It’s Nice When The Emails Write The Post For Me

Big Mama: “How’re y’all doing? Any house lookers?”

Me: “Well. The house. A lady looked this past Saturday and loved it, thought it was great, then decided that she didn’t want it because, and I’m quoting my realtor here, ‘it’s too nice for her and it doesn’t have a room for her birds.’”

Big Mama: “Well, no wonder it hasn’t sold if you don’t have a bird room. I didn’t realize you were facing such a huge marketing obstacle.”

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  1. hoot — too funny. The things home buyers are demanding today!!!


  2. No bird room? The very idea! You might as well just leave the front door open and let The Ring of Thieves have their way. That would take care of the “too nice” part anyway.

  3. Well, what with Big Mama’s connections and all – maybe she can get one a bird room built. Or, send someone to “talk” to the bird-romm-loving-prospective-buyer-lady and “come to an agreement”.

    (I’ve never actually used “bird” that meny times in a sentence or two before. Wow)

  4. Lord forgive me – For I know not how to spell (check) today.

  5. Too funny!
    I wonder if she knows the previous owners of my cousin’s home. They people from whom she bought her house had an emu and three parrots which were allowed free run of the house. Needless to say, my cousin and her hubby got a killer deal on the house.

  6. how could you! no bird room! better start work on the snake room before your next prospect comes over.

  7. Wow, I’m disappointed…no bird room. I’m sure that impacts your selling price by at least fifty dollars…LOL

    I am praying the right buyer will come along!

  8. omg goodness..

  9. Would it be right to find out what the buyer is looking for, then prepare your house for it…I mean, three months ago it was in GREAT condition for a bird owner before you went and cleaned the sippy stains and painted!

  10. umm, actually I have a bird room. with 3 parrots they NEED their own room or the noise would deafen us. Don’t take too much offense…of course my children have a weight bench on top of my desk…but the birds have a room darn it.

  11. Hee, hee, hee! Am I the only one who thinks that Big Mama might just be your alter ego?

    (BTW – Paula Deen has a lovely bird room off her kitchen. It’s a bright sunshiney yellow, if your looking for some decorating ideas.) ;-)

    “It’s too nice for me.” Seriously that has been unttered by someone looking for a home???

  12. “too nice” Maybe you shouldn’t have cleaned up before she came over. Did you tell her there are birds keeping you up at night? Maybe that would help.

  13. HAHAAA!!! Isn’t it just crazy why people don’t want certain homes? Such a pain selling… people are so, um… interesting??

    Mrs. U

  14. Just exactly what you needed. A bird lady. Them must be some mighty big birds, like albatrosses or something.

    No bird room? You might as well just throw in the towel.

  15. Boomama – I just returned from a Halloween Carnival here in town and there were 3 little girls dressed up as Mississippi St Cheerleaders. Right here in San Antonio! Anyway – made me think of you. Happy Fall!

  16. Addie isn’t the only one who thinks Big Mama could be your alter ego. We’re onto you. :o)

    It’s a shame you don’t have a bird room. What were you thinking?

    On the bright side, at least she didn’t say the house is “for the birds.”

  17. I’m not Boomama’s alter ego, but I will admit we seem to be living in some sort of parallel universe. :)

  18. I housesat for my Sunday School teacher in 11th grade, and they actually had a room in their house for their birds-complete with trees painted on the walls. They had cages, but during each day they opened the cages and let them fly free in that room. And not to be left out-their cats had a special room all to their selves that the dogs weren’t allowed to go in…..and come to think about it-the wife had a little room at the top of the stairs that just had hats in it, big fancy hats. They were a random couple.

  19. “Big fancy hats” made me laugh out loud.

  20. Oh, BooMama and BigMama, both of you crack me up! I can’t read either one of your blogs without laughing out loud. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Indeed, he may be right, but you ladies are still hilarious!

    My husband did some computer repair work for a lady with a bird room. Her Myna birds and parrots were very loud and allowed free reign of the house. I kept worrying they’d come over and pick up his tools with their beaks. Most annoying.

  21. You better get right on the bird room… chirp, chirp : )