I Tried My Best. I Really Did.

I’ve been trying to write a post on and off for the last couple of hours, but the fact of the matter is that I just can’t do it. I can’t concentrate.

Because my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs are going up against the Florida Gators tonight in basketball.

Florida, by the way, is the NUMBER ONE TEAM team in the country.

And I’m as nervous in a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

The good news is that we’re playing at home. At The Hump. It’s gonna be rowdy.

Truth of the matter is, it’s gonna be rowdy right here in our living room, too, because I really do believe that if I scream at the television loudly enough, I can most certainly affect the outcome of the game.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put on my MSU Basketball t-shirt. The one that I was wearing at this game, which, as I have mentioned, was one of the best days of my whole life ever.

In addition, I have a great deal of pacing to do before the game starts.

And a child to get to bed by 7:30, so that I have sufficient pre-game time to mentally prepare myself.

(You just think I’m kidding. But D. will vouch for my insanity.)

Lest you worry, I’m not the only one suffering from the basketball crazies: Sister will be cleaning up a storm tonight at her house, as is her custom when the Bulldogs are in action. We both like to dust and vacuum during basketball games especially, as there has to be some outlet for all the nervous energy. Cleaning seems to work better than, you know, jumping up and down until we hyperventilate.

(I’m thinking our game-watching OCD is probably genetic. And I totally hope that Alex has inherited it.)

So I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

Unless the Bulldogs win, in which case I’ll be back here late tonight posting the score in a 72 point, chartreuse green font. Because I’m subtle and understated like that.

Go ‘Dogs!

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  1. I’ll ring my cowbell for you and the Dawgs. It starts soon, but alas, we’re watching Idol. We’ll be checking the score during commercials though. Go Dawgs!

  2. Tommy’s at the game – hyper and excited as I’m sure you are, too!

  3. BooMama…heard a joke tonight at church and thought of your vase post earlier in the week.

    What is the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist?

    The methodist will speak to you in the liquor store. :)


  5. Sorry to do this to you b/c I love your blog, but….GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!

    Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, WE’RE #1 IN THE COUNTRY FOR FOOTBALL TOO!

  6. You are too funny! I just don’t get into sports for some reason but I’m glad there are people who do. It’s makes life fun!!

  7. I am from Florida so all I have to say is… Go Bull dogs!
    Want a laugh? Go see my favorite triplets at Lots of Scotts and get a laugh!!
    Hope you win tonight Boo.

  8. I feel the same way you do about my North Carolina Tar Heels! And Florida won it all last year….so, Go Bulldogs!
    I just checked the score by the way, hope it contiues that way!!

  9. I am a huge Tar Heel fan like Melene and I totally understand how you feel.

    Just checked the scores, though. Sorry. It was close; that’s good, right?

  10. There is NOOOOOOO Wayyyyy they would have beaten Florida

  11. Night, night, Alex. Sleep tight, Sweetie. If you can. With that crazy mama of yours.

  12. Unfortunately, I’m terribly indifferent. ::wince:: Please don’t shoot me. It’s not my fault that I didn’t have the privilege of growing up in a game-night-screamin-n- hootin-n-hollerin home like Alex does. You can take that one up with my mama.

    But, I just have to wonder… how exactly nervous *is* a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers? Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one, either…

  13. I was so sad that I couldn’t watch the game! I don’t ever get to see
    MSU games out here in TX unless they’re on nationally. I’m so proud of our Bulldogs though. What a close game! Besides…we’ll beat the tar out of them in the conference championship!!

    I LOVED reading your posts (this one and the one you linked back to about the Alabama game)! I too scream like an idiot when my beloved Dawgs take the field or court. The funniest thing I’ve ever done while watching a football game was diving from the couch onto the floor with my arms stretched out…I guess I thought it would help the wide receiver catch the ball. My husband just looked at me like I was from outer space. :)

  14. No post in 72 pt on the score. That can’t be good. Of course, here I am checking your blog to see if a team that I know nothing about, has won.

  15. LOL, you sound like my sister when it comes to Ohio State football. You two could be related.

  16. I hope you are not mourning too bad this morning!

  17. My brother and his wife went to MSU, so I was cheering for you/them. Sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to!

  18. 3-point, heartbreaking loss.
    Just heartbreaking…kept my whole house from sleeping well last night.

  19. What happened at the end????? Why burn the clock and then shoot for two??? Why?? Why?? Why?? On a happier note, we are heading to Starkville Saturday for the South Carolina game, and Jody is almost GIDDY about it (as is MR– who had her pompoms out last night doing cheers– loudly).

  20. Laura,
    Davis had his pompoms out last night too. We let him stay up for the whole game, which was ridiculous on our part.

    Poor, poor clock management during the last 1:30 of the game. We could have/should have won that game.

    Also, the freshman point guard, Ben Hansbrough (sp?), should have been on the floor (in addition to Stewart and Gordon) during the last 2 minutes, not just the last 3 seconds. He is smart and a good decision maker.

  21. i know how you feel….my only team i am that obsessed with is the Redskins. The way I look at it, my Directv bill is way lower than therapy would be.

    Sorry it didn’t work out.

  22. Yes, Daph– you hit upon the problem. We didn’t look smart at the end; we didn’t look like a college team. I, too, wondered why Stewart wasn’t shooting at the end, but my friend at the game said Stewart was covered up at the end, so he wasn’t available for shooting (so to speak).

    We put Mary Ranie to bed at halftime– much to her (and Jody’s) chagrin. However, she did put each one of us in charge of a pompom. :-)

  23. Didn’t see this last night, so I’m G.L.A.D. I didn’t try to call- LOL.

    However, I do have to ask- after NOT letting A. run after the FedEx man the other day, you robbed him of the chance to watch you maniacally in action at the game?

    Shameful. Just shameful.

  24. It’s so nice to hear of another female here in blogland who knows how to get into a game! My hubby just rolls his eyeballs and shakes his head.

  25. your blog is always so fun to read!!!

  26. Okay. . .I’m beginning to worry that the Dawgs lost and that it was by a wide margin–or maybe they won and you’ve been celebrating all day?

  27. So I don’t guess 8 o’clock would be a good time to call for a long heart-to-heart?