I’m Too Distracted By Cuteness To Think Of A Title

Alex at his Thankgiving program at his Mother’s Day Out today.

He was an Indian.

[grinning at all the cuteness]

He was a cute little Indian.

Who sang!

Did I mention how cute he was?

I think I love him.

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  1. cuteness is cute, but I would say he is adorable… He looks like an Indian who loves sports. I have never seen a headress with sports stickers lol how precious is that. he is looking more grown up.
    Have a great Thanksgiving enjoying your little man.

  2. There’s no think in that last line. I know you do.

    I love this festive time of year, especially when the kids are all excited, wild with anticipation of seeing family and Christmas is right around the corner.

    And yes, indeedy. He’s a sweetie!

  3. He looks like a native american with his mother’s love of sports. . .too bad they didn’t have a dawg to stick next to the football. Very precious, indeedy.

  4. Now, never having seen a photo of you, I must ask…

    Alex is a *cute* little boy! I was surprised to see he was brunette, as I had you pictured as a blonde.

    Honestly, there’s no slam in that…REALLY. I am All About the Complimentary Remarks, and I had you pictured as a tall, slim, longish-haired blonde, with maybe the ash blonde highlights. Very attractive.

    Can I take the size 8W foot out of my mouth now? Please?

  5. You’re going to have people start offering their preschool-aged daughters to him in future-marriage if you post any more photos of him!

    He is adorable:)

  6. Yes, and an Indian who loves sports, to boot!

  7. I’m still laughing at His Singer’s comment…especially the “tall, thin, long-ish hair” part. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

    Alex’s hair is actually dark blonde, like mine – but this picture was made in really bad lighting. However, thanks to the wonders of cosmetology, I am a blonde most of the time.

    But unfortunately they can’t do anything about the not skinny part at the beauty shop.


  8. I swannee, I have never seen a cuter Indian, especially one who was such a sports fan! But I guess they could have been…..hmmmm…what a cute-E-PIE!!! congrats on the new house, too…so you’ll be decorating a NEW house for Christmas?????How exciting!!!

  9. My preschool boy said that his teacher told him that the Indians and Pilgrims played games during the three day feast (“three whole days!” he exclaimed). Sounds pretty sporty to me.

    My son just came out of school today wearing a pilgrim hat made from construction paper. “Nice hat!” I said.

    “It’s just a piece of paper glued on,” he corrected. As if I couldn’t tell…

    I think our boys would enjoy a play date that would include three days of feasting and sports!

  10. I have a four year old daughter….hee hee. Your son is a cutie!

  11. Precious, Alex. I think he needs an little 2.5 year old with curly brown hair. She does not live very far away! Kate & Alex has a nice ring. :-)

  12. Sarah’s right. I have a little pilgrim at my house that would love to have that little Indian over for Thanksgiving dinner. :)

  13. lovely photo of your little warrior

  14. He makes an adorable little sport loving Thanksgiving Indian. Bless his heart!

  15. that’s funny Big Mama — I was thinking the same thing — my daughter was a Pilgrim “WOMAN” (as she emphasized… *sigh*) who would love to have a visit from a cute indian. :)


  16. I commented, but it seems to be lost.

    I just said that it was a cute picture. Suitable for framing.

    He’s adorable. AND he can sing!


  17. A very cute little warrior!

  18. And I don’t blame you. Look at that child’s EYES. He’s gorgeous. Yeah, he’s very cute but he’s also seriously gorgeous.

  19. Lea Margaret says:

    Oh Boomama! I could just eat him up!