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Oh sweet mercy this post by Big Mama made me laugh. But I probably should say “laught,” and you’ll understand why after you read her post.

Also, happy birthday to Diane!

Finally, I just ran across this video over at Tess’ blog, and all I can say is that I pray that I sit next to the groom one day in church. Or – even better – that I get to stand beside him in choir.

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  1. Was it me or was that woman wearing a pink see-through shirt with a black bra? Gotta wonder . . .

  2. That video is a classic. I was laughing so hard!

  3. Yep, that WAS a see-through blouse with a black bra under it. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Oh my word, that is just so tacky tacky. ;-)

    Love the video, one of my favorites from Funniest Videos. I want to be on the other side of the groom in the choir. :-)

    And I DID read Big Mama’s post. I hope I live to be 96 and have those “old people” to be concerned about. It wast hilarioust, LOL. ;-)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, BooMama. I appreciate the mention. I’ve had a great day today. I’ll post on it soon. :-)

  4. Thankst for the linkt. :)

  5. *HOLD ME BACK* was I just mentioned on Boomama’s site, or am I hallucinating on Diet Pepsi?

    That lady could have at least unbuttoned the top button, she was already baring all, why be so buttoned up about it?

  6. Oh, GLORY!!!

    What a day THAT was!

  7. I thought only folkt at my church didt that sort of thang…


    Well, at least we know he loves her!

  8. I’ve been in services where they’ve gotten filled with the Spirit and so much joy cuts loose it’s hysterical. We need some hysteria in our spirit every now and then, I thinkdts.

    I’d read that…funny! Ya’ll are somethin’ else!

  9. OK, that clip had me in stitches!

  10. That was AWESOME. Totally. That little girly’s got some nerve, doesn’t she?

  11. I’ve seen the video but don’t remember the lady with the pink see through shirt. and by the way, it looks like a black leapord bra beneath the pink all the way buttoned up shirt…

  12. LOL . .