before I could find some I liked that would zip over my calves.
    As far as the 80’s trends, I am sort of glad that the dark tights are back in. That way I won’t have the wide white band in the knee area between my boots and skirt. I don’t think I can do the skinny jeans again; they are so unflattering on me. I wonder what Stasi and Clinton will do with this trend on WNTW. I should have seen the leggings thing coming when Lauren on The Hills had them on under her dress, but I thought she looked ridiculous. (She has rather large calves too.)

  57. GOODNESS! I wanted to read your comments but there are so many and my kiddo won’t stay busy for that long. So I’ll have to comment and read the others later.

    I am showing my youngness here, but I was in Kindergarten in the early 80’s….and I have NEVER like the whole 80’s stylish things. This is horrid to me. Tights? Skinny Jeans? UGH!

    Honestly? Usually when I go out and do my hair and makeup I wear just a plain cottony shirt like you, and jewelry, and viola. However, sad to say sometimes I am simply presentable, no makeup, hair washed and blow dried but not curled…and then like, jeans or shorts with a t-shirt and a ball cap. I know, I know a ball cap! How horrid.

    But to me…that is WAY better than this 80ish thingy majig going on…

  58. Nancy Myers says:

    Oh dear me. I never really thought about the 80’s coming back. The thought just scares me to death! I hate that style, at least on my poor ole body. I kinda like the what the heck look! It works and as long as the hubby doesn’t ask “did you get that at a garage sale?” I’m fine! I don’t leave the house without fixin my hair, and make-up. My daughter Casey told me NEVER to wear sweats to the grocery store. She’ll learn soon enough, comfy is very important.
    Love your blog! This southern grandma to be feels right at home reading your life!!! Be Blessed

  59. OK, i went into town today and I’m wearing a pair of old comfy jeans a cotton t-shirt (because i have a million of them) and a pair of chunky black flip flops. my hair is in a messy bun and i have a wee bit of make-up on….BUT my eyebrows need to be tweezed!! today i did put my contacts in which some days i don’t even do that! LOL! i feel bad for my husband who has to deal with the given-up moma look most of the days!

    i’m too old to dress the way i dressed in the 80’s!!!! i can’t even imagine!! ICK

  60. My sad thing is I have a closet full of sassy outfits (I used to love to shop pre baby) but now no where to wear them. I get out of the house som little (don’t drive) that a trip to Wal-Mart can take me an hour to get ready for. My husband makes fun of me that I wear skirts and jewelery to grocery shop just as I do Church. On the other extreme if you knocked on my door this moment I would answer with (so sad) Pj pants, cotton t-shirt and (are you sitting down??) a loose scrunchie bun!!! Talk about what not to wear!
    I’m hoping that theclean cut preppy polo shirts and khaki’s come back in for when my kids are teens. That is what my parents were blessed with with me!

  61. I’m lucky to get out the door without spitup and sticky jelly finger prints — doesn’t matter what I’m wearing…

  62. I feel like I am in the in between age of fashion. Too old for most clothes, and much too modest! Yet, too young for more. I need a I am a 32 year old, trying to stay relatively hip, yet classic, store. Any suggestions? I usually wear a knee length skirt in varying colors with a knit shirt with just enough spandex to not look rumpled.

  63. May I say, I work from home – in a very respectable job – and will actually hold high level client meetings in my jammies? and bare feet.

    Of course, I’m on the phone :) and thank goodness, we don’t have to be on video – lol.

    However, when venturing out to the store, it’s why-did-I-move-out-of-Schwans-territory-mommy in capris and tshirt, scrunchie firmly in place.

  64. rotfl, you totally crack me up.

    capris rule, bought my first pair of “boot cut” jeans last year and thought I was being hip! it was a disaster, my legs are my best feature and I was hiding them!! Now my belly always makes me look about 8 months pregnant no matter what I wear so these tight tops have got to go! Hubby’s oxfords come fall/winter and scoop neck t’s for now make my staight leg pull on jeans look like, well me.
    the 11 year old daughter has my genes poor thing and has hated the whole “new again” look of tight everything.

    always jewelry, always cute colorful shoes and great handbags.

    the hair I can not even mention, okay so I will and leave my computer desk totally embarrassed. I do not have a hairstyle, I still have a headband. I need a hairstyle. My colorist (because how could you call her a hair stylist when all she does is color and trim?)actually does my head, and all of my kids on same day and my kids come out looking so hip and cute and styled and then there is Mom. . .at least the color is back afterwards. aahh, confession is good for the soul.

  65. kelly..looking for a classic store..
    two words… talbots. sale. they have great sales and great classics (some if it is boring and even frumpy) but if you are both vertically and horizontally challenged like me, then they have help waiting..they have petite plus sizes etc…

    it is tough being a sassy mama..especially a CHUBBY sassy momma;)

  66. Oh, yes, I have a friend whose calves are bigger than her daddy’s. How sad. I swore I’d never, I mean, she swore she’d never ever wear skinny jeans again. Capris rule, though.

  67. I am in the fashion industry (I sell jewelry) so it’s part of my “job” to be in fashion. However, skinny jeans are not for everyone. Fat butts, big hips and skinny jeans….UGH! Skinny jeans are for skinny, stick thin girls that are 5’11”. I don’t have the tall gene so I stick to boot cut jeans (or flare, depending on how sassy I feel).

    I never go to WalMart, or anywhere else for that matter, without makeup, jewelry and a cute handbag. I love feeling “put together”. As far as the clothes I wear: Usually jeans and a cute top and ALWAYS ALWAYS some type of heel. They lengthen the legs people and they don’t have to be stilettos or uncomfortable either. I wore them through BOTH of my pregnancies.

    My husband and I are involved in a young adult ministry so being around young women all the time keeps me in check. It’s always nice to hear them say, “When I am a mom I hope I am as hip as you.”

    Now for those of you gagging and rolling your eyes at me this very moment and thinking I got that way without effort, I didn’t. I just reached my target goal doing Weight Watchers and I feel fabulous and I want to show it off with cute clothes and accessories. I worked hard to lose that weight and I feel great. Why not brag about that?