I Feel A Bit Of An Explanation Is In Order

Y’all know that the level of my blogging addiction is severe enough that I rarely disappear from the computer for two or three days at a time. I mean, really, if there were some way for me to maintain a wireless internet connection at all points in my day – even from the car – I probably would. And I would say things like, “Alex, please don’t interrupt Mama when she’s trying to blog and drive at the same time!”

And people would worry about me. With good reason.

But this past weekend turned out to be busy and full and fun, with little to no computer time. D’s brother and his family were in town, and Alex loved every single second of having his eight year old cousin (and her friend) with him all weekend.

They stayed up until 11:30 Friday night, woke up early Saturday morning, had a great time playing and eating donuts, went to the zoo, went swimming, and pretty much just had a big time. Alex fell asleep at 7:45 Saturday night and did not move a muscle until 8:30 Sunday morning. Big day.

And since D’s brother and sister-in-law took the kids to the zoo and to the pool, D and I had about five hours Saturday afternoon to look at houses. The luxury of that time together was HUGE – it’s amazing how much easier it is to house-hunt when you’re not trying to wrangle a three year old at the same time. Even driving around neighborhoods was simpler – we could actually, you know, talk without being interrupted, and it was a totally unexpected treat to be able to do that. We definitely made some progress in our search…we may have actually found a place where we could live and not only sniff ice cream…but even buy ice cream, too!

I know!

So this week it looks like I’m going to have some projects to do around the house: trying to make it look like we live in a Comfortable Environment, like Alex keeps his toys in Neatly Organized Piles, like we always keep coverlets Artfully Askew at the bottom of all our beds.

It’s a World of Illusion!

Don’t you want to buy it?

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  1. I am right there with you. Our house has been on the market for about 3 weeks now. We have to leave it every morning neat and clean. My poor children only have about 8 toys to play with. The rest are put away til the house sells or whatever happens. Good Luck. I’m curious to where in our Magic City you are looking to move? What if we became neighbors….Oh the irony :)

  2. You mean you dont have satellite internet? And Im not suppose to blog and drive at the same time?

    Oh dear.



  3. Well, I will miss the house you’re in now. Goodness knows I’ve certainly made myself at home there a time or two…or three…or five…or ten. But this is very exciting!!! Keep me updated on the search. And call me – I need to talk to you about something.

  4. House Hunting!? OH MY!!! How about a beautiful home in MS?

  5. Call me too Boomama… Ill buy your house! Just kiddin I love Texas.
    Sounds like Alex had a grand time with his cousin and friend.
    Good luck with the house hunt and eating all the icecream you can handle!!

  6. You could always just post your tour of homes on your realtor’s site. :>)

  7. Forget about cleaning and all other illusions. You have your Bloggy Tour of Homes pictures, send all prospective buyers to your blog. PLUS, when they realize that they have an opportunity to buy the home of an internet celebrity… SOLD!

  8. Hey… Melanie’s comment was NOT there when I started typing. REALLY!!!

  9. I’ll buy yours if you buy mine:)

  10. And can I just say, for the record, that I won’t be jealous One Bit if yours sells before mine.

    Promise. :)

  11. No explanation necessary! Although I must say, I thoroughly approve of buying a house within reasonable distance of an ice cream shop. :) Love the artfully askew comment. I have so not mastered the ability to arrange any linens in that way. They’re either not-so-artfully folded or just plain askew.

  12. Please tell me you were in Tupelo house hunting!!!! We sure need you here.

  13. I’m always up for entering into any World of Illusion. Sign me up.

  14. Glad that you had some fun!!!!

  15. You know if you move, I’ll have to come for another visit. But this time I’m flying!!! Hope that it’s ok I just invited myself…again. =) Hee Hee!!

  16. Did I miss something? When did this whole moving thing come about? I want to know all the details!

  17. I’m with Sarah…I promise I won’t be jealous if you sell yours before mine! :)

  18. Lea Margaret says:

    I am with EK!!! Now that I am home we need you to come on home too!!!!!!!

  19. Ooohh, a move always means new decorating, which I love! How fun is that? And yes, I’ve got the World of Illusions thing down in several areas……wishing ya’ll the best.

  20. Whoa, moving. Yuck.
    But I like the idea of “artfully askew” I think most things are aranged that way in my home. Just went by a different name, that’s all.

  21. I remember the dreaded “house selling days!” It’s tough because you never know who will be dropping by or what you’ll have to clean up. I’ll be thinking about you and praying that you get it sold quickly!