The Bestest Link Of All

For several years my daddy has maintained a webpage of his own. It’s a password protected deal where he posts pictures of grandkids, fourth cousins eight times removed, and basically every possible morsel of genealogical minutiae that you could ever want to know about our family.

A couple of weeks ago D. decided to see if Daddy had posted anything recently, and later that day when we were in the car, he said, “Hey, your daddy linked to you.”

“He did what I’m sorry huh?”

“Your daddy linked to you. He mentioned something about your blog on his webpage.”

Now if it’s hard for you to understand why I was a little shocked by this information, it’s because it’s only been in the last six weeks or so that I’ve known that Mama and Daddy are active readers of my blog. Daddy says that he has to “log on” and then pass the computer to Mama, and in fact just this last week Daddy wrote me a sweet email that congratulated me on my “recent blog awards” and went on to suggest that maybe I should “back up all of your blog posts into some sort of database, as Mother and I think that maybe one day you could compile them all into a book.”

I couldn’t help but picture me standing at a copier, painstakingly running off copies of each and every blog post, then putting the pages through a three-hole punch, placing them in a vinyl binder, and then asking Alex to put one of those title stickers he just made with some markers in the center of the binder cover. It’s sure to be a best-seller!

Anyway, I logged onto Daddy’s webpage, and after a little bit of clicking around, here is what I found:


Where do I even start?

First of all, one of my favorite parts of Daddy’s blurb is that I’m “a blogger at,” mainly because the word “a” implies that I am but one blogger on a staff of many here at BooMama, where we toil furiously in the blogging trenches to bring you some of the very best mediocre writing you’ll ever find on the interweb.

Second, the part about him not wanting to brag? Totally sweet. I don’t care how old I am.

Third, I love it when he says that I have “a large reading audience, nationwide.” I’m not so sure about the “large” part, but when I read it I thought, “DON’T TELL MAMA THAT SOME CANADIANS READ, TOO! IT’LL BLOW HER MIND!” And then she’d call me and say, “You mean they can see your blog IN CANADA? Well I had no idea. HOW IN THE WORLD do they do that?”

I also giggled when I saw, “it is different than most of what you read,” because it’s just a little bit ambiguous about whether it’s different in a bad way or different in a good way. However, I have to admit that it definitely is different if your normal reading material is a newspaper or magazine. I mean, consider the sheer volume of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points! They don’t allow those SOPHISTICATED WRITING SKILLS in those fancy printed publications!


Finally, I thought it was very gracious of Daddy to point out that my writings are done “mostly on the spur of the moment” because I don’t “have a lot of spare time.”

In other words: don’t expect too much, people. She’s frazzled and crazed. SHE’S FRAZZLED AND CRAZED!

All in all, I thought Daddy’s post was delightful. Being in your 30’s doesn’t mean you stop enjoying some parental encouragement. And while I’m sure that some of my distant relatives were a wee bit horrified by what constitutes “writing” in my little corner of the blogosphere, I’m glad that a few of them might know where to find me now.

(Sidenote: if you ask my mama anything about my “website,” she’ll tell you that I have “a blog on Google.”)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to “backing up my database.”

Or, you know, watching “Little Bear.”

We’re busy as bees, people.

And on behalf of all of the writing staff here at BooMama, I want you to know that we’re going to continue to crank out as much writing product “on the spur of the moment” as we possibly can. That is what we do.

All one of us.

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  1. INTERNATIONAL readers, if you please! This is so sweet…… And a Dad with a website is just as impressive!

  2. I can’t BELIEVE I was first! My day is made. I am in England, and my sister reads your blog in Switzerland, and my daughter in NZ.

  3. You tickle my funny bone. Heehee!! Gotta love good ole dad.

  4. I think its great that your Daddy brags about you so. How Sweet!

  5. I can’t believe how you made that so funny! How do you handle such a gift?

  6. Well, I for one must have a great appreciation for frazzled and crazed since I’ve been coming back for more since almost the beginning of your blog.

    And we never outgrow needing praise from our parents, no matter how we or they are.

    Isn’t this amazing? Oh, it’s just amazing! It’s just the most amazing thing! ;-)

  7. Diane, I do believe you have mastered the art of speaking “Martha-ese.” I should send you a certificate or something. ;-)

  8. And for the record, when asked about their other daughter, Mama and Daddy say, “Yes, we have one.”

  9. This entire post made me laugh and clap my hands. It is priceless.

    Let me know when you’re going to Kinko’s as I don’t want to get in line behind you.

  10. Isn’t your daddy just the sweetest thing!?!? Gotta love that parental encouragement!

  11. Nationwide? Try worldwide! Wait til mama hears that!;) I’ve been reading from Okinawa Japan :)-heather

  12. Phyllis R. says:

    Sister!!! You can just come and sit at the table with all the rest of us non-blogging blog-lovers. : ) Let’s think up some fun stuff to do or awards to not give out!!
    : )

    BooMama, your Daddy is precious. Does he read the comments, too? I hope he does because I think that each of us Daddy’s girls has a soft spot in our hearts for a proud pop.

  13. How sweet is that! I know you may not be interested, but you can get your blog bound into a book check out

    They actually have a program that they call the “blog slurper” that will “slurp” up the content of your blog, and then format it for a book.

    Your dad would probably love to have a copy. :)

  14. That is just the sweetest thing! Your Dad sounds cool!

  15. Laughing so very hard. Your Dad is so sweet, and you are too humble. You have a gift…and I have a degree in English…with an emphasis in Women Writers…so don’t argue with me. I am clearly well-qualified to critique you.

  16. I have been quietly lurking, but avidly reading, now for about 3 or 4 weeks. (I even had fun reading back through the archives! What fun!!) How excellent to have your dad write that about you. And, tell me you don’t really do it on the spur of the moment…. Come on, how can you be that funny all the time??? I really do enjoy starting my day with “giggles from Boomama.”

    Thanks for the enjoyable writing!
    Shalom, Kim

  17. Just a note to say how much I enjoyed this entry. Please cherish the fact that you have a father who is a) interested in something that his daughter is interested in, b) who is computer literate and c) a loving father that thinks what you do is special (it is, btw) :). I lost my father 3 years ago and I miss him so much. He never had any idea what I was doing in life (most of my school years, he didn’t even know what grade I was in) but he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED me and I, him. Give your Daddy a squeeze for me the next time you see him :)

  18. Aaawwwwwwww. Sweet, sweet daddy.

    I’m going to go check out my family tree sites just in case I would have the good fortune to discover we are related. Then, if we are, I’ll post it at the top of my blog and that will be my claim to fame.

    Of course, chances are slim….

  19. That is the sweetest thing. You are so lucky to get that kind of support from your dad. Congratuations to you and all the writers at BooMama. ;o)

  20. Awww…that is so sweet.

    Well, guess who took her afternoon break watching Little Bear this afternoon? Guess whose youngest child is seventeen? :)

  21. Now, that blessed my heart…how sweet that your daddy gave you a plug on his own blog of sorts…
    I still say, why give it to them for free when I KNOW you could get paid for it…wait, then that would mean I would have to pay to read….
    Nevermind, Boomama…you just keep givin’ of your generous lil’ ol’ self….

  22. Hunny, you have a reader in Australia. My husband came up to me last night and asked “who’s this Boo-something-or-rather person?” (he’d been looking at the history for some reason)
    “Yeah, her”
    “Oh, just some chick I read. She’s hillarious”
    “Yeah, I know. I got stuck reading her stuff. Nearly wet myself.”
    “Now you know why I go through knickers like I do.”

  23. Your entry today has made me remember to thank God for my own Daddy. Something about those Daddies….

    Love you, BooMama.

  24. That is great! And thanks to you who put up the info on making a book of the blog! I have been wanting to figure out how to do that…

    It’s great to have parents so involved in your cyber life! I love knowing that my mom reads mine!

  25. Awww, how sweet. Your Daddy is proud as pink of his blogging girl! BTW, you said you questioned his comment on your “large” nationwide audience…well, I am here to tell ya…I am pretty large! LOL

  26. how cute…you know there are places that will make your blog into a book for you…not sure where but when i see the links on other blogs i will pass along..i am sure someone will know and tell you.

    my mom sent me a funny email last was chatty and then said “oh this is fun i think i will go buy a laptop for home so i can really get into this emailing thing” she was emailing from her doubt her cute little “girl who helps me around the office” opened up yahoo and told her what to do…so funny.

  27. Wow, next thing you know it’s gonna be BooMama, INC. or something, what with all your staff and those who for sure would risk an investment in you and your blawg. You’re gonna go public and everything if Daddy keeps putting you out there on the internet. And I was thinking how many different Mamas you must have on your staff there at….SisterMama, BigMama, SweetMamma, Martymamma, ya know and the list goes on and on….keep it up and your sweet Daddy will have more reasons to be braggin’ on you! That’s just precious that he would do that!

  28. I think this is my favorite post of yours so far! First, because of your Daddy’s precious and sweet words (priceless!). And second, because you made me giggle out loud at least five times. My husband, who’s sitting across the room, keeps saying “What? What is it?” And I tell him, “I’m reading BooMama. It’s a really great one, tonight.” And because Blog is a second language in our house, he instantly understands (or pretends to, at least).

    On a related note, ever since my mom decided to “do that Internet thing,” I get lots of interesting phone calls from her. She once left a message, asking me if it was possible that her computer “stopped catching emails” because she hadn’t heard back from a friend and it had been at least 6 hours. :)

  29. i am laughing out loud. that is the sweetest thing ever! as a daddy’s girl myself, i have to say that is justprecious and makes my heart smile almost right out of my chest.

  30. I love it when my parents talk about me to other people. It makes me feel 8 years old all over again. :>)

  31. Would he be BooGrandDaddy?

  32. Your dad is bustin’ a button! I have not been blessed with an earthly father like that, but I am so blessed by this blog entry. Thanks for giving me a laugh–especially on days that I have forgotten to enjoy life.

  33. Boomama, my Daddy is retired as of this month and already, he’s commented on my blog. It’s like winning a contest, it is!

    I love that your Daddy linked to you!

  34. The fact that your dad has a website is just too cool. And, that he would brag on you like this is just so sweet. Of course, it appears that he better write about Sister quick!

  35. I think it’s great that even as we come into our own, our parents still find things in us they are proud of…and they don’t all revolve around us giving them those precious grandchildren. We still have worth of our own – we’ve still got it – yes we do!

  36. Just found your site a couple of days ago and I LOVE it!! I think a book is a great idea!

  37. What a blessing that you bless so many around the world with laughter and a smile each day. You’re awesome and your daddy knows it!

  38. Here’s watcha do…….Have your “global groupies” pick out their top 10 favorite posts and then you can send those to a publisher as a little BooMama sampler platter. I will so own every book you write. What’s it going to take to talk you in to this?!?

    Oh, by the way,……MY BABY IS HOME!!!!!
    Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. What a sweet, sweet dad you have. :o) I think he is gaining a whole lot of fans from all over the world.

    Tell your mom, that I read your blog all the way up here in Canada. :o)

  40. Ya know Boomama, this is one of my favorite posts ever :) What smiles you bring to me. I would so wear a I READ BOOMAMA EVERY DAY t-shirt. Yes i would. We need a convention :) I honestly truly dont think you know the impact you have and that is part of what makes it so special to read you. xoxo melzie

  41. I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but I think I love you. You are so freakin’ funny and I love that you call your father Daddy and your mom Mama. And I also love that your Daddy is so obviously proud of you. And your frazzled and crazed writing is wonderful. And that is all the gushing I can stand for the day. I apologize if I’ve made you vomit.

  42. Good grief, that may be one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

    Now we know where you sweetness comes from!

  43. That was just precious, Boomama. It’s only fitting that you receive such a surprisingly wonderful gift from your Daddy – your writing is such a gift to so many of us on a daily basis. Laughter, tears, hope, love, and faith, just to name a few. It means more than you know.

  44. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    That is absolutely the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. “Spur of the moment”…that’s totally something my dad would’ve said.

  45. Too cute! :)

  46. I have just started on this bloggy thing and I just got the book so I can do the book club. I am not sure how the link works, but I do want to join in on it. I love how Beth writes, I got to see her in person when she was just starting out and I knew she was a gifted lady! I love reading your blog!
    Many Blessings!

  47. Glad to see the response from the “International” readers. And, yes, you have writing talent. Or else we wouldn’t be checking everyday to get our dose of fun. Now, B. Moore writes like she sounds – Just wondering if you are that fun in person too? I’m guessing so. I wish my dad would get a computer! We (my family) are spread around the world right now and it would make communication soooo much easier. Count yourself a Lucky Girl! God Bless!

  48. You. make. me. laugh. out. loud.
    Good thing no one is watching me cuz I probably look like an idiot.

    Be blessed!

  49. More than one reader in Australia!

  50. And the comments have to go in the book too, don’t forget!

  51. I am in hysterics. I love reading your blog. It gives me the laughs I need. Plan on keeping up on the AI discussion.


  52. Elizabeth says:

    Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

  53. So funny. Aren’t parents great? I love the “whatever blogging is” comment. I found myself at a social function last night trying to explain it to some follks who thought I was nuts…”so, people just write about their lives and other people want to read it?” Absolutely!

  54. Just wanted to add that you can tell your Mama you have a huge fan here in England as well :)

  55. Beth in TX says:

    Okay, I vote for Jenny in Australia’s comment as the absolute funniest.

    And as for buying a book of something you can read for free, well some chick wrote a blog about her year of cooking through Julia Child’s cookbook and then converted it into a book and it’s a bestseller. It’s “Julia and Julie” or something like that. And besides, I need something to take on car trips when we go on vacation and after 2 days in the car with 4 kids, I really need a laugh — I could just look up a favorite post. ;)

  56. I read ya in England and I want a BOOMAMA ROCKS t-shirt please. Of course you could write a book, you are hysterical, your daddy is right.

    I posted a link to you on Frugal Living at and all the ladies who read your “hair” post claimed ot have wet themselves (as did I)

    And you are also……..LOVELY, thnak yo for your caring posts like yesterdays and the money you earned for Kelli also.

  57. That is TOO TOO cute with your daddy bragging about his little girl! Aren’t dad’s the greatest? I’m impressed your dad has a blog. My dad likes to stay away from the computer. I have to email my mom and she shares with him.

  58. That is the sweetest thing. :-) My grandmother (almost 80) avidly reads my blog, and is always writing me letters about it (not emails!).

    By the way, it makes total sense that you are the youngest. :-)

  59. Hysterically Sweet!! What a dearheart your daddy sounds like…and mama, I totally agree, you’re never too old for encouragement from your parents! Good for you…go get em tiger! :)

  60. This post so makes me think of my mother who is just getting started on this internet thingy. She has theories on why somedays she has trouble logging online. Her last theory was since they were closing the AOL call center in OKC or that the lines maybe frozen due to the ice. Cracks me up just like your blog.

  61. This is probably my favorite post ever. :)

  62. Emma Kate says:

    I could absolutely just eat your sweet Daddy up. I can’t wait to give him big love!!!

  63. From the lips of Chandra Pierce – “Now i’nt that preeeecious”! Thanks for sharing the love…hilarious and heartwarming the perfect combo.

  64. How nice that your dad reads your blog. You do write nice, I too enjoy reading what you have to say.

  65. BooMama, you crack me up!! My daughter in South Asia and I talk about you almost every day to find out if the other has read your blog that day. We both love you!!

    Your Daddy sounds like a dandy and I can see that same sense of humor.

    My sweet Daddy passed away almost five years ago, but I was definitely a Daddy’s girl. i started crying the other day when I heard MercyMe’s “Homesick” and the lyric “In Christ, there are no goodbyes.” It was a reminder from our Heavenly Father that I needed at that moment.

    Boo, I will buy anything you have for sale – book, t-shirt, line of hair color. If it has your name on it, I will buy it. So think about an array of products that you and your staff could produce.

    Love you!!

  66. i just loved this post. and your dad’s! don’t know why but it almost made me cry :-)


  67. This was great! You crack me up! Oh, and could the lowly person attending to these comments please make sure that THE Boomama sees this. I know it’s a big staff and she has lots of comments and all. Thank you very much! :)

  68. “It is a blogging site (whatever blogging means).” Oh my word. I’m dying here.

  69. I think I totally love you. You are one funny and very sweet gal there.

  70. As others have said, you’ve got an international audience! I’m reading from New Zealand.

  71. I’m laughing and I’m just nodding and loving it all. The fact that my dad reads my blog and has passed it along to some friends and family is very very sweet to me as well. The “gained a large reading audience” is funny, but aptly put!

  72. dear BooMama Writing Staff,

    i am impressed by your blogs daily, seriously, they make me laugh out loud. thanks for sharing hilarious and endearing stories about your family! your readership, does indeed, span the globe b/c i wanted you to know that i read your blog in India!!! that’s about 8,000 miles away, depending on where you live in the states. i’m originally from Texas, but living here as an “M” my mom wrote you earlier in the week. i found your blog through LPM and Amanda. sister- you are too funny and brighten my day. i blog about my life here in india- it’s not as funny as yours, but it is insightful. email me, if you wnat the address. grace to you- LR

  73. Hey! You’re international. I’m in Australia.

  74. Such a sweet Daddy!

    Oh, and melzie, I’d wear that t-shirt, too. :)

  75. HIL-arious! how sweet of your dad! and your little take on it was very funny!

  76. Oh heavens… here I am post #76, which may not even get read… but I am chuckling at this post! And comign out of lurkdom to say – you are so, so funny. I love it!