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Trying to sum up the last four days-o-moving would be impossible, but it’s actually been sort of fun – only it’s a version of fun that entails not knowing where any of my clothes are except for five pairs of flannel pajama bottoms and some Umbro t-shirts that I picked up at the outlet in Destin in 1998.

(I’m sad to say that I have been the antithesis of sassy these last few days – the place where sassy goes to die.)

But Sister and her hubby came down Friday from beautiful Music City USA, and they worked their tails off right along side us. Sister and I arranged furniture until the wee hours of the morning both Friday and Saturday, thus leading me to conclude that OCD is genetic. Because there is NO WAY that either of us was going to sleep until we had every chair, sofa and pillow placed, and when we finally gave up the ghost and went to bed, I think we both dreamed about the angle of the rugs and the placement of the lamps.

(I’m still not satisfied with the lamp placement, by the way, but don’t you fret: if it takes me the rest of my life, I will GET ‘ER DONE. Oh yes ma’am I will.)

Sister also hung the curtains in Alex’s room yesterday, and for those of you who have never seen my sister hang curtains (which I guess is basically, you know, all of you), it is a study in precision. And after much measuring, placing, leveling, examining, studying, drilling, bracketing and hanging, she totally transformed the little man’s room with her excellent window treatment installation skills (which she, by the way, will never deem as excellent, because she will look at the finished product and see five flaws that would go unnoticed by the entire world population except for her, and she will vow to fix those five things that are undetectable to the naked eye on her next visit, even though the curtains are absolutely perfect as-is).

As for Alex, he didn’t see his new house until late yesterday afternoon when Mama and Daddy brought him home, but OH! THE ENTHUSIASM! FOR EVERY! SINGLE! ROOM!



I think we can successfully categorize the child as an optimist. A very enthusiastic optimist.

Even this morning, as Alex was eating his whole grain bread with organic fruit preserves chocolate Pop-Tart, he looked around and said, “MAMA! Is this my kitchen? Oh, Mama – I LOVE MY KITCHEN! And MY PLAYROOM! I LOVE MY PLAYROOM!”

His playroom is actually a little sitting room off of the kitchen, and my friend NK had the brilliant idea to make it a place where Alex could entertain himself when I’m cooking or cleaning or whathaveyou. So I found an apple green shag rug at Lowe’s for $47, put a little TV and DVD player in there, added a few baskets of toys, plus a rocking chair, a Christmas tree, and a couple of mismatched pieces of furniture that Sister painted (and totally transformed) – and I adore it. It’s my favorite part of the house.

I’ll post some pictures later. After I, you know, take some pictures. Which is always a good first step in the picture-posting process.

So, in a nutshell, that’s it. We’re nowhere finished unpacking, we have a to-do list a mile long, and we haven’t even started hanging stuff on the walls.

But we love it.

And we’re home.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about you this weekend and hoping that all was going well with the move. I’m so excited for you and your clan. I will give you a call this week! Congrats!

  2. oh, it sounds so cozy!!!

  3. Can’t wait to see the pictures! Alex’s playroom sounds adorable.

  4. Welcome Home!

    The bloggy world has missed you, but we consider it a necessary evil, being as you had to, well, LIVE in your spare time and all.

    Wishing you all kinds of new blessings and happiness in the new digs!

  5. There is so much excitement in moving! My excitment and frustration are with every step of the way! Can’t wait to see the photos and any decorating ideas I can borrow!! happy settling in!

  6. Hoo-ray! Christmas in your new house will be so special! I love the playroom idea. Don’t you just love kids’ special sense of wonder for everything new? Enjoy your new home!

  7. Just found your blog from Chelsea Morning….love your writing. Best wishes on the move

    From another blogging Mom in Bama!

  8. Lea Margaret says:

    Oh! Boo Mama! I CAN NOT wait to see pictures! I can just see Sister now working her magic.

  9. Congratulations!

  10. First of all, congratulations on being semi-settled in your new home and I’m so glad that your little optimist LOVES IT!

    Secondly, how much would Sister charge to bring her window treatment skills to Texas?

  11. I have been checking all weekend for pics. Can’t wait to see them. Alex’s playroom sounds perfect!!!

  12. Congratulations! I’m glad you have settled in and are making it your own. The playroom sounds adorable and I’m jealous! We could use one of those. Looking forward to the pictures:)

  13. Oh, yay for you! If that picture below is any indication at all, you have yourself a beautiful house! And not a lick of shag … yipee!

    Congratulations! Have fun putting up all of your Christmas decorations!

  14. I’m so happy for you! Finally settling in to a new house that you love is wonderful!

  15. Congrats and welcome home! We recently added a keeping room like you have for Alex on to our house and it is our favorite place to be.
    Enjoy nesting!

  16. Kountry Skipper says:

    BooMama, it’s me again – the other Bama Mama who’s moving. I promise you, reading your blog is like reading a post about my own life! We moved Thanksgiving and are still searching for things lost in boxes – clothes, alarm clock, etc. – and getting settled in. Isn’t moving like Christmas? You find things you forgot you had, and it’s like getting a gift! I hope you enjoy every minute of getting your new house just right, and I can’t wait to see pictures. I hope to post a couple pictures for your tour. I feel very clever – I moved all my boxes out of the den (hee, hee) into the game room where no one will see!

  17. A new place is so much fun. Alex’s room sounds just right!

  18. I love the playroom, too. You can rest easy as a mom, because you did it much better than I did. I scarred my daughter.

    We lived in a Residence Inn for 3 weeks when we moved (so that she could start school on time). Actually–we all loved that, for a time. So, we closed on our house one afternoon, and I met the movers there the next day after I took her to school. The very first time she saw the inside of the house, she came in and it was full of boxes. I took her to her room and I had cleared a path to her bed, of course, and she said, “I thought it was going to be a real room!” Poor girl. I made it up to her by making a concerted effort to get her room done first and she was happy.

  19. I’m so glad Alex likes his new home. When my son and daughter-in-law moved into their beautiful new home last month, my two year old granddaughter declared in no uncertain terms that she did not want to go to the new house!! It has taken her all this time to finally decide she’ll live there.

  20. I’m so excited for you to finally be home, especially right in time for your first Christmas there!

    Alex’s “room” sounds precious:)

  21. Oh, I wish I had a sister who would come and help me arrange furniture and hang curtains! I guess either of them would come if I asked them to, but none of us are such perfectionists to actually get them done right. Your new place sounds fun!

  22. It just tickles me pink to hear you describe how Sister goes about installing window treatments. I love her! How exciting for all of you. Your description of Alex’s excitement just warms my heart.

    (I would have dreamed about all the angles, too. Definitely.) :-)

    Happy New House!


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