In Which I Cannot Contain My Excitement

So it’s taken me a little while to get a post done today because I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not but COLLEGE FOOTBALL STARTS TONIGHT with a 7:00 match-up between my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Or, as we like to call them in Alabama: chickens.

I am beside myself with joy. Giddy, in fact.

This morning I hopped out of bed, made a pot of coffee, walked to the front closet and engaged in a bit of pre-game ceremony. I awakened our big M-State flag from hibernation and placed it in the flag holder on the front porch (is that what it’s called? a flag holder? flag bracket? why am I struggling to remember this basic fact? am I so excited that basic vocabulary eludes me?).

I have also played the fight song several times, watched the Game Day Cam on the interweb (see that tree on the front right? I’ve eaten many a piece of fried chicken under that tree…it’s where we used to park for games when I was a little girl), and wished with all my might that I could be there in person. Unfortunately, three year olds don’t really enjoy having to sit still on their assigned twelve inches of bleacher space, and since I am a mama who wants to watch the game, NOT chase a toddler up and down section 204 of Davis Wade stadium, we’ll be staying home for this one and counting on ESPN to make us feel like we’re in the middle of the pigskin action.

I could bore y’all to tears with memories of Football Games Past, but suffice it to say that this is my favorite time of year. There’s been a little bit of breeze outside today, and while it’s still so humid that with every two steps you feel like you’re walking into a wall-o-dampness, there’s an undeniable hint of fall in the air. And when the Dogs run out of the tunnel in Starkville tonight – well, I’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the most glorious time of year is here. It makes me smile.

And whether we win or lose, there are a few non-negotiables that go hand-in-hand with football season:

1) My sister and I will talk at least 10 times tonight. Probably more. Pretty much all it takes to prompt one of us to pick up the phone is a decent run, a first down, a solid hit, a touchdown, or an annoying announcer. We give the announcers much grief, especially when they say stuff like, “What he’s hoping to do here, Bill, is score.”


2) Sister and I will also be doing a lot of vacuuming. We both like to clean while we watch the Bulldogs – it’s a way to channel the energy. So when things get tense – 4th downs, drives that make it inside the 10 yard line, clocks getting too close to 0:00 for our comfort – we pull out our vacuums.

I never claimed we were normal, people.

3) We’ll be eating rotel dip in our house. I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and it’ll be Game Day Buffet in our living room tonight, even if there are only three people “tailgating.”

4) I will at some point yell so loudly that I either scare our dogs or wake up our child. I know. I should be more quiet – and I try, y’all. I do. But it is impossible for me to watch State (or any SEC team, for that matter) without getting VERY vocal. Somehow I convince myself that the players can hear me, and it makes me feel better to cheer for them specifically (“Go, Brandon! GOOOOOOO!”).

Now you’re sort of worried about my mental state, aren’t you?

Really, I’m fine. Promise. I’m just a Southern girl who loves me some football.

5) Win or lose, I’ll go to bed happy. I mean, SEC football AND rotel dip? All in one night? I’m golden.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to fry some hot sausage for that rotel dip. I’m already wearing my State t-shirt, and D. has already programmed my phone to play “Hail State” when it rings, so I think all that’s left is to dig out my cowbell and commence with the ringing.

Did I mention that I’m excited?

I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

Happy Football, everybody.

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  1. …may the turf rise to meet you, and I forget the rest, but may the blessings of footballdom be upon you! Enjoy! 8-)

  2. Wow, you’ve got me excited and I don’t even like football.

  3. Pass the rotel ’cause I am ready for some football. I’ll be cheering for your Dawgs tonight and yes, I too get way too loud. When your husband has to remind you that it’s just a game, does that mean you have a problem? :)

  4. I’ve got the eggs boiling for tuna salad and hubby is already watching Boston College vs. Central Michigan until Mississipi State plays, then we’ll switch to that game. I feel like a traitor because I’m rooting for MSU, but the Razorbacks don’t play until Sat. night and I have to root for someone until then. ;-)

    Go Bulldogs!! ;-)

  5. Oh Boomama —- how I love College football season!!! It signifies to me the beginning of fall!!! Of course the fond thoughts (ahem – obsession)you have of your Mississippi State is the same way I feel for my hometown team Tennessee VOLS!!!! (*SIGHING*) I do love me some SEC football. We have NOT lived in TN in 12 years and our blood still flows orange —- there’s nothing better!!!!! So – with fond thoughts of SEC – I wish you the best in this season!!! :)

  6. LOL I am right with you on the football, I am watching the cowboys VS Vikings!!!! Cowboys of course is who I am rooting for. My son and I are very competitive as well. and…. we are having Rotel and chicken wings!!!! Go football

  7. Tommy should have married you, Soph! I didn’t even know who State was playing until I read your post. Tommy left at 11:30 (yes, to get there by 2:00 for a 7:00 game) while I am at home sick with a virus with all 3 kids. Hmmm…

  8. Are you sure it’s Mississippi State playing tonight and not, you know, Michigan State? Ha ha. Still can’t believe I made that mistake.

    Our family is happily watching the Cowboys (lose) right now and looking forward to HS football tomorrow night! Nothing better than small town football in Texas. Yeah for fall! (Unfortunately we never have much to cheer for with Baylor, so we go for the local hometown teams)

    Enjoy the night!

  9. Enjoy the game! Around here it’s tennis (in the midst of the US Open, Andre Agassi’s last one) and then September means Hockey season. My husband is about as die hard a hockey fan as it sounds like you are a football (college that is) fan!

  10. We’re watching! State grads here!

  11. Woo hoooo!! Bring it on! I am SO ready for football, and not just any football, but the best football in the nation — SEC football! Yay!

    Now, being a Southern Girl whose blood runs orange, I don’t normally root for MS State, but I will absolutely do so tonight, because one immutable truth where football and I are concerned is that I will always, ALWAYS root for anyone playing a Steve Spurrier-coached team. ;)

    So go State and have fun, BooMama! My time’s a’comin’ this Saturday afternoon. :)

  12. We’re watching the game right now! (well, uh, hubby is watching, I’ve been gone all day and just HAD to catch up on my blogging. Gotta get my priorities straight, huh?)

    Actually, he’s got the laptop on the sofa. (yes we have 2 computers) I’m going to get him to read your post right now. Thanks for the laughs!

  13. Pace and Caiden are upstairs right now, watching the Cowboys and the Vikings. We have a close friend who plays for the Cowboys, which is the ONLY reason Pace will watch them, being a diehard Redskins fan. The biggest drawback to his position at the church is that he has to be there by 1 p.m. on Saturdays, which terribly dips into his college football watching. You’d have to quit, wouldn’t you???

    You might be crazy, but I do love you so! (And speaking of obsessions, I’m blogging in the bathtub.) :)

  14. Wow, blogging in the bathtub…that’s brave. hehe I just love my BUC’s and thats what we’re doing right now. So enjoy your Rotel dip and have fun tonight, Boomama!

  15. You just described how I feel about Kentucky Basketball. I get loud and scare babies and dogs, too! My blood is definately BLUE!! But it has to be basketball cause they’re not too good at football.

  16. OK, I don’t even LIKE football and you have me wanting to get in the game! Have a great time!

  17. Now you are speaking my language. A fellow SEC girl here. I went to Bama, but have lived in GA long enough to cheer for the Dogs too. Thankfully, we rarely meet one another one the gridiron!

  18. I have to admit I’d be lost if I tried to follow a game, but I know I would enjoy tailgating with y’all. My favorite part of the game is the halftime show. Yes, I am a total dweeb who loves marching bands. And rotel dip.

  19. You are just too funny! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and just LOVE it! You remind me of my college buddies Enjoy the game and the season! Hope your team does well!

  20. I have already stayed up way too late. 8:00 primetime over here makes for a long nite. My husband is a die hard FSU fan, so we’ll be doing this again Monday nite at 8:00. Glad to hear there are others that cannot sit still while watching a football game. I drive my husband batty when I’m doing things while he is sitting there watching.

    And Sarah, I am laughing so hard right now. Blogging in the bathtub? Really?

  21. Well, we just came home from watching the game with some friends and I have to say it didn’t look so great for our DAWGS. However, after having watched them the last 2 years, I did find that they played much better than before. There is some hope here for a good season.
    The excitement around my house today has been so much fun and the weather was, might I say perfect. Oh yeah, and I know that tree well.

  22. Totally crackin’ me up. . .oh my. . .

  23. Well, we lost – but I’m fine.

    I thought we played well – we just don’t have much in the way of offense. EXCELLENT job by the defense. So even though we lost, it was a great day. AND I got to have some rotel.

    Plus, I have a whole day of f’ball to look forward to Saturday – THEN Florida State / Miami Monday night. Life, as they say, is good. :-)

    And now we’re trying to stay awake to see if Agassi wins his Open match. Like I told Sarah earlier – it’s an embarrassment of sports riches.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes, yes, yes !!! football. I do understand, and learned enough about it, so I can enjoy the game without asking so many irritating questions at the worst possible times.
    Was at a mall, and noticed lots of people here wear Bronco shirts and caps. Don’t know why that surprised me. Guess I thought Denver claimed them, to herself. So enjoy, and I hope your team wins.

  25. I’m the one who mentioned Denver Broncos in last comment.

  26. Rotel… yum.
    And just don’t scare your child and wake up the dogs. :>)

  27. Oh my goodness. Rotel dip. I haven’t thought of that is AGES. That was ALLLL we had at any potluck when we were in Bogalusa.

    Now, I’m coming down.

  28. oh my goodness. you and my husband are on the same page. he is gearing up for the arkansas game on saturday night. he will drive to fayetteville with a friend and not be home until about 4 am the next morning then get up and teach his sunday school lesson on sunday. he loves it. i wish i could share the love with him but i’m just not that enthusiastic. i do hang out our arkansas flag for him and he put a hog on the back of my van so that i appear to be way more into it than i am.

  29. Wow–I never knew so many girls liked football! I’m feeling like, so, “out!”

  30. Yes, great defense, but we also cannot forget the wonderful one-opportunity-per-game-to-review-a-bad-call-rule that saved us 4 points in the end. If I recall, our scores were much worse last year so maybe this year will be different.

  31. I can’t muster any enthusiasm for football.

    But I LOVE your picture.

  32. I just have to give you props on an absolutely fantastic blog. I really enjoy your wit. And thank God for not being normal! Keep up the bloggy magic!

  33. this is how I am come ACC basketball season with my beloved Blue Devils from DUKE! :)

    We stink at football, but our household is biggggg NFL Panther’s fans so we watched THAT game last night.

    Fall is in the air. I smell football.

  34. I stumbled upon your blog once and I really enjoy it and I really love to hear other women who love college football. It’s in our Southern blood, huh?
    I’m an AR fan and I think I love our football team more than my husband does. I’m so excited about the game tomorrow I can barely stand it.
    Sorry for your loss but the season just started! Thanks for your entertaining blog!

  35. I do like women who enjoy their football. Way to go!

    But vacuuming during a game? My favorite during-game activity is ironing. I have a radio that is built into the headphones so there are no wires to get in the way of the ironing. The week’s ironing disappears in a flash and I have to find other chores to do. This is a Saturday afternoon when there’s no live broadcast of the footy on the TV.

    For the rest of the weekend there’s TV on Friday and Saturday nights, and on Sunday afternoon one or two. Not that I can watch all those as I go to watch my team (17 games in Melbourne during the season).

  36. Oh, yes, Boomama, I understand your excitement. Boomer Sooner, Boomer, Sooner! Oh, sorry, I just break into song this time of year… :)

  37. SOoooooo, WHO WON!!!!

  38. Uh, to be grammatically correct …

    WHO WON?!