However, Those Luv-It Jeans From Sixth Grade Were Mighty Fine Indeed

Today I called Emma Kate because I had a little news I wanted to share with her, but when I said, “I have some news,” she immediately assumed that I was pregnant. Which of course I’m not. And if I were? Hello? I would have totally told the whole internet by now.

For the record, I would like to state that the assumption of pregnancy is perhaps the very toughest act to follow in terms of storytelling expectations. Anything after that is a letdown. It’s like someone guessing that your husband gave you a trip around the world for Christmas – and then you have to say no, actually, he gave me hubcaps.

I know whereof I speak on this particular issue because when I was eleven my daddy proudly gave my mama hubcaps for Christmas, and Mama thought it was a joke because she had spent the entire month of November dropping four or eighty-six hints that she wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Daddy, however, believed that the hubcaps were a perfectly lovely gift because at the time Mama was driving a Ford that lost a hubcap whenever she thought about driving over a pebble.

Needless to say, Mama failed to see the merit in the practical nature of Daddy’s tenderhearted yuletide gesture.

And also needless to say, when EK heard my actual news this afternoon, she wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as she would have been over, say, a baby, so I just gave up on my story and instead asked her what she was doing, because as best as I could tell she was wadding up plastic grocery bags and rubbing them against the mouthpiece of her phone.

As it turned out, she was buying some jeans. I can’t remember the specific brand EK was purchasing, but I can tell you without hesitation that they were not in fact Mom Jeans because Miss Thing would rather cut her hair with a butter knife than wear anything with pleats around the midriff area.

This is after all the same girl who contemplated ending her engagement when her then-fiance’ (now-wonderful husband) questioned whether or not she “needed” a skirt she bought at Goldsmith’s, at which point Emma Kate called me in tears and said in all seriousness that there was absolutely no way she could marry a man who didn’t recognize the importance of a good skirt. However, she came to her senses about fifteen minutes later, and you’ll be glad to know that they continue to live happily ever after.

Anyway, EK told me that she doesn’t mind spending a little extra on good jeans because she wears them every single day. And she doesn’t know it, but her statement about wearing blue jeans every single day has provoked great thought on my part, because what I have come to realize over the course of this afternoon is that I am not a dedicated jeans-wearer, by and large. I mean, I have some jeans, but I am by no means a jeans-connoisseur. As long as I can get away with boot-cut, I’m happy. As long as that whole skinny jeans thing is water under the bridge, I’m good to go.

I think part of the reason for my lack of jeans-dependence is because Mama always discouraged them. I’ve told y’all before about her deep and abiding disappointment in what I was wearing the night D. proposed, and I really think that if I saw her wearing a pair of blue jeans – which, just to be clear, is something I have never seen in my whole life – I would probably require some sort of therapy to recover from the shock of it all.

I’ve never seen D.’s mother wear jeans, either, though she does have some “darling Liz Claiborne pants, I mean they’re not really denim but they sort of look like a darker denim with white stitching? And they’re not tight or anything, oh heavens no, but they do have a little stretchy stretch to them, just enough so that they don’t hug your hips and thighs but they’re not really jeans, heavenly days no, because you know really if you think about it, jeans are sort of scratchy! They are! They’re scratchy!”

So, in the interest of fully exploring this Deeply Important Topic, I have determined that I need to give jeans a more prominent position in my wardrobe. If you have a favorite brand that will not require me to withdraw money from Alex’s college fund in order to purchase them, please let me know.

And please don’t suggest that I buy anything even remotely resembling low-riders. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that the outcome of that particular fashion scenario would be a muffin-top effect so stunning that you’d want to slap some butter on me and warm me up in the microwave.

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  1. I might be snorting out loud right now. That last sentence has me in tears!

    My favorite pair of jeans are from the Gap, mid-low rise (Because I REFUSE to have the Mom Jean look as long as I shall live, even if it means I might be indecent if I bend completely over, which I am not limber enough to do.) Anyhow. They are boot cut and a medium dark blue. I love them so much I wore them until I was 27 weeks pregnant with Addison, and when I could finally fit into them again, I did a happy dance. Except that I could barely move:)

    And I’ll stop hijacking your comments now.

  2. Currently every pair of jeans I own is too tight. I wear them anyway, and can breathe better after a few painful knee bends. My favorites are J.Jill “Tried and True” in boot-cut. (They even had them in brown this fall!)
    I am sorely missing my thin capri khakis from Chico that I lived in all last summer. They are so much more comfortable than my too-small jeans.

  3. You might want to try the Oprah site because she recently re-ran the Jeans episode with Stacy London (What Not to Wear) with all the tricks of the trade of “how to buy/what you are looking for” when it comes to jeans. It might help.

  4. I just bought a pair at Kohls last week and found some with stretch and were boot cut. The brand was Daisy Fuentes.(sp) They are super comfortable. They don’t look momish. oh, and they were on sale. Gotta love that.

  5. I love my Old Navy jeans. I, too, was afeared of trying the low-waist version, but once I did, (all alone, in the fitting room) I realized that the “muffin-top effect” you describe was a misnomer. I wear the ones that are “just below the waist,” and they don’t squeeze my extra poundage above or below the waistband; on the contrary they are extremely comfy. I’m NEVER going back to “Mom Jeans!”

  6. Phyllis R. says:

    Sorry, I won’t be much help here. I was also brought up by a VERY southern mama and she taught us to dress UP. To answer the door. And to go to the store for milk. And to get on an airplane. OH, and going to the DOCTOR? Well that almost called getting out the church attire. But if I did have a few pairs in my wardrobe, and I’m not saying I have (because my Mom likes to read your blog) they might have come from the Gap.

  7. I too am cracking up at that last sentance. Hil-arious.

  8. Okay, I have to refute the person that encouraged you to go to Oprah’s website simply because the “perfect” jeans for my body type were $210. Um, no. So I went to my local Gap — where many folks seem to have gone. First, let me tell you, I am NOT your average Gap-model shape. So, I tried on about 35 pair of their jeans and I’m not even kidding. I think the ones I walked out with were ALSO the mid-rise boot cuts! Now I can order them from when they go on sale for $14.99 (some are on sale now for $9.99, but they only have size ‘0 tall’, so if your broomstick needs jeans, you’re in business!)

    And, you know, I finally do have jeans that I like and like on me, but my body is not happy in jeans. It’s either skirts or windpants. Let’s hope if I run into Momma it’s the former!

  9. It took me a long time to break down and buy jeans that didn’t come from Gap. It was like giving up on an old friend that used to be so faithful and true and then one day just turned ugly on you.

    So, now I’m like EK. I pay a little more for my jeans because I wear them almost every day. I figure Caroline can probably get a scholarship to college.

  10. Gap Long and Lean.

    Forgive my utter stupidity, but if you don’t wear jeans what do you wear? For comfy, everyday….?

    Mary, whose mind is boggled by a life without jeans.

  11. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Yoga pants, Mary. Yoga pants are our friends.

    And the people said, “Amen.”

  12. I am totally with Mary on this one. Do you walk around naked?

    I’m a good Southern girl but I moved to a place where no one knows me and I have fallen into the jeans trap. Now if I have to actually go somewhere other than Kroger it takes me 45 minutes of standing in my closet to actually put together an outfit!

  13. I live for jeans. If you have a Lucky Brand store, you will find informative sales people and a great pair of jeans. I used to swear by Gap jeans, but they went and changed all their styles, and now I can’t find a pair that I like. And I also have a pair of David Kahn’s from Nordstrom that Rock. My. World. But the price tag might send you into an early grave. I agree with EK. I wear them every day, and daggumit, I’m gonna look good in them. Hmph!! :-)

  14. muffin-top effect — thank you for now giving me a new catchphrase. Something other than “cankles” (you know – calves + ankles with not a lot of delineation between)

  15. Oh, my merciful, Heavenly days!

    I’ve been away from Blogland for a bit (I have an excuse note from my mother), and I feel I’ve returned just in time.


    Mom jeans and muffin tops! Jeepers Creepers!!

    Because I’m only 30lbs into my 140lb-weight-loss odyssey, my answer to this question wouldn’t be useful to you, but if you ever just hanker for Jeans By Omar (the tent-maker), I can hook you up!

  16. I like Old Navy because they’re cheap and they have a variety of lengths. I’m short and rather “egg-shaped” these days, but I like their “just below the waist” style. I like bootcut, although in my thinner days I did wear straight-leg. I also prefer dark wash because that’s a little more formal looking – you can wear them with flip-flops or heels. My “mom uniform” is dark jeans and a black t-shirt.

    I just found out today that GAP owns Old Navy. Everyone probably knows that, but it was news to me. I’d probably like GAP jeans, too, but they’re usually too pricey for me (and I have an Old Navy closer to me). I also recently tried on a pair of jeans at Nordstrom called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. They really did look nice and were about $80- $90.

  17. OK – Targets. They sell this line by Levi’s (I think) called “Blu,” and I swear by them. Just enough stretch to let you breathe if you’re bloated, totally comfortable, and cheap. They’ve lasted me 2 years and counting.

  18. Your brother says:

    Mama didn’t like blue jeans and wanted us to wear something “nicer.” I asked for a pair in 8th grade and they both turned their nose up. I did have a pair in 5th grade and I had a beer patch on the back pocket. I think it was Fallstaff beer. Jim McGinnis and your brother in law Scott had one on their back pocket and everybody thought it was cool. I did also have a pair in the third grade with my monogram on the back pocket but after the beer patch they were banned from the house.

  19. No use telling you the brand I wear unless you are thinking of coming to the UK for a holiday. Nothing fancy I can assure you. But you really do make me laugh out loud!

  20. Your brother says:

    I think mama thinks that blue jeans are something that you wear to the fields to pick cotton or bale hay.

  21. Oh heavens .. here I am, up far past my bed time .. laughin’ my tush (is that how you spell it?) off .. and I am sure wakin’ up those that have finally fallen alseep.
    I am an Old Navy gal as well. You can get ’em fairly inexpensively (Granny said we never say Cheap) and they do seem to have many shapes, sizes and colors. I am sooo with you on the skinny jeans, tell me again why those are popular again? Also, the zippers on the legs … what in the world are they thinkin’ bringin’ those back.
    Anywho, I apologize for the typo’s .. as I said, it is far past Frannie’s bed time.

  22. Muffin-top effect! hee-hee-hee-hee I love that!! I work with a couple of older, heavier women who insist on wearing these low-cut pants and (other than wanting to cry for shame) I’ve never before heard a term that fits soooo well!!! You are the greatest!

  23. hi! I never saw a single piece of denim or jeans in my Mom’s dressing room. I mean NEVER! The proper lady, LOL! But I grew up on those, and still wear them everyday :D I just go for levi’s, which lasts me years. No low riders either. My son and Hubby might faint or something :D

  24. My favorites are the Amanda jeans by Gloria Vanderbuilt for those of us who have a few pounds we are trying to loose. I get mine at JCPenny. My teenager even told me they looked nice on me.

  25. Sorry, no advice here… I’m still in maternity clothes four weeks post baby, while I wait for my body to decide where it’s going to settle at… THEN I’ll be doing some serious clothes shopping.

    That said, I hate clothes shopping with a passion.

  26. Listen, lady, run yourself to the nearest Macy’s and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, try on a pair of DKNY jeans. I have big hips, small waist, am very curvy… and these jeans are the most amazing things I have ever put on my body. The best part? They can be dressed up with a pair of heels b/c most of them are “trouser cut” or dressed down with a pair of tennies.


     Okay. Those are ADORABLE. Now I want to go try them on.

  27. My all time favorites are from Gap (boot cut). But recently I discovered the most awesome pair at Costco! They’re Gloria Vanderbilt, but they don’t say Gloria Vanderbilt anywhere on them. They have the cutest little button pockets on the back and just enough stretch to make them comfy. Oh, yeah, and they were $16!

  28. Well I don’t get to live in my jeans and thank God since they are a very elusive thing to purchase and be comfortable in (for me)….that said, I refuse to spend money – real money – on them. As you and I are in the same city, my jeans spots are easily found. ONE….my ultimate favorite pair can be found in a MISSES size at the local Mart store in a brand with initials FG. They are boot cut and I LOVE THEM (and so does hubby, so that helps)….TWO….my most recent favorite pair were a find at the local thrift store by the name of Salvation Army. They have great jeans and great prices. I got an almost new pair of Boot Cut Anne Klein’s from there for under 10.00…..and Wednesday’s are half price day…..SAVE UP and go check it out. These were nice enough to wear when we have JEANS day at work…so how’s that for a FIND. But I know Anne Klein jeans can be found at dept stores too!

  29. I agree about the Kohls brand Daisy Fuentes (sp?) They are stretchy but not indecent and come up high enough to hold in leftover baby fat but aren’t so high that you think your still stuck in the 80’s. Kohls is always having some big sale or other. Happy Hunting!

  30. dallimomma says:

    No one’s mentioned these jeans yet, so I’ll give you the heads up. Land’s End.
    Yes, they are a little pricey and their “sales” aren’t much to speak of but they are true to their advertised size. I am a plus size woman and wear the boot cut with a little stretch. They are more comfortable than any jeans I have ever owned and, big plus, they have a 5-pocket style in corduroy stretch also that is very cute and even more versatile than denim. I only own 2 pair and switch them back and forth regularly so the investment is worth it to me. Good luck in your search!

  31. First of all you need a pair of high heeled ankle boots. They look great with jeans and make you look taller and thinner. Also they are now on clearence at many stores. My currernt favorite jeans are ANA at JcPenney. I haunt the clearance racks of my local mall on my lunch breaks and these are constantly on sale or clearance as the styles change. These jeans have great details but don’t look like you raided your teenagers closet. When you find a pair you like take in the size you think you are, the size above, and the size below. Trust me on this. After procuring boots and jeans head on over to Old Navy. They have Perfect Fit Ts on sale often. These fit well but are not too tight. This year’s style is a little longer, ensuring you can move and bend without worrying about anything scary showing.

    Happy shopping!

  32. Zena Jeans are without doubt, the best hip jeans for mamas. Most of them have a touch of spandex in them and they just make me look better than I really do!!!

  33. I say wear you what you want. I’m a dedicated jeans wearer, but it’s because it’s what I feel comfortable in.

    Hey, I just noticed Michelle’s comment–I thought she had dropped off the face of the earth. . . .

  34. I wear Old Navy, just below waist, boot cut. I also have a pair of SONOMA brand from Kohl’s that are a petite size, also boot cut with a little bit of stretch. I like those because they are just the right length to wear with flip flops or my skechers. I also have one pair of ANA trouser style jeans from JCPenney. These are my go out jeans, as they are longer and need to be worn with heels. I love jeans, but have a hard time finding ones that I like. The 3 above have been accumulated in the last two years. Since I have been pregnant 4 times since 2001 I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to wear regular jeans, but I love them when I get to wear them.
    But, really, just stay home in the winter and then when spring comes get a few cute denim skirts and wear those. That is my plan.

  35. no advice from me — I like Calvin Klein’s jeans myself, but the last time I bought a pair was six years ago, so I have no idea how they are made these days.

    like you, as long as it’s boot cut, cool…


    ps – my Thursday 13, yesterday, was in honor of you and BigMama

  36. I am not a jean wearer either. They have never been comfortable to me. Put me in a dress anyday. (I’m weird.) I did splurge and buy a pair of sevens a year or two ago and they have been the best jeans I’ve ever had – worth the money. Look on e-bay – you can get expensive jeans for more reasonable prices. I’ve done it and it works for me!

  37. My two cents on Jean shopping…be prepared to try on multiple pairs (like 10+) before you find just the right fit. (I read through the comments and there are least 10+ different suggestions) And be prepared to spend a little extra for a designer look.

    Here are few things I’ve learned (from experience and from watching What not to Wear)…1) If you have junk in the trunk, you want no pockets or flat pockets. You do NOT want 3D pockets (like with snaps). 2) Go longer. Especially if you are shorter. Longer jeans (combined with flare or boot cut) give the elusion of you being taller and thinner. And you want the choice of shoes to be flexible (semi-flat or a heel). 3) Fit the largest part of your body and have the piece altered. Again, there is nothing like a good-fitting pair of jeans.

    I’m tall, but hippy. I like the boot or trouser fit. I have 2 pair of Lucky jeans that fit perfectly. They have a little stretch and come in long and x-long. I think I paid $100 for each.

    You will never look so hot than when you find the perfect pair of jeans. Believe me! Happy jean hunting.

  38. For the chunky butts of the world…If you can humble yourselves to walk into Lane Bryant, they have a natural waist, boot-cut jean that I LOVE!! I’m 5’5″ and I have to get a petite. Otherwise, I’m dragging them through the mud. You also might have to dig a little deeper in the humble department and go up a size or two. But it’s worth it!

  39. Head to Target or JCPenney. For $30 or less (not on sale) you can get a pair of Levi’s boot cut jeans that look like something out of a fashion catalog and have a little bit of stretch to them. They come in mid-rise and low-rise, and the price fits into my budget allowing me to buy more cute outfits for my toddler!
    Or if you want an alternative to jeans for the winter go for boot cut corduroy’s in a Camel or Chocolate color. They go with almost anything, can be a little more dressy looking if paired with the right sweater or jacket. Maybe you could wear them around your mom without the adverse reaction. :)
    -T (friend of the-mother-load)

  40. I so agree with the low rise thing. After Baby #6 I finally got down to a size 10 (and baby wasn’t even walking yet! Happens when hubs goes out of town for 3 months and you don’t get around to eating between Easter and Memorial Day) and I bought some at TJ Maxx thinking I’d be the cool, hip Mama. Someone had even bedazzled the pockets, so you know they were totally awesome. And then I spent all the day long with one hand grasping my butt seam and pulling them up with one hand.
    Then husband looked at me and now I’m back to the Motherhood brand.

  41. See, THIS is why you won that award over at CWO, Boo Mama. I’m literally choking half to death. I couldn’t tell you what my current hub caps look like if my life depended on it.

    Gap Regular Boot Cut Stretch. About $55. Guaranteed to prevent the muffin top affect.

  42. Love, love love the Style & Co. jeans at Macy’s. My NC town just got a Macy’s this year and now I know why I could never find a pair of jeans that fit. We just didn’t have the right store. The Style & Co. jeans are just $24.98 a pair and they have a bit of stretch in them (but not so much that the material looks like crepe paper, ya know?). Also, there is not an indecent proposal everytime you sit on the ground to read to or play with your kids.

  43. Levi 501’s.

    And I hope EK’s husband now recognizes the importance of a good skirt!

  44. I watched the Blue Jean episode on Oprah too and thought it was pretty interesting too. It had some great tips for all our different body styles. Unfortunately I think my favorite ever-so-comfy Levi’s 550 stretch…are….considered…. Mom Jeans.

    I think I’m supposed to be looking for dark mid-rise, straight leg jeans with a bit of stretch. Haven’t found them yet, but I guess I’ll look anyway.

  45. Emma Kate says:

    I am HOWLING at this post!!! Proud to report that not since 1992(the infamous skirt year) has my sweet man EVER asked me again if I just wanted something or if I needed it — it was a fantastic red skirt with horses for goodness sakes!!!

    Happy jean hunting!! I’m delignted with mine and plan on enjoying them for years!!!

  46. Well, I’m not going to be any help. I literally own one pair of jeans that I hate. To make it worse, they’re hand-me-downs from my MOTHER. Alternatively, I live in sweat pants during the colder months and shorts during the warmer months. I guess I ought to get busy working out and losing weight so I can follow all this good jeans advice and get a pair that I love. My husband, on the other hand, won’t wear anything but Levi’s 501 or 505 jeans. Ever.

  47. Pure Color. You will spend a fortunate on this brand but if you are serious about wearing them ever day, this brand is worth every cent!

  48. okay okay- fortune not fortunate….

  49. I have to go along with several others and vote for Gap Bootcut. A close second is Banana Republic Bootcut. Try the darker colors…they are more “flattering”. But, this comment comes from a gal with three stacks of jeans in her closet…
    #1 is the one pair I can wear now pile
    #2 is the pile I will be able to wear when I lose that pesky 10 pounds
    #3 is the “only if a miracle occurs” pile.
    I’m sure noone else can relate to this. ha!

  50. This morning I walked into the office of My Friend Erin-With-Four-Kids. She had her hands over her face and peered up at me through spread fingers. For a moment, I thought maybe she was crying. Then I realized she was laughing. By way of explanation, she pointed to her computer screen. Specifically, she pointed to the last paragraph of your post. I think, BooMama, you just might be the center of the blogging universe.
    That’s some superlative BooMamaness. (And, if you’re interested in my tips on what to wear if your legs are FREAKISHLY long — say longer than your dad’s or your husband’s — then I’ll be glad to oblige. But I’ll just hold off for now.) … And I do seem to be channeling my lengthy message-leaving proclivities now.

  51. If I can contort my body enough I will tell you the pair I have on now (that I wear all the time). They are….

    Levi’s Relaxed Fit 550 Boot cut (ouch).

    I buy them at, a little expensive – but fit me just right, like no others.

  52. Target’s brand of Levi’s are wonderful! Stretchy enough to be comfortable but not so much stretch that they’re falling off the rear end. $20!

  53. I totally have to admit to owning ONE pair of Lucky Jeans that were a gift from a friend. They were the best gift I might have EVER been given and then again, maybe they were the worst gift. I believe I will be purchasing another pair from SOMEWHERE…due to the fact, these are starting to fall apart and they are like wearing melted butter…they are not stretch (I believe stretch to be a bad word)…they are so comfortable and so NOT mom jeans. They are fabulous!!! So that is my vote, LUCKY brand jeans…oh, the best part, THEY ALTER FOR FREE!!!

  54. haha! :) Too funny!

    American Eagle, favorite fit. Online Only. They are “mid-rise”. And cool as heck! :)

  55. I 27th the vote for Gap jeans. They have a plethora of styles for all body shapes and good sales too. I personally do most of my shopping at our local Plato’s Closet because I can afford to breathe in there. I do have a lot ( a LOT) of jeans from Gap though.

    Thanks for making me laugh – always love coming to your place.

  56. Lee Jeans has a whole new line for woman. (They’ve updated!) They’re awesome. All different fits and they are almost all bootcut! I have mine on right now.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad to see so many women have actually found jeans they like or love and that actually fit. I hate jean shopping. Good luck with your search… and thanks for the giggle.

  58. I used to ear Gap years ago. I just haven’t tried any lately. I will one day. Then I used to wear Mavi’s. I loved them. My favorite was a Guess pair and I wore them so much that they just tore a whole in the knee. Boo Hoo Hoo. I need to buy more. I wear a lot of cargos and that kind of thing too when I am not wearing jeans. I NEVER wear skirts – except in the summer. I have found I look better in a skirt than in shorts.

  59. I am in total agreement with comment #56. I love my Lee jeans and they have a little stretch but you can’t tell by looking. I am a Southern girl too, if you can call 59 a girl, but I live in jeans and my mama doesn’t care or say a thing about it. I wear them everywhere but to church on Sunday morning, but I wear them to church other times. I didn’t mess my jeans up working in the fields either, I wore some old worn out shorts.

  60. I have a whole drawer full of jeans in all price ranges- You are not going to believe which ones are my favorite- TARGET’S Mossimo Premium! I have both the boot cut and the straight leg- Now, here is the difference between the fit- The straight leg is not as low rise as the boot cut- Either way, I love them both- they have light wash, dark wash and black-
    If you are short, you will need to get them hemmed with the original hem back on- however, you can afford the hem since the jeans only cost $19.99 on sale-I had a friend tell me about them and now the word is out- All my friends just love them-

  61. I cannot believe through 60 comments and none but me LOVES Tommy Hilfiger (sp?) boyfriend jeans, they are SUPER generous through the waist (no muffins), and COMFY. Also Polo Jeans Saturday Bootcut..a little less generous in the waist but leaner in the leg. And on sale around $40 a pair…they are the only jeans I will wear, and I wear jeans EVERY day.

  62. The “outcome”? Bwahahahahha!

    I love Boomama!

  63. I was laughing so hard I was crying reading your this entry and hysterical by the end of the last paragraph. I thought I was the only one psychotic about jeans but I can see now that there are many of us. I am glad I am not alone. I refuse to wear mom jeans and I’m almost 40…and a mom of two boys. I would live in jeans, a comfy t-shirt, and white tennies if my husband wasn’t attracted to the 40’s style of dress – not much jean-wearing in those days. Tailored dresses, high heels, long wavy hair as neat as a pin. Dream on. Anyway, I have the WORST time finding jeans. Thanks for your entry that elicited so many comments and advice which I am going to take…after I give birth to my twins, of course.

  64. What a hoot! So, BooMama, when are you posting about SWIMSUITS? Can’t wait!

  65. Wow, I thought football really got your Internets talking. Little did I know they were so rabid about jeans.

  66. Lea Margaret says:

    JEANSTAR! These are the best jeans EVER! I found them at Kauffman’s in PA. But I just did a Google search and you can find them at various places online. I think that I even saw some at Stein Mart one time. When I went back to PA in May they were all on sale because Macy’s was buying out Kauffman’s. I think that I bought about 4 pair. They are very resonably priced. They have just enough stretch. NO pleats. Boot leg, mid and low rise. I feel very sassy in them. All sizes, regular, petite, womans. They are the BEST! No kidding! (My mother was like your mother. I think I got my first pair of jeans-Chic-when I was in the 8th grade and only then because I started showing horses.)

  67. I’m not southern. Midwestern. Hoosier. In fact, I grew up on a *farm* in Indiana, so jeans are all I know.

    I’m now a mom of four with Flab as my constant companion. Two times I have found the ideal jeans with the ideal “rise”–must be mid-rise–and they actually act as a girdle, holding Flab snugly in place without binding me.

    I’d give you advice on where to get them, if it weren’t totally useless.

    This is because I get my jeans at Goodwill.

  68. On second thought, before I take the advice of some of these ladies, I think I’d like to see a picture of them in their jeans!

  69. You are abosolutley hillarious. A friend of mine somehow found your blog and we have shared it with many other southern sisters… anyway, that is my FAVORITE SNL clip. I was just telling someone about it the other day! My favorite jeans are the boot cut CURVY jeans from the GAP! They run about $50 – $70. I love ’em!!!!!

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  70. I went to Steinmart(s) tonight and almost laughed out loud thinking about how many times you mention it in your blog! I don’t go very often. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t been there in a year and it’s about 3 miles from where I live. But I decided tonight that I should go there more often. They had lots of cute stuff!

  71. This is just too hysterical! Let me just say,I would love to go jean shopping with you! We would have so much fun!

  72. BooMama, I have been lurking on your blog for some time now and this ever so important topic has urged me to comment. I was just reading in Real Simple today their review of jeans. I bet you could go to their website and get the lowdown. I was pleseantly surprised at the price range. And though I am a bargain shopper to the core, I do believe jeans are an area I can splurge. Just recently I cleaned our house out (over a span of time) and used the cash I found (which is slightly distrubing) to purchase a new pair of Paper Denim and Cloth Jeans. I told my husband they were an inexpensive pair of expensive jeans. And I was able to go down a size in them which sealed the deal. Also, they have a higher waist (not too high) which I definitely prefer. I like Old Navy jeans but they fall apart rather easily (but if you don’t wear them a lot that may not be an issue) and am a HUGE fan of Gap Long and Lean. Unfortunatley, since my 2nd pregnancy I haven’t been able to squeeze myself into the pair I own (so I moved on to new jeans) but they are very flattering. Also, heard lots of good things about jeans from American Eagle. TJ Maxx is a GREAT place to find expensive jeans (designer jeans, my best friend purchased a pair of Paper, Denim and Cloth jeans from there) at a much lower price (they should ask me to do a commercial) and Sam’s Club (do you have those near you?) have had Joe’s jeans (which are a great fit) and True Religion (personally not a fan, but may work for you) so it’d be worth checking there. They are usually 1/2 price. Oh and E-bay is a GREAT source. If you got to the store and try on jeans (to confirm size), usually you can find them on E-Bay. Sorry I talk a lot which translates into typing a lot. Keep writing because I love reading you! Jenny Beth

  73. My daughter would tell you that they have to be “over the shoe.”

    Else, they are not cool.


    My only requirements-

    Clean. Fit.Kind of fit.I can breathe.

    That’s pretty much it. Hope this helps…

  74. Once upon a time I wore nothing but Levi’s, but after having two kids to clothe, I discovered that Arizona jeans last just as long and fit just as well. At least they used to. And they’re a lot less expensive, which really is the deciding factor for me now that I outgrow them before I wear them out. While shopping with my girls, I found two pair of jeans on the clearance rack at JC Penney, and I don’t even know what brand they are, but a) they fit well and b) they were only $14.99! I love me some Penney’s.

  75. Currently I’m in the “My regular clothes are too tight but my maternity clothes are still big” stage it’s hard to find any pants that are comfortable. I’ll have to check back with you soon : )-

  76. Jeans have been a sore subject for me since the birth of my 3rd child…well actually, since the birth of my first if I am being honest. I much prefer sweats:)! But since I do have to leave my house from time to time, I have been forced to re-enter the world of jeans. I am currently wearing “IT” jeans. They are considered “low rise” (not too low, though) but they come up a bit in the back so as not to show the whole world your “business”. They aren’t too expensive either. :)

  77. I say stretchy pants….skip the jeans.

    Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

  78. I wasn’t going to comment because you have like a million to read already. Your title just made me laugh. I loved my Luv it jeans in 6th grade. I had the Mork and Mindy broken egg shell jeans, the lipstick jeans and I think lips on my back pockets. I do remember that I was thin yet still had to lay down to put the jeans on. Over the last several years I have bought one pair of Lucky’s that I really liked, but we couldn’t eat out for two weeks so I could look hot for the hubby. Actually that was 3 years ago and now the I have the muffin effect in them. Not a look I want either. I like my daisy fuentes, and I also have some Calvins I like that I got at Dillards. They are mid waist-holds it all in nicely.

  79. I can never find jeans to fit. Currently I like to wear Lee’s. I actually buy them at Wal Mart for under $20. That works for me!!

  80. I’m coming back to comment because you can’t stop at ONLY 79 comments; you need a #80:)

    Writing about blue jeans evidently touched a SERIOUS nerve–I’ve never seen so much advice in my life.

    Happy hunting:)

  81. I love me some Goodwill – and I just came back and bought a pair of J. Crew and Levi’s (new!) jeans. $7.99 each, baby. And they fit GREAT.

  82. I have been reading your blog for a little over a month and you are just too funny. The muffin top comment had me just rolling. I am the SAHMommy to 3 precious little boys and things just don’t fit the way they did..(I’m currently working on that). I can totally agree with post #11. Yoga pants are wonderful. I recieved an e-mail yeaterday that Talbot’s (my favorite store) had now marked everything 60 to 70% off…so off I go. Sitting on the rack in my size was a very cute pair of jeans, so thinking of you post, off I go to try them on….and they actually fit. I am not a jeans person at all, but yesterday I bought my 1st pair of real jeans in about 10 years (on sale too…reg. $68 and I paid $24). So my suggestion of a brand is Talbots.

    Happy jeans shopping and thanks for all the wonderful posts to your blog.

  83. Steve and Barry’s. The best deal EVER($10) on jeans and they’re quite comfy and durable (and you can get them in bootcut). I sure enjoy your blog! :)

  84. Boomama, you’re soooo comical with your descriptions! I love it, love it, love it!!! My legs and rear are on the heavy side and I, too, hate the “muffin-top” effect. Carolina Blues from CATOs fit me really well and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans do, too. Whenever I’ve tried on a pair of them that fit me perfectly, my jubilation always turns to shock to realize that there are other women out there built like I am or they wouldn’t make them, right? Oh, my! I agree with #68……I think I would like to see some of those advising in their jeans of preference. More often than not, girls and women wear jean too tight and too low cut with shirts too small and too short. The “muffin” effect probably could be avoided if the jeans were a size bigger. The sight of someone’s flabby gut isn’t attractive whether it’s male or female. Can’t wait to hear the results of your own jean-shopping. Love your humor!

  85. My favorites are called Duplex by Tyte Jeans (or vice versa? Tyte by Duplex?). Very flattering, and you can get them for about $15 at Ross, T.J. Maxx, or Marshalls.

  86. My favorite jeans are St. Johns Bay boot cut relaxed fit from JCPenney. They’re incredibly soft, and they aren’t stretch. (I hate stretch – you may love them, but the one pair I own bug me to death because they slide down even though they are the tightest looking jeans I’ve ever owned.) I couldn’t find the relaxed fit in the store the last time I was there, but they are online, and they’re around $30 when they’re not on sale.

  87. Been away and missed this post — hilarious! My southern mama wears jeans for casual outings, but they are ironed with mega-creases and could stand up by themselves! I love my New York & Company jeans.

  88. How funny. I have on jeans today. My one and only pair. I wear them maybe 5 times a year and that is stretching it.

    I am a shorts wearer all year round. I really don’t find jeans/any long pants worthwhile and comfortable. I get too warm indoors usually so shorts are great.

    Right now it has been too cold and I had to travel today so I needed to be “smart” in case we broke down or something and has been below freezing all week. Yeah, today it broke the freezing mark and it is a whopping 34 degrees right now! Tomorrow will be back to shorts and comfort!

  89. I love my Jeanstar jeans! I wear their Elle (mid-rise) style with a little stretch and they have a nice generous boot-cut leg to go over my stiletto boots. Love the style and the fit. Also love the design on the pockets. The inseams run a little long even on the short length so I wear heels with them and when I do wear sneakers I have to roll them up or else I’ll destroy the hem or get them wet if it’s raining. I get them at Macy’s for around $30. Love these jeans!!

  90. Okay, no one mentioned real Wrangler jeans(not the wal mart version)I wear these everyday at the veterinary hospital and to ride horses in-they are not cool I guess as they are definitely not low rise(I think they do make them now) as that doesn’t help much in the saddle BUT they have flat seams on the inside so they never rub while riding–that’s why all cowboys wear them..and you can get them in 36″ and higher lengths which stack nicely over boots. But I will say that I just purchased a pair of LUCKY LOLA bootcut midrise and they really make your but look great..but the longest in store length is 31″–is that “ok” to wear over nice fashionable going out leather boots?not cowboy boots at all–I mean Macy’s leahter $150 boots! the girl at the store looked at me like I was nuts and said “what do you want them to drag the ground or something?” no but I am five nine and 140 and 43 not 20 so I don’t know all the time whatis supposed to look ok and not try to look too juvenile you know?


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