So We’ve Been A Little Busy


Bye bye, old house.


Hello, new house.

It’s good to be home.

And the internet man came!

I’ll update later….

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  1. Oooh, I’m first. That’s so excited.

    I love that painted paneling. Looks really cool. And ya gotta love the internet man. That and the satellite were always top priorities when we moved.

  2. Look at your gorgeous windows. . .I hope they look out onto your back yard so you won’t need any curtains. . .you can just enjoy the view.

  3. I’ll echo Roxanne “Look at your gorgeous windows”
    I’m looking forward to the Christmas home tour”

  4. I feel Highly Honored that I got a sneak peek at this room already! I still love the wall of windows:)

    Are you ready to drop from exhaustion?

    I’d help you unpack if I could!

  5. The windows are beautiful but I love the floor. We moved from a house that was 80% hard floors (wood and tile) to a house that is 80% carpeting. I really miss them and hope that my next house will have far less carpet!

  6. Lots of windows and hard wood floors. You bought my dream house just to save it for us when we decide to move, right?

    I hope you get settled quickly.

  7. Ahhh. All that wide-open space. All the possibilities. How nice. But for heaven’s sake … WHERE is the bird room?!

  8. So did you take your shoes off and sock-skate aound your beautiful new room on your gorgeous new floors to celebrate? What does Alex think of the new house?
    Now go take a nap. I’m sure you can fashion a cot out of boxes.

  9. Phyllis R. says:

    Wow!! Love the windows and that beautiful, shiny hardwood floor. Don’t unpack a box or add a stick of furniture. With those floors, and that empty space, we could hold “Dancing with the (blogging) Stars”!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  10. Beautimous! I am absolutely envious of those windows and floors!

    It truly is lovely :)


  11. Emma Kate says:

    Oh!!! So many wonderful memories in the old — Chi O reunions, met my preacher !!, getting lost!! Looking so forward to making new ones!! And NOT getting lost!! Congratulations!! I am sooo excited!!It’s absolutely beautiful!

  12. Hooray for the internet man! I wish I could help you unpack some boxes in the beautiful new room.

    See how I offer to help when I’m thousands of miles away.

  13. Wow, look at all those windows! I’d love to have those, at least until it came time to wash them. ;)

    Glad you’re getting settled in and have the all important internet connection hooked up.

  14. You’ve been working hard all right! Those floors and windows are stunning!

  15. Oh my word, I can’t wait to see this. Beautiful!

  16. Those windows are lovely. Can hardly wait to see the rest!

  17. Wow. I love the windows. And the green paneling, of course. Looking forward to the tour!

  18. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Welcome home!

  19. Oh, my gosh–those windows! I bet that ends up being a favorite room. You know what it reminds me of? Don’t laugh…the palace at Versailles in France! I went there about 20 years ago, and I remember this room with a whole line of big windows/doors like that. There were crystal chandeliers lined along the ceiling. They said when the sun came through the window and hit the crystals, the room was full of rainbows!
    So…may you have many happy rainbows in your new home!

  20. Looks Gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see more pictures. Hope all is going well:)

  21. Beautiful! Enjoy your new home!

  22. Congratulations! I love,love,love all the windows!

  23. Oh, I am SOOO coveting those hardwood floors right now! I’m sick of the used-to-be-a-real-color carpet we have to deal with around here. With my three kids, I could support the carpet cleaning solution industry by myself.

  24. Looks awesome!!

  25. WOW! Can’t wait to see the rest! I bet you know exactly how the Christmas decorations will be set up!


  26. Wow,…I just want all those windows in my new house. Hopefully (after ALL is settled, for your sakes) we’ll get to see it on a bloggy tour of homes. We promise to wait very patiently!

  27. Wow. oh wow. Lovely!

  28. Those floors! Do not covet…do not covet…do not covet. I’m trying to tell myself but I don’t think it’s working.

    Enjoy! Glad you’ll be able to get settled before Christmas.

  29. I think if I custom built my own dream house, it might look just like that!!! Wowsers, it’s fantabulous!!! Take it easy, and keep us updated!! Can’t wait for a real tour!!! Tour de Boomama…..!!

  30. “And the Lord said, “Let there be light.”
    Well this is taken out of context. but when I saw all those windows, that’s what came to mind.
    How thrilling to have a new home. Let the artist in you have lots of fun arranging and decorating.

  31. Beautiful! We want more pictures!

  32. The house looks amazing! I’m very happy for you! :-)

  33. Wow! Your old house looks so different without the personal art hanging on the wall. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new house. =)

  34. looks nice