Let The Lovin’ Begin

UPDATED: Go here if you’d like to contribute to For Kelli. Thanks!

kellisidebar.jpgSometime back in the spring or summer – I really don’t remember when – I started seeing comments from Kelli on my blog. I have no idea how Kelli found her way here, but I quickly realized that she cracked me up. And one night, when I decided that I was going to devote myself to visiting blogs I hadn’t gotten around to yet, I found Kelli’s blog. Her warmth and humor made me feel right at home.

Kelli is married to a man she adores, and they have two wonderful children. She loves the Lord, loves to laugh, loves her life. I think that, even in light of her circumstances, she would tell you that she is blessed beyond measure.

But the fact of the matter is this: Kelli needs a kidney transplant. Desperately. She is currently on daily dialysis, though she can’t continue with it indefinitely. She has made her way through the bulk of the process to become an organ transplant candidate, and on the medical end of things, the prospects look pretty good. She needs a donor, of course, but in terms of her being a suitable candidate, everything looks fine. She’s been poked, prodded, questioned and tested – and she’s passed with flying colors.

Kelli has been on my mind and on my heart a lot lately, mainly because I can’t imagine being the mama of two teenagers and knowing that death is a very real possibility if certain events don’t fall into place. I’m blown away by Kelli’s unflappable spirit, her ability to focus on the Light in the midst of the darkness. And when I read this post over the weekend, I knew that I wanted to do something to help.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am resolved to just love on some people this year. Why? Because God cares about them. And Kelli, for me, is at the front of the lovin’ line.

Next Tuesday, January 16th, I’m going to have a button on my blog that will link you to an Amazon Pay Page that I set up yesterday. What I’m going to ask – and I know that this is pretty bold of me, but I’ve never been much of a wallflower, anyway, so why start now – is that the people who visit my blog that day consider making a donation to Kelli and her family. I’m not talking big bucks here – just $1.50. And if you don’t feel led to contribute financially, that is perfectly fine – I think it would mean just as much to Kelli if you simply said a prayer for her. But if you do decide to make a contribution, you can make a secure payment using your debit card or credit card through Amazon’s website. The beauty of this set-up is that neither Kelli nor I will have any idea who donates – the whole shindig will be totally anonymous (and you can donate more than $1.50, by the way – that’s just the minimum amount that I set).

Kelli quit work several months ago because, honestly, work was no longer viable with her condition. Her family has their health insurance through her former employer, and that will run out at the end of this month. What I’d love for us to be able to do for her is to cover a portion of her COBRA payments so that she can be free from the worry of being cut off by her private insurance. We all know that sometimes when it rains, it pours – and on top of the COBRA pressure, Kelli’s facing some incredibly expensive post-transplant medicines, the adjustment to being a single-income family, and, more than anything, the realization that if COBRA doesn’t come through – and if she and her husband can’t show the ability to pay for part of the transplant on their own – she’ll no longer be a transplant candidate. Without a transplant, quite frankly, she will die.

Kelli didn’t ask me to spearhead this thing – she knew absolutely nothing about it until I emailed her with my idea and asked her permission. But since I feel led to do something – and since I have the tens of you to tell about it – I think we can really do something special to minister to Kelli and her family.

And you need not worry. I will not be coming back to you month after month with a new cause, with a new Amazon Pay Page, with a new request for donations. This is the only bloggy lovefest involving money that I’m planning for the next, oh, ever. Just consider the $1.50 as your lifetime BooMama subscription rate, and know that I’m going to donate all the “subscription” proceeds to Kelli.

So all that being said, I really hope you’ll participate. Whether we raise $10 or $100 or $1000, my prayer is that Kelli will feel the love of her brothers and sisters in Christ – and that somehow, even just by donating $1.50 – we can play a small part in helping Kelli receive the gift of life by way of a kidney transplant.

Feel free to grab the button (thanks, Shannon, for your handiwork) and post it on your own blog…and if you need the code so that you can link the button back to this post, just email me and let me know.

January 16th is For Kelli. I hope you’ll make a point to be here.

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  1. Wow. I will certainly be back and will spread the word. Thanks for doing this for her. God can do things we can’t even imagine! Let’s just dream and hope and look forward to what He has planned with this endeavor, BooMama. :>)

  2. Boomama,

    Love your blog, first. Next, please help me. I would love to “grab the button”, and I think I do at least know what that means, but have no idea how to do it yet. Or how to link to other sites on my side bar. IF you have time, would you explain this so I can advertise this great effort? This is so sweet of you. I’m at trudot@aol.com Thanks

    First thing tomorrow I’ll email you with the code for the image and the link…all you’ll have to do is copy and paste it into your template – and I’ll explain how and where to do that, too. :-)

  3. I think this is what blogging is all about. May the Lord bless Kelli and show her something amazing next week. Thanks for the opportunity to support and bless another of us.

    I am thankful we worship a God “that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

  4. I think this is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your LoveFest.

  5. You have an awesome heart, my friend.

  6. I’ll be there. I was just over at Kelli’s blog tonight. It touched my heart in a big way, because my brother is a kidney transplant recipient. He is doing great (8 years) by the way! Kelli will be in my prayers AND I’ll be back for the button.

  7. Pardon me for gushing all over your blog, but I am SO GLAD you’re doing this! I would love to see Kelli walking and leaping and praising God all the way to the bank. Bless you, BooMama. Bless you!

  8. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    So glad you’re doing this, BooMama! I will be linking back here on the 16th.

  9. i think this is wonderful! i blogged about it and i went to kelli’s site and read. she’s amazing!

    you have a gift for helping others. i will post the button too if you’ll email me the link.
    chickadee226 at tds.net

  10. “. . .if you give a cup of water in my name. . .”

  11. wonderful idea!


  12. My pastor told a story once about Dallas Theological Seminary back in the 40’s. The seminary was a week or so from closing because they had no funds to operate. Well, one morning Dr. Chafer brought all the board members together for intensive prayer. His prayer was “Lord, you own all the cattle on a thousand hills. Please sell a few and give us the money.” That very morning, a tall Texas rancher strolled into Dr. Chafer’s office and gave his secretary an envelope. He told the secretary, he sold some extra cows at auction and really didn’t need the money. He thought the school might need the money so more pastors would get a good education.
    I am rambling on to illustrate that God can do ANYTHING. Importunate prayer is what Kelli needs.
    Great idea BooMamma!

  13. Boo- on behalf of my entire family I have to thank you for this amazing act of love. Your first email took the breath of of my chest. And your continued support throughout this entire process, day in and day out has been a treasured blessing. You keep me going girl- you really do.

    This is a blessing that you can never fully understand, even as we walk through it- we are not fully aware of all God is doing. The landscape of our lives from my first-in-a-year-full-blown-reality-check-meltdown Thursday to today has been unbelievable because of the prayerful support of everyone and God’s amazing grace.

    Every prayer means more than life itself to me. Truly. But, thank you for this. It’s almost a year to the day I was diagnosed. The gift I have received through starting the blog (Really just to post blood tests to the family at large cause I’m too lazy sometimes) has turned into a gift of friendship that I think we all become astounded at when it gets going.

    Well, I’ve hijacked this space enough. All i mean to say- Thank you. Deeply, Truly.

  14. First time commenter here…count me in!

  15. I’ll definitely take part! $1.50 isn’t even a tall americano from Starbucks. I think I can miss a few…

  16. Boo, I have no words. Having been where this family is- I cant tell you how much this will mean to Kelli and her family. What an amazing act of Christ’s love you have portrayed.

    Kelli and her family will be in our prayers, and I will definately donate- no questions asked.

    Thank you.


  17. God is working through you and he cares about you, too! I will definately be linking to you and Kelli in a post and donating. Thank you for spreading His word and her story!

  18. This is BEAUTIFUL! What an awesome idea. And what a great way to help others in this community of bloggers. I am really excited and thankful that the Lord has led you to do this. I pray with all my heart that God will bless this with a double portion of giving!
    Go Bloggiville! This is what the Kingdom is all about!

  19. BooMama, this is why I love you. Your heart is pure gold.

    I’m linking on the 16th, and I’m praying about the money raised, my contribition included. May it be more than our feeble minds can imagine.

    And for the record, your blog is worth so much more that a $1.50 subscription… (HINT, HINT to everyone donating)

    Praising God for using you to share such a wonderful idea…

  20. BooMama, thanks for giving us all the opportunity to be a part of this. I’ll be discussing with the Wonder Husband what part we will be playing. I’ve posted about this on my blog, and I hope that the folks that read it will help out, too. You are special!

  21. “BM”, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for doing this; I’m sure I will participate with my money as well as with my prayers.

    BTW, I checked the various links in the post, and the one for “Kelli’s blog” is not right. I think it has your URL added to hers. I’m not trying to be a pain, but I just thought you would like to know so you could correct it. I mean, the whole point of creating a link is so people can use it, right? (shyly smiling)


    Thank you, Revka! I’ll fix it right now! :-)

  22. Here’s a moving Kelli story. You know what she did? Monday afternoon, five minutes before we were walking out the door to take Rob to the hospital for surgery, Kelli called me and said a prayer for us over the phone. With all she has on her own plate, she did that. That’s why I love her.

    This is wonderful, Boo Mama. What a wonderful idea and I know this is going to be a huge success. She so needs to keep her COBRA payments going. I know from experience that it’s unbelievably expensive and some of us lost our insurance because of that.

    Soon as I get this baby down for a nap, I’ll link to you with a post on my own site. Bless you for this.

  23. What a wonderful thing to do Boo Mama! You definately have a HUGE heart!!!

    I will be there Jan 16th.


  24. The Lovin’ and Prayers have begun…count me in on the 16th. Luv you! T-Lo

  25. What a wonderful idea. I will be praying for Kelli as well.

  26. I worked on Kelli’s blog design some time ago and am as amazed by her as are you. I’m totally on board with your plan. I’ll be doing a post about it and linking back to you. If everyone who reads gives just the minimum we can make a “dent”. Praying!


  27. BooMama,
    Bravo! Wonderful, Spirit-led idea. Now this is how to glorify God through blogging.

    I won’t be absent the 16th.

    Love your heart, girlfriend, love your heart!

  28. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while and love it! Being from Alabama myself, I laugh out loud often while reading your posts! I have added you to my blog list and tagged you today for a book meme!

  29. You have such a big heart!! I hope you will share what the total amount raised is. I can’t wait to help!

  30. Oh, BooMama, this is such a wonderful thing for you to do! Blogging has opened so many new doors for people and what a great way to start spreading the love. I will be back to link up on the 16th as well as donate to Kelli’s cause! Thanks for doing this! With love and prayers!

  31. What a wonderful thing! Count me in!

  32. Button and link to this post installed. Will ck back for updates and God bless your awesome sense of caring and generosity! I’d like to think I’d have friends like you who would do what you are doing!

  33. Well, now I’m trying to type and wipe away tears at the same time! I just told Kelli that she and her story have really touched my heart in an unusual way, too!

    How exciting to be part of this–you’re the best, BM:)

  34. I’ll be there….on the 16th.

  35. Boomama, I’m so excited you did this. I’ve been hashing out what I could do but had no idea how to proceed with anything! You’re so smart! I’d love the code to link back here, if you don’t mind sending it to me!

  36. Hey Boomama,
    My son and I want to contribute. He is giving me his money he has been saving for that new xbox 360 game and I am donating my starbucks money for a month.
    We only think we have it hard until God places in our midst those who need us so much more.
    We also pray for Kelli and her family. God is so Good.

  37. ooops I will need the code def.

  38. Wonderful plan, Boomama…. I will be there too. I assume the pay thingy will accept foreign cards too?

    I THINK – I’ve been trying to figure that out. If it won’t work for some reason, just email me on the 16th and we’ll work out another way for you to contribute…I’ll see what I can find out between now and then.

  39. I need to wipe aeay my tears…
    such kindness and love…
    I’ll be here on Tuesday…

  40. Boomama,
    I have added a post on my site referring back to this. Again, thanks for doing this.

  41. BooMama,
    You have once again touched my heart, made me cry and I have linked you already from my blog! I don’t have near5 the readers that you do, but hey, 5 more people can read and maybe they will be inspired to help.

    Thank you for your Huge, Loving heart and thank you for sharing it with all of us in blogville!

  42. This is a WONDERFUL idea. May God Richly Bless Your Heart!

  43. I knew I liked you!! A true Southerner. We reach out to people that we meet through the internet. YOu are a wonderful person to do this. I have written a post and used your button on my site. I will remind everyone next week too!!

  44. Phyllis R. says:

    This post makes me so proud. Proud of you, proud of bloggers, proud of the above precious people. I love this idea and it will be my privilege to show this wonderful family love. After you linked to her blog, I went over and read (and read and read.) I cannot imagine -CANNOT IMAGINE- having to stop EVERY day, 4 times a day, for 45 minutes each time, to do dialysis. With a family. And a job. Let the giving amaze us, them, AND God!!!

  45. Honored to help, would not miss it. xoxoxo

  46. Found out about this via Barb’s and I think it is such a wonderful idea. I plan on contributing something, and will be praying for God to do great things for her!
    Thanks for doing this, Boomama…

  47. This is blogging at its best, BooMama. And never say never. If down the road you are urged by the Spirit to repeat the same, be your bold self. You set a fine example.

  48. Thank you sooooo much for doing this. I read about it at Barb’s A Chelsea Morning and have already added Kelli to my prayer list and my sidebar.

    Blessings to you.

  49. Okay, now that I’m all caught up I feel much better. I will be back on the 16th for sure! Thanks Boomama for heading this up. What a heart for the Lord and others!!

  50. I’ve never visited your blog before. Funny how I would be led here today. God is good, isn’t he? What a good friend you are to be doing this for her.

  51. I’m in…
    I wonder if all those very smart people who developed the internet knew how we could use it to really touch a life… the life of someone I won’t know until Heaven…
    How awesome is our God…

  52. I’m a friend of Jen Wilson(http://wilson-six.blogspot.com/) who turned me on to this page. I do not have my own blog – only a myspace page – I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment!

    I have worked for the National Kidney Foundation for 5 years. We do a great deal of work with organ transplantation and have a number of support groups set up for those waiting for an organ (any organ or tissue donation), as well as recovering transplantees. Please visit http://www.kidney.org and click on the Transplantation link for information. And can someone pass this information on to Kelli? I have a number of friends/volunteers at the NKF who would love to help her out in her time of need – whether that means monetary donations to help pay her bills (yeah, we do that) or support groups. We do it all.

    And if anyone has any questions, please feel welcome to email me at kimberje@hotmail.com or visit my myspace page – search for “yankeekim”. As I said, I’ve worked for the NKF for 5 years and it’s causes are near and dear to my heart.

    God Bless –


    Kim – I have chillbumps right now. I’m emailing this to Kelli – and praising God for how He’s working in our midst.

  53. hi- here via Owlhaven…..please email me the code and directions for the code and I’ll post- I don’t have a lot of readers but maybe this thing will spread like wildfire anyway! I’m in!

  54. I am blessed beyond measure.

  55. I’m in, but what percentage of the cut will Amazon get? Would it be more cost effective for me to just send you or her straight up Paypal or a plain old check?

  56. I am amazed at the response to this! Wow! God is good!

  57. I’m also here via Owlhaven….blessings on all involved with Kelli’s situation. May God rain down His love & care as we all pray for our dear sister’s life to be blessed.

  58. Hey BooMama – Kelli and I emailed and hopefully we’re on the road to getting her some administrative/financial help from the NKF. In the meantime, is this “button” that you’re talking about good to use on MySpace too? I’d make a fabulous blog like you gals have, but honestly, my myspace is just about all I can keep up with! Thanks – and thanks again for your kind heart. :)

  59. i am her via owlhaven…will be checking back on the 16th.

  60. Phyllis R. says:

    I came back to read these comments and I’m sitting hear in tears. Our God showed up here -HERE- in the last two days. He came bringing help, hope and LOVE. I don’t know one person of the 60 people who commented, and yet I love them all.

  61. I stumbled across your blog tonight and was reading back through some posts when this one about Kelli jumped out at me. I stopped by to visit her blog and will definitely be praying. Thanks for having such a caring heart.

  62. wow. Good for you. People like you truly make a difference in this world and thank GOD we have you around. I’ll be back on the 16th for sure!!

  63. I would love to ‘subscribe.’ But I can’t use a credit card. I can paypal a little something though.

  64. Heather told me to head over here and read this post. Brilliant idea my friend! I will link to you all on my Faith Lifts post on Saturday.

    I am heading over to read Kelli’s post now. God Bless! :)

  65. I am absolutely thrilled that you are doing this … Kelli’s been on my heart so much lately … I was starting to think I was going to have to figure out something like this!

    Thank YOU


  66. What a great thing to do for a fellow blogger . . . I hope she is blessed immensely by the giving hearts of others. :)

  67. Great idea – blogging gets people from all over the world. Count me in.

  68. Sorry that my ping-back got so long. Thank you for posting this. I am marking my calendar to return here on the 16th…

  69. There should be more people like you. Bless you… I have linked this to my site.

  70. I’m here via an e-mail from Sting My Heart. Word is getting out! I’ll contribute for sure. Thank you for spearheading this effort for Kelli.

  71. This is very nice of you. I pray that you have much success and I’ll see how much I can give.

    I’ve posted your link for Kelli on my blog today.

  72. Code please! Pam over at MarillaAnne sent me. I’m happy to link this up.

  73. I have never been to your blog before, but fond it though Faith Lifts – tonight. I am amazed at your devotion and by this whole story! I would love to post the button (once I figure out how) as well as if no one minds – figure out a way to run an auction for her giving one of my baby carriers with all proceds going to the family! With such a spirit, it’s amazing to me! It also reminds me that my own problems are so incredibly small in compairison! – Please let me know how I can help more!


  74. You are truly using the gifts God has given you for His glory and fulfilling the call to “love one another.” Just think what this world would look like if more of us stepped out in faith and obedience, like you have done, to be the living body of Christ to others. Bless you! Bless you! For allowing God to you use to call us to pray for and support Kelli!

  75. I’m here via Sting My Heart.
    Thank you for doing this. I’ll be a happy participant!

  76. First time here via Darlene (CWO). I’ll come back on Tuesday! My daughter has lupus nephritis, and may some day face the need for a kidney transplant if she comes out of remission. Thank you for doing this!

  77. Wow. I need to get over to Kelli’s blog. This is such an inspiring post.

  78. I’ve just posted in the hopes of spreading the word. I admire you for organizing this fundraiser!

  79. BooMama,
    How wonderful. I will join you in helping Kelli tommorow not just with a donation, but with prayer to our loving Lord who does all things well.

  80. Reminder posted on blog. Prayers lifted up. Off to the donation site. To God be the glory! ;)

  81. Such a thoughtful, kind and loving way to help a sweet blogger. I am blessed to be able to contribute and feel oh so glad to be able to do something for Kelli and her wonderful family.

    I just added the button to my sidebar and will help spread the word tomorrow. My prayers are with Kelli! She needs to keep that insurance!

    Thanks for being such an angel Boo Mama!

  82. What a FANTASTIC testament to friendship! I’m sure that Kelli is bolstered just knowing that people care so much. This was lovely.

    (I’m here via Mary’s post on Owlhaven :)

  83. I’m in and I’ve put the button, along with Kelli’s story up on my blog. Blessings to her and to you for heading this!

  84. Dh and I are in. A little late, but in. I am speechless at the total this morning, but our God is not. We are currently studying the Gospel of Mark and being reminded that an encounter with Jesus stirs obedience, service and proclamation of the Kingdom from us. It is a blessing to see believers respond with prayer and assistance in just 24 hours! Are you going to keep the contribution account open indefinitely?

    How wonder that you reponded to your son’s simple, truthful words and God has blessed.

    We are praying for Kelli and her family.

  85. Thanks for facilitating this ministry, BooMama!

    From one Montanan to another–

    Prayerfully and gratefully,
    Tara Barthel

  86. I’m in, too.
    My grandmother recently started dialysis and it takes so much of her time and energy, I can’t imagine a mom going through it. And then the fear of losing insurance and all of that as well.
    Kelli and her family are in my prayers.

  87. could you email me with instructions/code for a button to link back to here? thanks


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