My Big Fat Bloggy Error

You know how sometimes you can work on a post over the course of a couple of days? Maybe even during the commercial breaks when your beloved alma mater is playing the number one team in the nation only to lose by three points?

And then you put the post away for a little while, work on it some more, take your young’un to the playground to clear your head for awhile, and then put the finishing touches on it before supper?

And then you see a mistake or two you need to correct, and you’re trying to do sixteen things at once, and instead of selecting a couple of words that you’d like to delete, you select the whole post and then delete it? And then you blame the spambots because you’ve grown so accustomed to hitting the “delete” button thanks to the 600 spam comments that you’ve gotten over the last week that you’re completely desenstized to what the “delete” button actually does?

And then you flail and flog yourself?

I might know a little something about all of those things right now.


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  1. Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.

    But, we still love ya’.

    And yes, it’s happened to me. Too many times to count.

  2. So sorry… but please don’t flail and flog too hard. Some of us still got to read it before it, uh, disappeared.

  3. Oh nooooooooo! Is it the one about Las Vegas? Oh, that was a good one. Well, I enjoyed it before it went poof. That is REALLY frustrating. ((hug))

  4. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Ugh!!! How frustrating!!! So glad I got to read it before it vanished!!! (See….just one more reason to justify my multiple-times-daily checking of BooMama’s blog….you never know when a “gem” might up and disappear on ya!) I especially loved it because I was just in Vegas last weekend on a “kid free” escape with hubby, who was there for a work conference. Ahhh, the memories! :)

  5. I’m so sorry about the error. How frustrating! Did you know if you hit the CTRL key and the letter Z at the same time it will undo your last action? I know you found your post and it doesn’t matter now, just good info to have!