If There’s A Point To This Post, I Surely Can’t Find It

I haven’t been at the top of my bloggy game for the last couple of days…September has a way of piling up on me, and this last week has been a real reminder of that. Alex started back to Mother’s Day Out (“PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! OUR GOD IS WORTHY OF GLORY!”), I had a crazy two or three days with my secret undercover work for rogue government agencies, I’ve been helping to plan a farewell reception for our friends who are moving, and there’s been a lot – and I mean a LOT – of quality television demanding my attention (I FINALLY got to see Faith and Tim on “Oprah,” and it did not disappoint).

Add choir pratice and a play date and a birthday party to that mix, and there just hasn’t been much time to sit down and compose some of the stunningly average content that you’ve come to know and tolerate here at La Mama de Boo.

Oh! And I forgot! I’ve also done lots of napping! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before, but I am very, very good at napping, especially in temperatures where the house actually gets chilly and a little down coverlet works all sorts of sleep-inducing magic when you lie down on the couch.

In other news, Alex spent most of yesterday afternoon making me question every single parenting decision I’ve ever made, then woke up this morning as a clear contender for Sweetest Child Alive. He has showered me with kisses, told me at least 20 times how much he loves me, charmed the patrons in our favorite bakery (side note: the Vanderbilt football team’s buses were at the hotel next to our favorite bakery, and I felt smarter just for driving by them – I did!), entertained the ladies in our favorite florist, wrapped his arms around my neck while calling me “sweet thing,” and fed me popcorn chicken as we made our way through Walmart.

I would not be at all surprised if he whipped up a lovely meal for his daddy and me later tonight and then made Bananas Foster tableside for dessert. Although a three year old attempting flambe’ probably isn’t a great idea.

And since I just looked at my child and uttered the phrase, “Alex, quit eating my hair,” I’m thinking that Pefect Saturday ’06 is about to come to a screeching halt.

Also, this morning in the bakery I struck up a conversation with a fellow patron, and she mentioned that she was an editor for a Southern-themed magazine that’s published here, and I came thisclose to saying, “Oh, I do some wri-…wri-…wri-…” but I just couldn’t get that “-TING” out of my mouth, and I have been kicking myself all day long as a result.

What is it with me and “the label”? I just can’t say it. CANNOT say it.

When I got home I told D. about my sudden bout with timidness, and he couldn’t believe that I didn’t say anything to her about the “wri-” that I do. Just last night D. and I were talking about how maybe I should try to branch out a little in that area (don’t you like how I call it “that area” as if it’s some unmentionable body part?) because I do live in a city where there’s a market for “wri-” from a Southern perspective. And then, this morning, I run into a woman who has connections in that very market, and I clam up like a politician on the witness stand.

So (deep breath), I think what I’m going to do is to pick up a copy of the magazine that this woman works for, find her name, and email her. Maybe even give her the URL for my blawg. And tell her that there’s some “‘wri’-esque product” on said blawg that she can peruse at her leisure.

Or, you know, not.

I wouldn’t want to be pushy.

BooMama: Bursting With “Wri-” Confidence!

Maybe that should be my new tagline.

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  1. I live waaaaaaaay up north here in Canada….but Boomama writing for a Southern-themed magazine?

    I just might subscribe me some of that.


  2. GO FOR IT, GIRL!!! I can say, “I knew her way back when”-ok, not really because we never met. But, anyhoo.

  3. I read a quote that I think is perfect for you.
    “To live is not just to survive, but to thrive with passion, compassion, some humour and style.: – Maya Angelou
    Go for it girl!

  4. BOOMAMA! You really have to do it now that you have said on said blawg that you want to and that you might so now you have to :) Its a rule. Somewhere. :) xoxo melzie

  5. Oh, yea!! and there are at least 40 of us who can do you up nice letters of recommendation!!! (notice I didn’t say write, so maybe you can call it “doing up” a column or article!!!! 8-)

  6. Oh, do it, do it! My Hubs and I have been having similar conversations around here lately. If you jump first, maybe I’ll follow.

  7. It’s about time you changed that tag line anyway. Have you seen your site meter latey?! C’mon woman.

    As for the magazine–you already have a built in readership of squillions. I think they should be wholly impressed by that alone. Your writing speaks for itself.

    Think if I submitted my word cloud they would consider me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I’m seriously laughing at my own joke right now. Must be time for tylenol PM and bed.

  8. Praying for discernment for you.

    I went into a cold sweat and had to pray myself into calling the guy I would eventually land a job with straight out of college. I knew after career day that his business was the place for me in my financial planning. I wanted to grow in that area while I had op in a citi-fied area before I went back home.

    I called 2-3 times. Got the machine. Sent my resume. Called one last time and said, “I’m sorry for bothering you, but I really feel I could benefit and help grow your business. It just stood out to me and has stayed on my heart. I will give it two more days, and won’t bother you with another contact. Thanks so much for the consideration. I’d love an interview.”

    He called me a couple days later, and HAD BEEN ON VACATION! So, all the judgment and self deprecation and doubt I’d loaded on myself after thinking I’d heard from God went straight down the drain! How foolish I was! He really wanted an interview, was afraid his business might not be ready for an employee yet…but changed his mind when I told him how much I thought I could increase his productivity and effeciency as I learned myself.

    It was a win-win. I loved it.

    If God plants it in your heart. Wear your “Certain Dri” deo (ouch), dance up and down before you make the call or email, breath deep, and dive in. Why not?

    Write a follow up email and ask her her opinon. Sometimes a person with confidence is needed. Some call it pushy. It is not. It is learned that desks are piled a mile deep. If you want your name to come to the top, sometimes, you need to lay it on the top of the stack and just be sure it is seen.

    Really, we get too passive as Christians. God says that to not invest a gift wisely doesn’t bode well for the person who’s “just protecting it”. Be bold. You have a gift. I admire the humorous self deprecating style you have…but I pray for your stakes to be widened, for the prayer of Jabez, for women of influence to take their place.

    We need more fun-loving, godly, Christian women at the forefront. You don’t have to do or be everything, but do what you were born to do and do it well. You wouldn’t be fighting it so much if you didn’t know there was a vapor like dream hanging in the balance.

    We all still cheer if nothing comes of it. Divine appointment I say.

    Yeah, this is long. Oh well.

  9. Well, butter my bootie and call me a biscuit!

  10. OH! Email her now! STOP reading my comment and go email her. Your writing is so great, funny and down to earth. My cheapo self would def. look into subscribing into a publication you wrote for. *Good Luck!*

  11. You should do this. You just should. I read a lot of southern fiction. And you’re right up there with the best I’ve ever read.

  12. This post alone will send you to the top. Very Dave Barry, if you ask me. I will seriously get a subsciption if you’re published in that certain SL publication. But I’ll always remember how lucky I was when I got my Boomama for free…

  13. La Mama de Boo… you have to know how much I love that.

    So the word “writer” is giving you fits? Try “author” or “columnist” or “journalist”. You really should send her your link.

  14. Okay, I have a great idea because I just know that you are not going to do this on your own. Post the name of the magazine and her name and let us get you the job. You are the one blogger that deserves that WRITING job, seriously.

  15. Why is it so hard to call ourselves writers? Why? Do super models have this problem?

    I’ll bet you 100 Hershey Kisses that if you email Ms. Southern Living that you’ll get a writing gig. I’ll raise you another 100 HKs they won’t want to pay you, but whatever, it’s not about the money. It’s about the FAME!

  16. YAY!

  17. Well, here, let me help. Just send me the info and I’ll mail her about this wriTER I know that she might be interested in and I’ll link her up here. Will that help with getting your wriTING out there, you know, out of blogland?! Glad to help and all I ask is that you mention my humble help when you’re known the world over and win a Pulitzer Prize for your wriTING. :v)

  18. Go for it BooMama!

  19. When I mention in even the smallest way anything about ever writing, my husband always, always responds with – hurry up, do it, so I can retire early. Since you still have a child to send through college, I’d say, hurry up, do it, do it.

  20. i understand your fear but you would be great, great, great at it and they should welcome your ability to draw in the readers.

  21. I just can’t picture you being without words. I’m trying..nope, can’t do it. Ya know we so enjoy your wri-“TING”. Really, seriously I think you should go for it. Then let all us know so we can subscribe to this SL magazine. We can sit and read ya and say “I remember when she was a wri-“TER” in blogland.. now she’s made the bigtime”. =)

  22. In agreement with everyone on this one. But……you have to promise to continue with your daily blogs here. We couldn’t make it if we had to wait for your writings only once or month, or worse yet one of the every 3 month magazines. We would just dry up and die!!!!
    Go for it girl! One of the things I admire about my husband is he has dreams and he isn’t afraid to step out and reach for them. So…..it doesn’t work out, move on to the next one! Live!

  23. Lea Margaret says:

    DOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Okay, I was with you through the chicken nuggets. Then I was back to my usual, “Huh?”

    I’m so lost.

  25. S., my experience as an editor is limited to a small daily, but I did a good bit of hiring of writers over seven years. First of all, I’m not going easy on you: You should have said something to her! Consider yourself chastised. ;-) (You know I think you’re the best thing since cheese.) Short of stalking her now so that you can set up another “happenstance” meeting, I’d suggest emailing her that you want to bring by a selection of your work. You can include your blog site in your intitial email. But, honestly, she’s not real likely to check it out unless you really made an impression on her. Even at my little daily, I got frequent emails and unsolicited packets full of people’s writings because they wanted me to hire them as columnists. I never bothered. But when someone “pestered” me about it (called, requested an interview), I’d usually make time for them as a courtesy. You live in the South. I bet this woman will be courteous. You need face time with her to sell yourself. First you sell yourself, then you sell your writing.
    To do all that, though, you really need to be able to say “writer.” It’ll help.
    Rooting for you.

  26. Boomama – I love me some Faith and Tim! It so did not disappoint. One question…does this magazine lady know that she would up her subscriptions with your loyal following????? You have inspired me and made me laugh this summer. You and Big Mama have made me a diligent blog checker, and that is saying something considering my computer location/situation. I think you are gifted and should go for it.

  27. Echoing my mom’s comment: do it, do it!

    And I’m really going to email you back soon, I promise! It’s still a little swampy here:)

    No, not THAT swampy, if you know what I mean! Swampy-busy. That’s all.


  28. Email her, I think you’ve got every right to consider yourself a “writer!” You might be surprised with how interseted she is!

    Oh, and I’m also very good at napping, especially in temperatures where the house actually gets chilly. In fact, I’ve been known to open a bedroom window during fall and winter months to create said environment. I sleep better when it’s chilly and I have to burrow under the cover! :)

  29. GOOOOOOOO before someone on your blawg steals the crazy idea first. You know women can be a little…well you know.

    Just send her the link to the “alligator sweater story” and I swear you’ll get the job. Don’t know what it is but I love that post!! :)

  30. you are a nut girl!!! now go give her your url!!!

  31. Okay, first. Email that lady right now!!! You have such a hilarious writing style. Yours is one of the first blogs I go to every day, and if I only have time to read a couple on my bloglines, yours is always one of them. You can make the most ordinary day entertaining to read about.

    Second, I am so with ya on the not being at the top of the bloggy game. I just can NOT get in the groove, now that I’m busy with school schedule. So I feel your pain there.

    That’s all. Have a great day!

  32. LOL:D you are a wonderfully talented wri-. I’m sure that if you get her the link to your blog she’ll be impressed.

  33. Do it! Your blog is always so entertaining, well written and down-right funny! I live in DC now, but reading your blog brings me back to when I lived in Virginia and North Carolina- sweet tea, good manners and even better food! Go for it!

  34. Oh–I love our little coverlets–I can’t sit on the sofa without one, and naps are so nice with them.

    I just had the same problem with the “writer” moniker. I was in a group and we were supposed to say something that people could remember about us. I was thinking that I could say that I’ve been writing this summer and keeping a blog. I mean, I have posted almost every day since May. That’s something unique. But, no, I shared something really dumb and unmemorable instead.

    A book that really helped me claim the “gift” of writing is The Creative Call.

  35. Jennifer – I’m going to Amazon right now and look for that book. Thanks for the tip.

  36. Not that I am a writer – just a dreaming of more time and talent sort of person really – but anyway, may I recommend Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing editted by Michelle Ruberg.
    You already know how to write something people love, but this also tells you about how to go about getting published in magazines, how they work, how to write query letters and present manuscripts and all. Maybe you’ve already gone and researched all this, but thought it might be interesting for you.
    Best of luck!

  37. Man Boomama I cannot picture you at a loss for words!! I would definately email her and tell her. All she can do is not email you back. Its so much less inhibiting by email.It sounds like you would really like to do this.
    In the mean time look in the mirror and practice saying “writing” before she e-mails you back!!