Hey, Praying People

Be sure to check out a prayer request over at Blessed Assurances – if you click over you’ll find details of a little guy who really needs our prayers.

Also, D’s grandmother, who’s 96, fell and broke her hip yesterday…she’s having surgery this morning. She hasn’t been in too much pain, but she’s very discouraged and her spirits are low.

And in the praise department, check out Sarah’s post from yesterday if you haven’t already. She and her family got some really encouraging news this past Friday.

I’ll be back later –

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  1. Thank you, sweet friend!

  2. I saw the blog for Canon a week or so ago and will be praying for him and D’s grandmother. That just recently (6mos) happened to t’s gma. It’s tougher on them than we realize.

    And of course, Yay! for Sarah and Little Miss baby Diva…=)

  3. Little Miss Baby Diva!!! Ha, so cute Robin. Yay, indeed!

    Prayers for the others going up.

  4. Prayers being sent now for both!

    It’s so hard to see someone we love in pain or discouraged. Hugs to D’s grandmother and y’all while you deal with her illness.

  5. Prayers happening for all.
    When I click on ‘Sarah’s Post from yesterday,’ it says page not found.

  6. Thank you for praying for these people. I love the fact that although we don’t know these people God does and He draws us all together to minister to others in their times of need. God is good, He is faithful and I believe our prayers will be answered.
    Thank you for helping me get the word out!

  7. Hey! I’m one of those praying people and I’d love to add to my list. Thanks for asking!

  8. And for THIS I have my prayer list posted right next to my computer! ;)

  9. Prayers all around, for the young and old and inbetween!

  10. Praying for these boys and giving praise for Addie!
    Hope you don’t mind my adding a request, but please visit my page for another little girl who needs prayer.
    Isn’t it wonderful that God cares for us and our concerns!

  11. A broken hip at her age is pretty serious. Poor thing. And I found out about Canon a week or so ago, too.

    I’ll include them both in my prayers.