Because Posting Pictures Is Clearly Within With The “Bloggy Break” Guidelines

Especially when you’re as sick of boxes as I am.

Because the boxes are multiplying, you see.


And that’s not even half of them, my friends.

That’s not even half.

So wouldn’t you like to see some pictures?


Here’s Alex with two of his cousins at my mama’s house on Thanksgiving Day.

And here he is with a plate of food that seems to be giving him pause.

“Sweet potatoes? OH NO MA’AM. I will not be eating ANY of that. Ever. Unless you tell me that it’s pumpkin. And then I will finish off a portion in 2.5 seconds.”

“The stash of old toys in the basement? It’s like Christmas! And I will be pulling out every. single. one. so that I can make a large pile right in Daddy’s path!”

But even if the stash-o-toys wasn’t in the most convenient location, they provided two and one half hours of uninterrupted entertainment. Which means that they are now the equivalent of gold in my humble opinion.

Oh, and by the way: I’ll be expecting all of you around 5:00 this afternoon to help with the boxes.

It’ll be fun.


Okay. It won’t be fun at all.

But I’ll buy pizza!

And I don’t want to tempt you beyond reason or anything – and certainly I can’t make any promises – but Alex might even let you play with the stash of toys.

It is tempting, isn’t it?


Well, I tried.

And I guess it’s time for me get back to all the “not fun” that we’re having around here today.

Good times.

Lots-o-boxes. Stash-o-toys.

Good times.

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  1. Hi there…… do I sense a little procrastination maybe???? I love your blog, and just so you know, I have about 200 boxes still in my loft after… um …16 years. Packed. Never unpacked. Clearly full of vital essentials for everyday life. Happy packing!

  2. Moving Rule #1 – You always have 5 times more stuff than you think you do.

    Moving Rule #2 – Moving all that stuff will always take 5 times longer than you’ve planned.

    Just a word of encouragement.

  3. Okay. . .I love you. . .I’ve not even met you, but it just doesn’t matter no not even one teeny, tiny bit. We are cut from the same cloth–just HAVING to let everyone know exactly EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!!!! I am glad I am not alone. And I would truly come and help, but it would take me about 10 hours to get there. . .I’m assuming you are somewhere in Mississippi/Alabama? Yup–definitely not a Sunday trip.

  4. hang in there!
    God Bless you!

  5. I have about 5 boxes (5 1/5 years later) that are still unpacked and I am throwing away stuff that we moved to the new house (and never use), that we never used in the old house. Hang in there. Moving is a nighmare. It will be over soon. I love your new blog design. Very pretty. New house, new blog, what’s next???

  6. I will TOTALLY be there with ya!!

    Well, in spirit anyway. ;-)

  7. TOTALLY LOVING THE NEW LOOK BOO MAMA! I love love love love the browns!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and your pics are terrific too!

  8. Is that Limbo Elmo I spy in the stash?

    I’ll be right over.

  9. Look at you and your new ensemble! Looks great!

  10. Just looking at all those boxes makes me glad we didn’t sell our house.

    Of course, when you’re showing pictures of your new house, complete with Christmas decorations, then I’ll be a little jealous.;)

    I’d totally come over for some pizza and packing if I lived in the same state!

  11. Is that Cheez-Its on Alex’s plate? It’s about time they were recognized as Thanksgiving fare!

    By the way, I LOVE your new look!

  12. Oh help – I will be starting the boxing this week. If it makes you feel a teeny bit better – I will have to do it twice because we have to rent while the house is being built. However, I don’t have a cute little Alex to entertain so I don’t think I get to complain.

  13. jonny