The House Story, Part One Of Many

One Monday about three weeks ago I picked up the little man from Mother’s Day Out, and since he fell asleep within, oh, four seconds, I decided that I’d ride around and look at houses. We’d heard from our realtor that a couple was probably going to make an offer on our current house, and I figured that it might be a good idea to find a place for us to, you know, live.

There are two neighborhoods that we targeted, primarily because both of those neighborhoods are in a great location for us AND because they have older houses. New homes in this area are all fine and good if you’re a patrillionaire, but if you’re only a hundredaire or thousandaire, those new home options aren’t quite so affordable. We knew going into this house hunt that we would absolutely be looking for a fixer-upper…something where we could get a great deal and then fix it up ourselves. It seemed like the most sensible approach – and probably the only way that we could stay within our budget.

Lest you think I’m kidding, consider this: before we found the house that we’re buying, our two frontrunners – until one got a contract and one got yanked off the market – were a house with a kitchen on the third level and a house that reeked of dog tee-tee. These two were the proud runners-up to the first house we thought we were going to get, which was The One With All The Shag Carpet And Low-Ceilinged Staircase On Which My Husband Consistently Bumped His Head.

I’m telling y’all: we like to live fancy ‘round here.

So that Monday afternoon, when I drove around looking at houses in our price range, I started to panic just a little bit. There just wasn’t much at all on the market, and when I drove by a “candidate” and noticed that part of the chimney was falling off, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Because with 3rd Level Kitchen and Tee-Tee House (or, as my realtor and I liked to call it, BIG STANK) out of the running, it seemed like our only options were going to be either 1) Structurally Unsound or 2) Frighteningly Unattractive.

It all seemed so promising.

Being the mature, problem-solving girl that I am, I went home, told D all about it, and cried. I wondered if we shouldn’t take our house off the market. I wondered where in the world we’d live if ours sold. I wondered what in the world people do for a living to afford the houses they live in (my conclusion: why, they must have money trees in their backyards! mightn’t I go shake one?).

And then I cried some more.

But the day before D had run across a for sale by owner listing on the internet, and I asked our realtor to see if she could get us an appointment. When she talked to the owners, they said that the house wasn’t actually on the market; they had decided to wait until the spring to sell, but the FSBO company hadn’t taken the pictures off the website yet. They went on to say that we were welcome to come take a look, but they knew that if they waited a few months to list it, they’d be able to make more money.

Tuesday afternoon we went to see the house. And I knew, the second I walked through the door, that it was for us. I think D took one look at my face and knew that it was for us, too. I kept thinking, “They’re not asking enough for this house. They’re not asking enough.” And D kept thinking, “Look how happy S. is. Look how happy she is! This house would stop All The Crying. IT WOULD STOP ALL THE CRYING!”

We stayed at the new house for over an hour, talking non-stop with the owners and checking out every nook and cranny. We finally left, and within fifteen minutes of being back at our house, we had decided to make an offer. They accepted it. They also told our realtor that, after meeting us, after seeing Alex run up and down the hallway and make himself right at home, that they really saw God’s hand in how it all worked out.

Funny – D and I feel exactly the same way.

Several of y’all have commented and emailed to ask about the details. Does the house have shag carpet? How much work does it need? Will D and I be up to our eyeballs in home improvement projects for the next sweet forever? Will Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell be right at home there?

Believe it or not, there’s no shag carpet. The house has been completely renovated. The rooms are big, the view is great, and we won’t have to do a single thing other than move in our stuff. I don’t even have to paint.

Also: IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE TEE-TEE! You must trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t so sure we’d find a house where that was the case.

Best of all, it feels like home.

We can’t wait to get there.

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  1. Congrats!!!! sure sounds like Gods hand was in this for you! He has a way of doing that! he did for us!

    Take care!

  2. Can’t wait to hear more… and maybe some pictures too!

  3. Congrats to you all!! What a neat story! The house was meant for you all! How perfect! God had a home picked out for ya’ll all along. :-)

  4. From someone who lives in a house requiring fix-up projects for the next sweet forever, I must say I’m a wee bit jealous of the Completely Renovated part. But mostly I’m very happy for you. How exciting. If I’m ever in the neighborhood, can I sleep in the bird room?

  5. Oh how wonderful!! I love how God works like that!

    But you neglected to answer one key question: How close is the new house to good ice cream? ;)

  6. As someone FROM Bham, I’m dying to know where!! North, South, East, West? Jefferson or Shelby (or Blount?) Which school? My parents have a VERY nice 70’s house that was redone when a tree came though the roof 2 years ago – best thing that could have happened!

  7. God saved you from the shag carpet!!

    Hooray on finding the PERFECT one–and hooray that you get to spend Christmas in a house that needs no work!! :)

  8. And to think that I had my heart set on stripping fried cigarette wallpaper over the holidays…

  9. How wonderful when God lines everything up for us, isn’t it? Congrats!

  10. That is such a wonderful feeling. To feel like your home. Congratulations!

  11. That is really cool. Isn’t it awesome when God EXCEEDS our expectations??? That is just what He did for you.

  12. I am so glad that you were spared the Tee-Tee house. Christmas would have been a little depressing with the smell of cinnamon and pine mixed with cat urine.

    I am a little sad about the lack of shag carpet though. I had my mom’s old rake packed and ready to ship. :)

  13. Oh, please take that house anointing and blow some of it my way! We have a house to move into at the end of January, but we need to sell our house. We seem to be surrounded by IMpossibility thinkers and we need people speaking life and faith to our situation. It neither sports shag carpet, nor dog Tee Tee, but it does need a little TLC. We keep thinking, “We bought it and it was much worse than this. SURELY there are more gullible saps out there looking for a home.” I know, I know, all in God’s time. Wow, I wish that was yesterday!

  14. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful, and the story of finding it is great.
    Glad you can just move in!!

    can’t wait to hear more and see pics.

    Jenny in Ca

  15. Awesome! And isn’t it the coolest that the sellers recognized God in it all, too? :>)

  16. Sooooooo exited for you!

    New house!

    New memories!

    No repairs!


    and like Katrina asked …


  17. What an awesome story – thanks for sharing. It is such an encouragement to see God’s hand in our lives. I’ve been discouraged about some things lately and needed this reminder that HE is in control, and will take care of us.

  18. Boy do I know about buying older homes! We are living in a 1930’s house that was NOT renovated…I’m tempted to say I’m jealous about yours being “move-in ready” but then I know our house was for us. I had the same feeling the minute I walked in the door. We also had made an offer on a house that was the “dead animal” house. A huge but affordable old home, but a cat had fallen and died in the wall…yuk!

    God has his ways, too. I eventually won a kitchen makeover to renovate my kitchen. Now, if only someone would have an essay contest for a new roof!

  19. CONGRATS!!!

    Now, ENJOY the process, okay!!???


  20. One can only wonder what joys await you there. So happy you’ve found a place to call “HOME.”

  21. God does work in such amazing ways!

  22. Sounds to me like it’s time for another Tour of Homes…

  23. Sounds wonderful! We live in an inflated market area, too, so I’ve also wondered what in the world people do for a living to live in some of these houses, and I can relate to the house hunt, for sure – we did that for a long time here before we found our house. I’m happy the Lord led you to such a great home and looking forward to hearing how you are enjoying it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. AMEN!! Nuf said.

  25. so excited for you boomama..PRAISE GOD! He is so faithful!

    So i am curious (because i love the pictures of your current home) what makes this house better?? more room? closer to good ice cream? i would love to hear.

    I hear all of yall about the older houses..ours was built in is precious, was even in Better Homes and Gardens BUT it still need so much work and upkeep and i am afraid no one will want to buy it (mainly because of location;( BUT i keep remembering GOD IS IN CONTROL! he will send someone if it is His will and they will blessed by this little home too…SO i am praying for everyone needing house prayers answering… and rejoicing with BOOMAMA..woohoo!

  26. Yes, I am with Holly…do tell us why it is better… and contrast them, if you feel in a scholarly mood!! ;-)
    Give us the scoop….and whether it really is closer to good ice cream or not!
    Congrats! Thanks for sharing, and yes, MA”AM, GOD IS GOOD all the time!

  27. Sounds wonderful and I am so excited for you! I’m glad it’s not a lot of work and I’m glad it’s not falling apart. Do they charge extra for “Tee Tee” perfume? I wish you a world of happiness in your new home:)

  28. Congratulation on your new fine.

  29. Congrats on finding that perfect house.
    We are where you were prior to finding your perfect house …
    Good luck with everything. It sounds like God certainly had his hand in this one for you.

  30. Oh I am so pleased for you.
    God is good :)

    so whens the big move???

  31. Phyllis R. says:

    I actually teared up at this story. How sad am I (and pari-pre-full-on menapausal, perhaps??) I am SO happy for you!! It is the coolest when you hear about sweet, wonderful Christians getting their heart’s desire. God is so cool like that! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  32. Oh, I love it when the Lord works in these things! So happy for you!

  33. Can’t wait to see the new crib on your Christmas tour of homes!!

  34. A Tee-Tee house, huh? This makes me thankful that smells cannot be transmitted via blogs. Imagine what that Tour of Homes would be like!

    Praise the Lord for fresh smelling homes where we can build our nest! :)

  35. I am SO HAPPY for you! How nerve-wracking that must have been, and how God has moved for you, and put everything right into place. I am glad that you shared this with us. It is encouraging to me to again be reminded that God cares about the little things as well as the big. We so want to move, but it doesn’t look like it will ever happen. Yet maybe it might. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. WOW!!!! That is wonderful – sooooo happy for you.

    Sorry I am commenting on so many posts in one day – BUT I don’t get “out” all that often lately, so i read a bunch of posts when I finally do make it!