This Is When My Friends Rue The Day I Started A Blog

This weekend my friends Merritt, Liz and Daphne are coming to visit me.

I’ll pause for a moment so that you have sufficient time for applause. 

Daph and I met when we were freshmen in college, and I don’t think there’s anyone on the face of the planet who gets my sense of humor as well as she does. She can essentially say one word – for example, “monitor” – and, because of her unique Daph-esque inflections, make me laugh so hard that I find myself snorting and in desperate need of a disposable adult undergarment.

As you can tell, I am a delicate, Southern flower.

I have been friends with Merritt and Liz since I was twelve years old and had recently experimented with an easy 1-2-3 bang-cutting method that I saw in Seventeen magazine. Unfortunately, I did not achieve the “wispy bang” look that I was after, and instead I ended up with a two-inch tuft of hair that essentially transformed the left side of my head into a neon sign that said “HEY, Y’ALL! I CUT MY OWN BANGS!” in bright orange letters.

But Merritt and Liz wanted to be my friends anyway. I’ve been understandably loyal ever since.

Now because I didn’t meet Daph until college, I don’t have the vast repository of embarrassing photographs that I do for Merritt and Liz. I’ve looked ALL OVER my house for a picture of Daphne and me from our junior year of college, simply because she was going through what we like to call her pseudo-alternative phase – complete with small, round glasses that would have made Michael Stipe very proud indeed – and I was coming out of a Terribly Permed phase and sporting a lovely ‘do that was straight as a board at the top of my head but a mass of ringlets at the bottom.

However, since I couldn’t find that picture, I decided to post this one instead:


We were eating pizza, and while I would love to tell you that such an occurrence was a very rare one when we were in college, that would be a lie. As a matter of fact, the number for Domino’s was 324-2100, and the fact that I still know that critical bit of information almost fifteen years after leaving my beloved alma mater is proof that my daddy’s investment in my college education was worth every. single. dime.  

That’s me on the left, by the way. In the sweatshirt that’s both tie-dyed and bedazzled. Because I totally had it goin’ on in college. Oh yeah. Had to beat the fellas away with a stick. Or a Domino’s box, as it were.

After I found the picture of Daph and me, I started to look for pictures of Merritt and Liz, too.

I think you’ll be well-pleased with what I found:




That’s Liz, then Merritt, then me.

As you can tell, I spent most of my time not tanning when I wasn’t teasing my bangs and neglecting to pluck my eyebrows.

I don’t know what made me laugh harder: the fact that Merritt and Liz sported thick, gold chains in their senior portraits (don’t think for one second that my 17 year old self wasn’t green with envy about that, by the way), or the fact that you could have quite easily hung Christmas ornaments from our hair.

I mean, look at those well-defined layers. We could have nestled writing utensils or small snacks or diminutive furry creatures in there for hours on end without disturbing our coiffures in the least. Personally, I’d like to see us recreate those looks this weekend, but I don’t think they make lacquer for hair anymore because of some federally-mandated regulations about stripping away ozone or somesuch nonsense.

Needless to say, we have big fun in store over the next few days. So if you need to find me, I’ll be in my living room or my kitchen, laughing until I lose my breath, collapsing on the nearest piece of furniture, clutching my side, then laughing some more, all the while trying not to wet my pants.

And until I return, indulge me if you dare: leave me a comment with the name(s) of your best friend(s) from high school, the band or singer that you thought was the AWESOMEST when you were 17 or 18, and – if you can bear it – what you would have been wearing if I had run into you on an average high school day (and thanks, Veronica, for this idea).

In closing, I’d like to leave you with these words of wisdom that my friend Brian B. wrote in my high school yearbook:

“May your path always be filled with success (YOU decide SUCCESS). If you do not know where or how to find it, stick to your guns, never surrender. Blood is thicker than water. You cannot get blood from a stone….”

I have no idea what that means, internets, but I have a feeling it’s terribly profound. And deep. And stuff.

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  1. am I first?

  2. Okay, Kim and Meredith were my best friends and you could find us all sporting ‘The Limited’ type clothing. Well, KIM WAS always sporting ACTUAL Limited clothing, whereas Mere and I were usually sporting the TYPE…(knock offs)….or sporting Kim’s clothing that she generously shared…. For the life of me I cannot recall the music we listened to. Amy Grant was big with us I recall. I’ve never ever ever been a music person so I was never obsessed with a group or singer.

    Lovely photos! Merrit and Liz have matching freckles on their cheek! Did you used to feel left out?? ;o)

    Enjoy your weekend and be sure to write all about it! Complete with updated photos, of course. :o)

  3. Well, my best friend in high school was Nancy Skupowski, and we were like Mutt and Jeff, Abbott and Costello, peanut butter and jelly, ham and…you get the idea.
    We were in love with the Eagles, Styx, Journey, and we enjoyed the music of Queen, but thought Freddie Mercury was a “little” odd…

    I had no fashion sense whatsoever…probably would have found me in jeans, a t-shirt, and tennies…or jeans, a white blouse, and a sweater vest with gold chains if I was trying to impress that guy…

    My hair couldn’t hide small animals nor snacks…I had a retro feathered hairdo that harkened back to Farrah days…never was up with trends…always a decade or two behind…

  4. First? I feel like I won the BooMama lottery. Oh I feel faint.

  5. Judging by the gold chains, we may have graduated roughly the same time — and wow, your hair DID have it goin’ on! (Try some Got 2B Glued for your hair this weekend — the name does NOT lie — it’s what the Ty Pennington wannabe’s are waxing their hair with).

    My best friend FROM high school is Roxanne, who will later today leave a lengthy diatribe in these comments about precise hair height and apparel. I think at the time, my best friends would have been Amy O., Kristen, and Terral — and we spent HOURS “cruising” to the Breakfast Club soundtrack. Amy was a bit of a rebel and introduced us to some whacky Irish guys –U2!

    Wearing? I have no idea. Something Esprit, if it were a fashionable day. And shoulder pads! Big shoulder pads. And sweaters with HUGE ugly patterns on them. WHAT were we thinking with the sweaters? And the earrings — basically what is coming back in right now. Sadly, we learned nothing from the disaster that was ’80’s fashion.

  6. LOL!! Let’s see, I can help you out.

    My best friend was Sherry, and she had naturally curly hair, upon which you could hang Christmas ornaments for two families!

    Band/singer, gosh I can honestly not even tell you. That just goes too far back. Wait. I’ll say Bryan Adams, mainly b/c his song in Robinhood Prince of Thieves (my favorite movie at the time) just made me want to swoon.

    And I would have been wearing black stirrup pants, an over-sized button-down fuscia blouse with the collar turned up, oh yes ma’am, gotta turn that collar up! and an enormous belt, sitting low on the hip. And of course, my black Enzo flats would have completed the picture. Does anyone remember those flats? EVERYONE had at least two pairs.

    Oh, I was a hottie, yes I was. Bwaaaahaahaaaa! I think I just popped a button laughing so hard.

  7. Oh My! We had the same hair (only mine was a little longer). My favorite band was U2. I would have been wearing acid washed jeans (pegged of course), scrunchy socks, either white boots with fringe on the back or Tretorn tennis shoes. I should dig up a picture and post it. It’s so scary. My best friends names were Barb, Heather and Beth. My hair was highlighted, permed, fried, and large. And I sported a lovely shade of blue eyeshadow. I’m painting quite the lovely picture of myself aren’t I?

  8. Oh, and I’m laughing my butt off at Jess right now, who, while she is reveling in being first, is now gonna now be about 10th. ;-)

  9. Tretorns!!!! Oh, the memories…

    Sorry for serial posting. I clearly have no life.

  10. Highschool was only 8 years ago for me, so the wounds are still very fresh. I laughed when I saw your quote from “Brain B.” because I still remember my Dad saying “you should write down all their last names on them there quotes in yer yearbook, you’ll forget them all” (okay I added the southern drawl in that quote) but I was completely aghast at the thought that I could possibly forget Fred’s or any one of my chemisty-class-counterpart’s last names! funny shiz. Anyway! You would have seen me with a “FEAR THIS” shirt on kickin it with my home girls Erica, Steffani, Kellie, Abby, Nichole and Michelle, all of which I kicked it with last weekend. Yay for friends who have known you since you were 12!

    I will try and post a pic on my blog sometime:

    I love this site! :)

  11. Oh my. I shake my head when I look back at those years. My hair was bobbed, which has been the story of my life.

    As for clothes? Oh, we were too cool to care. It was usually a black skirt with black tights and some sort of band t-shirt. Shoes were either those 8 dollar “china flats” or Doc Martens. The Docs required socks, though, as my feet were too narrow.

    My best friends were Mariel, Carissa, and Jessica. Mariel and I knew that The Housemartins were the best band, but we also liked Billy Bragg.

  12. My best friends in school were Lori and Shelly and a whole gang of drama ‘geeks’! You would have found me in acid-washed jeans cinched tight at the ankle with a long sweater and a wide belt–and my polo collar turned up, of course! I was a big Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Air Supply fan. “I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you…”

  13. Oh my – we catch a glimpse of Boo herself! Lovin’ Merritt’s hair….I can see that I would have been green with envy. I too had the thick gold chain, the thicker the better. I got a nice fat tan line from mine one weekend but I digress.

    My best friend in highschool was Suzanne. I came to this small school for my Jr and Senior year…so I was glad to have a friend – A friend – singular – any friend. But she was the best and we still keep in touch.

    Clothes – anyone remember Multiples or Units? Or the really faded, painted on Bongo’s?

    Music – I loved Prince, the old Prince not “that sign”. My how things change – I had to tell my daughter during the superbowl that he was a freak and not admit I used to love him all the while singing every word to Purple Rain.

  14. My best friends were Melissa, Becky & Mary, and we spent high school wearing California Super Straight Levi’s, IZOD Polos with coordinating oxfords over them. Or a concert T. And Nikes! EVERYONE wore Nikes!

    And we would do this while listening to most awesome band EVER – Def Leppard. Or maybe some Billy Squier.

    Aw – memories…..

  15. Phyllis R. says:

    First of all, I love – LOVE – the photos. I just bet the Daphne, Liz and Merritt do too! (Better sleep with one eye open this weekend!) YOU ARE ADORABLE!! And the four of you look like an ad for a Lane Hope Chest or Lenox China, or well, Final Net. : )

    My verrrrrrry, verrrry, verrry BEST friend (that is the exact way we would write it to each other in yearbooks)from 7th grade until now is Kari. She is the girl best friend books were written about. She was funny, smart and sweet. She was also beautiful (Homecoming Queen at a school of 2000) but she didn’t know it. She was the kindest, most humble person you could ever meet. She and I spent every.waking.moment together. And the non-waking moments were spent at the weekly sleepovers at each others’ houses. At these sleepovers, we would: “streak” our hair/take every single quiz offered in “Glamour” magazine/make midnight cinnamon toast feasts/and talk until we were hoarse. Our musical tastes? Well, they ran to the verrrry sophisticated level of one Mr. Barry Manilow. We would listen for hours to RECORDS on the turntable, and even once re-wrote the lyrics (on paper – still have it) where we changed the words from “Mandy” to “Michael” for a boy we liked (“Oh Michael, well you came and you gave without taking…but I sent you away, oh Michael”). Oh, and we were (unfortunately) cutting edge fashionistas – meaning gauchos with pleather boots and Dorothy Hamill and later, Farrah hair. We also owned every “Twist-A-Bead” combo made. The photos are cringe-worthy.

    I LOVE this post as much as any post you’ve ever done. I will be thinking of you and your friends this weekend. And, I think I’ll pick up the phone and make a call that will travel 1,200 miles away, just so I can hear my verrrrrrry, verrrrry best friend’s laugh.

  16. Phyllis R. says:

    My word…..the comment didn’t look that long in the box. Oh well, I love this topic!

  17. Well high school wasn’t AS long ago for me (graduated in 01), but my best friends were Brianna and Andrea. Bri moved away after my sophomore year, as did pretty much all of my other friends. (Life at an international school.) Andrea was French Canadian, and most of the time we wore our school uniforms, but when we didn’t have to you could find us in wide-legged jeans and simple, plain tops. I especially liked my black, wide-legged carpenter’s jeans with white stitching up the side. Neither of us wore much jewelry or makeup; actually come to think of it, we must of looked pretty boring. We were totally into boy bands and r&b music – Backstreet Boys, NSync, Destiny’s Child, All Saints…

  18. My best friends were Twyla and Tammy – together we were “T-to-the-third-power” (written with a capital T and a tiny 3 at the top.) We thought we were so cool. We hung out in third-hour show choir, and boy did we have fun. My hair was styled after Princess Di, short and feathered to within an inch of it’s life – because of the Princess influence, I also wore a lot of hats. It’s embarrassing to look back now and see pictures. I still remember the sound of slamming lockers and hallway buzz between classes. I don’t miss those days, but I often wonder what happened to those girls. How is it that you can spend up to twelve years with the same people, and then never see them again after graduation. It’s a strange phenomenon. I wish I’d kept in touch. Enjoy your weekend fun!


  19. My best friend in high school was Laura. I was desperately trying to figure who I was, so my clothes were too. Most of the time, jeans, t-shirt, flannel shirt, and Teva’s were my ensemble. Oh, freshly washed hair (I probably used a hair dryer five times in high school), and no make-up completed the ensem. Laura was a hippie, no doubt. She always looked adorable and had a boyfriend in tow. We were salivating over Axel Rose (it’s pathetic, I KNOW), or Green Day. I got lucky and ran across The Goo Goo Dolls before they got huge, and am still an adoring fan today. My high school quote said “Love is like the five loaves and two fish. It only begins to multiply when you give it away.” I actually took credit it for it, because I have no idea at all where it came from. ooh… my Mama still buys RAVE hairspray. That’s the glue that holds it all together.

  20. Did you get your Rave in pump or aerosol? Or was it Stiff Stuff?

    Jeri Ann

    Bon Jovi, babay. And also Def Lepard, Skid Row, Poison…oh the memories.

    I remember tight-rolling my pants, always, and also rolling up the short sleeves. Scrunchie socks and scrunchies in the hair, on a low-Rave day. Flats always, my mom and I wore the same size so between us we had a pair in every color (Payless, of course)and also short suede boots and jazz shoes (one pair of jazz shoes were black patent–a guy at school said they looked like what a drill sergeant would wear and he saluted me every time I wore them.)OH and slacks with PLEATS EVERYWHERE. And acid washed stuff, and patches and holes that came in the pants.

  21. Hilarious. My best friends were Samantha, MT, Regan, and Julie. I would have been listening to REM, 10,000 Maniacs, Counting Crows, and Indigo Girls. If I was super melancholy, I’d throw in some Cowboy Junkies. Now for my fashion: I found a picture of Samantha and I at my house junior year, and what am I wearing? A purple and black striped tunic (with shoulder pads, natch) and purple leggings with black ankle boots. People, I was kickin’ it. Ah, 1993. Naturally, I did NOT embrace the legging look this go round. :)

  22. Had to check out the phone number for Domino’s–you are so right!!

  23. oh goodness…the horror.

    BFF – Karen
    Crankin’ – Ace of Bass or Green Day
    Sportin’ – Flannel and anything khaki, navy, marroon or hunter green…sad sad 90’s.

  24. Oh my 2 best friends where Roberta (now a blogger herself) and my preacher’s son Joel. In my best dressed moments I was a cross between Molly Ringwald and Helen Hunt in Girls Just Wanna Have fun. Unfortunately this made me roughly 10 years behind the rest of the world. My mother insisted that my hair have a style, which meant I went through a bad hair decade which was a series of bad perms, followed by bad “growing out” stages, followed by bad “long shag” layers. Ick. I was in love with the Nelson twins, and actually made a 90 minute tape that contained nothing but “Love and Affection” on one side and “After the Rain” on the other, over and over, and over, and over. And I am not embarrassed to admit that I owned the Milli Vanilli album, enjoyed the music, and much to my father’s chagrin, wanted dread locks for 6 months or so.

  25. There were about 4 or 5 of us girls that ran around together, so to say one was more of a friend than another, I’m not sure. But there names were Mary, Ruth, Betty, and Ann.
    I liked Three Dog Night, The Association, Jackson 5, The Carpenters.
    I would have been wearing bell-bottoms and maybe a tie-dyed shirt.
    Although this may sound like just a few years ago (except for the music) I actually graduated in 1972.

    Have a great fun-filled weekend! Can’t wait to read about it.

  26. TheCoordinizer says:

    My best friends in high school were Alison, Heather and Krista.

    My uniform on most days: Gap khakis, Gap polo shirts or oxfords, the requisite brown braided leather belt, Cole Haan loafers–a different style for each day.

    And of course…the barrel-style drawstring Dooney. Whichever one matched on that particular day.

    My uniform on Wednesdays and Fridays really was a uniform…the awe-inspiring dance team frocks.

    Music? The Cure, Depeche Mode, miscellaneous rap, and bootleg techno mix tapes from friends…

  27. OH MY WORD! Too much fun. Okay, let’s see —

    Non-Christian artists: Wham!, Dire Straits, Foreigner, Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Modanna

    Christian artists: Petra, Imperials, Rez Band, Alias, Amy Grant

    Clothing & Shoe brands: Camp Beverly Hills, Banana Republic, Candies, stirrup pants, oversized shirts, leg warmers, scrunchie socks, headbands, flash dance looking clothes, big shoulder pads, Preppy look, Jellies, acid washed jeans that were tight around the ankles, prairie shirts (plaid, of course, with ruffles — lots of them), Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, chinos, Capezio flats, big, BIG earings.

    Hair: we went almost overnight from the Farrah Fawcett look to the Madonna look. We went through a period where we used peroxide in our hair. A lot of it. Our hair was orange and we glowed in the dark! We used banana clips one minute, then we did our hair all crazy and frizzy and moused out like Modonna, and then we cut our hair to our chins and had the severe stacked bob.

    Did I mention the bright, RED lipstick?

    Yeah. We were hot.

  28. Oops–forgot my girlfriend’s names — Tammy, Leigh, and Loula Antonopoulos. What a mouthful!

  29. Ummm, BM. Is it a prerequisite that your friends have to be blonde to be friends? Because I’ve got to find some Coastal Dune stuff to take care of this problem if that’s the case…

    And I was one of those that-girl-has-89-best-friends type people, but if I had to pick one name, it would be Ken Pettit. He wanted to date, we did… once and we turned out that we were better best friends than the dating kind. When someone wanted to find me, they looked for Ken because that was the most likely place to find me. Yes, having a male best friend was just one of the many ways that I was unique… (At our 10 year class reunion, we considered going together and pretending to have married after all, but I don’t think either of us could have kept a straight face.)

    The band to adore was either U2 (Rattle and Hum) or INXS or Bon Jovi or Van Halen (the first version with David Lee Roth). Of course there were The Bangles, Bryan Adams, George Michael, Madonna (she’s been around FOREVER!), Bobby McFerrin, Debbie Gibson, Richard Marx, the B-52s and Don Henley… just to name way to many.

    And depending on the day that you met me would determine my attire for the day. Choir was often performing so it could have been my green sequin top with a black satin skirt… or if it was a “I have to prove I’m still a girl” moment it was a skirt and shirt, but most likely it was my skinny jeans (might as well hate me now) with my black sweatshirt and black high-top boots. My hair was often seen teased on top and pulled back in a barrette at the top back of my skull. However I was known to grab all my long and permed hair in class and tie it in a knot to get it out of my way. Think Edie Brickell and you’ve got it down.

    Have such a grand time reminiscing and laughing Diet Coke out of your nose. And be sure to tell us AAAAALL about it!

  30. This post and comments brings back soooo many memories of the fabulous 80’s! My best friends were Martie, Carey, and Angie – together we were the “Fab 4”. Just typing that makes me laugh out loud! We could sing every word to every Madonna song off of her first album. No, I am not proud. But who didn’t love a little “Holiday”. I have a great pic of us at a dance of some sort our senior year – it’s hard to believe we could get all of that hair in one pic! We are sporting “Coca-Cola” rugby shirts, about 3 Swatch watches each (on one wrist), and our jeans are pegged….like we liked ’em! If nothing else, fashion was fun in the 80’s….if you can call it fashion!

    Have fun with your friends!!

  31. Not only did I enjoy your blog entry but the comments from others! SO MUCH FUN to read! You have quite a diverse group of readers ~ in age and taste! Well…here’s my 2 cents: My bestest friend was Jan. She was 4 years older than I and I visited her at college every weekend (she was quite the influence). The friends my age were Jane and Amy and the 3 of us just started getting together again after 25 years! It’s so much fun to pick up where we left off. And our fashion rocked! We wore Osh Kosh B’Gosh painter’s pants (usually off-white or blue denim), Asics Tigers, t-shirts, cowl necks and hospital scrubs. Yea, weird, I know. We LOVED Reo Speedwagon, Journey, Loverboy and AC/DC. Thanks for this ~ it was fun! :) Enjoy your weekend!!!

  32. Cheryl, Bel, Anne and Diana. Hair was layered waves. Clothes were jeans and t- shirts or summery dresses with matching hotpants,(this was 1971) and music was The Eagles, and Beatles. Hey Jude was the best to dance to with someone you really liked…. it went on for ages!

  33. Best friend, Randi…we became friends after I had a nosebleed that ruined her textbook in Algebra II. Indigo Girls were my band and the outfits were always GAP jeans with the tight ankle roll(remember when you folded the cuff in then rolled them up), Tretorns and some sort of solid colored shirt from the Limited. I also had POOFY permed hair.(Friends called it–yes, my hair had its own moniker–FiFi)

  34. I’m reading this at work and trying not to laugh out loud!

    My best friend was Betsy…she had a hot pink bedroom and I was sooo jealous! I mostly wore jeans or khaki’s and polo shirts. Usually boy shirts…I ran into an old boyfriend recently and he said “it used to drive me crazy that you wore shirts better than me. I always wanted to tell you to wear something for girls!” That was back when big, baggy shirts were cool (I sure hope they were cool!). I didn’t perm or color my hair because I was a chicken but I did sport a bob every now and then!
    Music??? It’s only been 10 years so Blues Travelers, Dave Matthews, for non-christian. Christian music- Michael W Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant (all those classics!)

  35. My best friend was Wendy. She had sea green eyes BEFORE everyone got those contacts that looked that color but were fake. : ) We loved Duran Duran. And I had a neon sweatshirt like one that Boy George wore. (gag!!!) Hearing Paul sing that George Michael song on AI brought back memories.
    These days of raising children and serving the Lord are WAY more fun!!!!!!

  36. Best friends from High School: girls: Melanie (same name and even same initials as me), Leigh, Sharon, Angie, Ajaye (pronounced A.J), Lisa (who I met the first day of 2nd grade and am still friends with to this day), and Jenny. Though Melanie was by far my best-est friend, from 9th – 12th grade. We were 2 peas in a pod.
    guys: Roland, Chris, Justin, Rusty (though he goes by Russell now, go figure!), and Jim.

    My most favorite band in high school: hard to choose. Bon Jovi was pretty hard to beat back then. I was also a big ‘oldies’ fan, I’ve always loved the Stones, the Beatles, etc.

    What would I have been wearing: depends on the year. Freshman year: desperately trying to fit in with everyone else… big hair, tapered jeans, converse or bass shoes, over-sized, button down shirt or maybe a T shirt. Sophomore and Junior years were sort of a morph from that to a more comfortable-with-me-style, which became “hippie” looking my Senior year (when I had long, straight hair, old leather bomber jacket, sandals most days and scraggly-bottomed jeans. Sounds attractive, right? ;)

  37. Cattailmama says:

    Like I’ve said before, I look way too forward to reading your blog everyday. BUT these posts that make me look back to the high school days are THE BEST!!!!

    My best friend was Mary. I remember being allowed to go to Myrtle Beach for a week after graduation without a chaperone…what in the world were our parents thinking?!

    We looked so cool in our long oversized shirts with matching flip flops and the 3 inch wide leather belt sitting low on the hips…the same hips that are about 5 times that size now! I probably couldn’t get that belt around a thigh now! I also remember tight jeans, t-shirts and high top converse tennis shoes in pink and red. Black concert t-shirts were also big. And the best music was by Foreigner, Loverboy, Journey, Night Ranger….I think I’ll head over to itunes and make a ‘flashback’ playlist!

    Have a good weekend and I’ll be anxiously looking forward to a post about it Monday!

  38. Julie, Nancy, Jana and Mary were my best friends in high school. Our hair was straight but with feathered bangs “schalacked” into place. We wore everything layered: dickie, shirt, sweater or vest, cowl-neck sweaters with high waisted pants that flared and our shoes were wedgies (Bass) or Candies! Our jeans were sergios or gloria vb. Our skirts were midis. In the summer were hot pants and tank tops. We finished it all off with Love’s Baby Soft or Babe or if we had money Chole’ or Halston! YIKES
    We listened to Styx, Hall & Oats, Bread, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Chicago, Dallas Holm & Praise and Amy Grant

  39. Oh my. I had forgotten about so much of this stuff until reading through the comments. My hair – well, it was just bad. Short one year, long the next. Permed. 6 inch tall bangs that sloped down one side. I think it’s my sophomore year pic that I have a really short permed bob with the bangs. And huge silver triangle earrings.

    Music – I can’t believe I forgot about the Nelson brothers! I loved the hair. I don’t remember which one I liked most…Gunnar maybe? Bon Jovi, Poison, and um, New Kids on the Block. Amy Grant and Petra when my parents were around. Yes, I am admitting in to the world. My walls were covered with NKOTB posters. I had a hot pink NKOTB shirt. (More on them in a minute…)

    My BFF’s were Carolyn and Shelly. We all live within 30 minutes of each other now, but Karo-(said like the syrup)Line doesn’t have much contact with us. Shelly and I still talk on the phone a few times a month (12 years after graduation). We’ve been friends since elementary school.

    Shelly and I wanted to be writers, and were hopeless romantics. She was in LOVE with George Michael and I was, of course, in LOVE with NKOTB. All of them. We would write these long elaborate stories (imagine 5 subject notebooks here…notebooks as in plural.) where we would meet our dream rock star, fall in love, get married, have babies, you know, the whole glamorous rock star life. I have a vague repressed-because-it’s-traumatic memory of my MOTHER finding my story. Oh the horror.

    I lived in my pegged jeans or my black stirrup pants (complete with long sweater or long tee-shirt tied at the hip!) I had a long dark green cardigan that had lime green HUGE polka dots on it. It stayed in my closet all these years. About 3 years ago, I wore it to a “High school dress up” Halloween party. I felt so proud! Then they asked me if it was really mine or if I had bought it at the thrift store just for the party! Oh the sadness. I loved that sweater!

    I am anxiously awaiting a report of the weekend!

  40. BFF – Janine, Cathy and Kristin
    Clothes – pegged jeans and multiple layered Izods with the collar up
    Band – Duran Duran, Journey, The Police, Adam Ant

    By the way, I, too, was inconsolable when they discontinured making Aqua Net in the Super Hold…my friends and I called it the “Industrial Hold”!!

  41. How fun! Back in ’98 my bffs were Jen and Sab. A couple of our theme songs were This is How We Do It and Strawberry Wine. I know, real nice. I would have been workin my CK jeans with Sketcher boots and some kind of probably too-tight shirt from the Limited or a sweater from Abercrombie. A&F was just starting to get popular that year. Have so much fun this weekend! I’m jealous!

  42. Oh how fun Boo I love the pictures! I took one look at the first little one you posted looks just like alex!!!! I loved this post. Best friends are awesome!

  43. Let’s see… my BFF’s were Nikki, Erin & Megan. Should you have seen us back then, you would probably catch us all wearing overalls and platform flip flops- you know the the ones that are really just like sytrafoam. Hair probably straight and parted down the middle! :)
    Fav band of all high school was probably Fountains of Wayne or Ben Folds Five.

  44. Love the hair!!

    In high school my best friends were Melanie and Jenny. Well, really they were my BFFs in 8th and 9th grade until I changed schools. After that I can’t really remember who my best girlfriends were because I was so into the boys :-) tsk tsk.

    The band or singer that I thought was the AWESOMEST when I was 17 or 18 was Mary J. Blige (still do), SWB, Nas, Notorious B.I.G. and Aaliyah (may they rest in peace).

    If you had run into me on an average high school day I would have been wearing some horrid pair of colored jeans tightly-rolled at the cuff with an oversized GAP sweater (off-the-shoulder)and clogs. Don’t forget the big fluffy socks and Swatch watches. Yes, I wore 2. Also, a different earring in each ear. Yikes!

    Have a fabulous time this weekend.

  45. OH I MISS 80’S HAIR!!!!

    Such great pictures. My best friend was Darcy. I always wanted to be friends with Tanya Smigelski.

    She had great hair.

  46. I am laughing so hard reading this! My best friend was Shana and we both sported some bad permed highlighted hair that looks very similar to the ones in your pictures. We must be very close in age! Oh, and don’t forget the blue eyeshadow and bright lipstick. We listened to Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Chicago, The Bangles, Richard Marx, too many to remember. We did wear a lot of Limited and anything with those gigantic shoulder pads. Did you ever have the kind that came in the can? All the pants were very pleated and peg legged.

  47. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Awwww…a walk down memory lane. I’m actually posting tomorrow about some good ol’ 80’s music. My best friends were Kelly and Jennifer, and you would’ve found me wearing electric blue…(yes, that’s ELECTRIC BLUE) mascara (yes, that’s MASCARA).

    Have fun with your friends.

  48. BFF Lizzie :)
    MUSIC New Kids, Wayne’s World Theme (rofl) Bon Jovi, lots of country etc
    CLOTHES we were slobs, not clothes conscious at all. sweats and a tee, jeans and a tee etc.

    I moved a TON so that was just BFF from my sr. yr. but we’ve stayed friends.

    xoxo melzie

  49. Oh…here’s where I let the cat out of the bag. See, I was a bit different back then. I don’t remember much of anything as it was well…kinda foggy. In my head at least. Remember that movie, Dazed and Confused? Yeah…that was were I was at.

    Hair? I was just lucky to not catch it on fire.


  50. Cyndi, Stacey and Jenny were my best friends in highschool. They were each so very different and made me laugh as much as your friends do for you. I don’t get much of a chance to talk to any of them anymore. We are all far apart. The only band I can even recall listening to (more than just on the radio) is nine inch nails…yeah, I’ve changed a lot. I can’t even remember that me anymore. One thing that hasn’t changed is my attire. You would and still will find me in flared jeans, that are cut off around the bottom since I’m so petite, and a fitted shirt (I guess I wear less of those now after 2 babies:) Or you might have found me in my cheerleading warm up suit if we had a game or pep rally that day!

    Thanks for the fun post and the memories!

  51. Oh what fun funfun.

    BFFs-Brigitte, Heather, Jean, Kim, Julie
    Hair-from one extreme to the other-bad/kinky spiral perm, to straight, parted on side w/straight bangs
    Worn-turtlenecks, oxfords, jeans rolled tight at the ankle, some sort of ankle boots or brown bucks, braided leather belt.
    Heard-Depeche Mode, The Cure, U2, Sinead O’Connor, Edie Brickell, B52’s, classic 70’s rock, late 80’s rap.

    My group was preppy/J Crew LL Bean and we (gulp…) made fun of girls w/ “straight up” bangs…sorry. Peer pressure and insecurity. Thank the lord I’m where I am today and not a teenager right now. Hallelujah Amen.

  52. Back in 1989 you would’ve found me hanging out with my BFF, Jodi, and we would be exchanging notes in the hall signed LYLAS.

    I would’ve been wearing Guess Jeans, those Esprit boots that laced up and looked like they had socks coming out of the top and some kind of hideous oversized sweater. The only thing bigger than my hair would have been the gold shrimp style earrings hanging from my ears.

    I loved INXS “Need You Tonight” and LL Cool J “Going Back to Cali” with a little Tone-loc thrown in for good measure.

    Y’all have a great time this weekend and remember the ozone is our friend.

  53. Best Friends in High School. . .Sarah, Mary Linda, and Stephanie–all of them thin–all of them wearing ACTUALLY fashionable clothing like Esprit/Limited/etc.

    I, on the other hand, could be found in something from Wal-Mart when Wal-Mart wasn’t cool–trying to pretend it came from somewhere else. That AND the fact that cute “big girl” clothes weren’t actually even manufactured in 1987 led to a limited amount of options. My mom made me lots of skirts to order–long and straight–AND she made my year when she bought me not one, but TWO shaker knit sweaters. :)

    I listened to a lot of Amy Grant. . .but also Mr. Mister, Journey, 38 Special, George Michael, and even *ahem* Tiffany. . .

  54. My best friend was and still is my cousin, Joni. We are the same age (I’m the youngest! I used to feel bad about that when we were kids). No one, with the exception of you, Boomama, can make me laugh like she does! Talking to her on the phone, for even a few minutes, always makes the most stressful day seem much better. I must be about 10 yrs. older than you because the mid-70’s were prime time for me. We wore our hair “feather-cut” and blown dry. We wore chokers, platform shoes, hot pants, short skirts, bell-bottom jeans that were hip-huggers, etc. (Even if I could find them, I would NOT have anything emphasize my hips now for love or money!!) I remember (I think it’s still hidden in my closet) wearing an ivory-colored 3 piece suit to a dance my senior year. You know, the ones with the blazer, slacks, and vest….all the same color?? Oh, yeah! I wore a slick, printed blouse with it that had the collar laid out OVER the lapels on my blazer. AND……this is so important…..a silk scarf tied around my neck. My then-long nails were the exact shade of bright orange as the scarf. I made such a fashion statement (Don’t ask what it said.) I LOVE music…always have, so I listened to many artists. Some of them were Earth, Wind, and Fire (LOVE them still!), Average White Band, Donna Summer, Eagles, Elton John, Doobie Bro., Capt. and Tenille (ALL of the girls knew every word to Love Will Keep Us Together!), and my all time favorite….Seals and Croft! I have had their greatest hits album on an 8-track tape (stop laughing!!!), a cassette, and now on CD. Ask my husband and kids…..Does she know EVERY WORD on that album?? They would be so proud if they knew I had just shared that information.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Boomama! I hope you bought some Depends before they arrive. Can’t wait to read about the fun!

  55. Oh the flashbacks. Did EVERYBODY where the same material draped around their shoulders? I’ve got to know how your visit goes!

  56. Can’t remember all the stuff you asked for, but I loved this post and am praying you and your friends have a great time together!

  57. Lisa, Nicole and Tammy. No one, however NO ONE, rocked the white can of aqua net harder than my sister. Her hair stood up a good 6-7 inches….and then one day it just deflated. By 17 I was a hairmetal chic, head banging to Metallica and Anthrax ( and still do on an occasional Sat afternoon when I’m all alone), but would have been dressed prep to a “T”..plaid, polos and loafers. And dude, I was cool for being metal without the look.

    What a great idea! Thanks

  58. Elizabeth says:

    oh my GAWD!! That was the best post EVAH!!! My Best Friends were Lynn and my boyfriend John! We were into some REM, Dave Matthews Band, some “old school” stuff like journey and even madonna. We still tight rolled our jeans and wore cut off sweats (shirts and pants). We also wore HUGE HOOP earrings, but we never had hair quite permant as what you were sporting!

  59. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Oh, sweet heavenly goodness….this latest post of yours made me absolutely GUFFAW!!!! (And caused my almost 3 y.o. to come running asking, “What is it Mama? Is dat a funny bwog?”)

    My BFF from high school…Tiffany! :) I need to give that girl a call (or send an e-mail!) Lots of other close friends from youth group and drama….but Tiff and I were joined at the hip!

    And those aforementioned hips were adorned in stirrup-type pants, layered socks, Keds in every shade under the rainbow, and bangs so tall and hard they could put an eye out!

    Loved Journey, REO Speedwagon, Bryan Adams….and of course, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman!

    Thanks for a great trip down memory lane….have a blast w/ your girlfriends this weekend! :)

  60. Bailey's Leaf says:

    April B. was and is my very best friend. We have been friends since the third grade. The singer that we loved– Richard Marx. Thought that he was H-O-T and better than even the best sliced bread. (Hum, looking back– what were we thinking with his look?!) What would I have been wearing back in the good ole age of 1991? Well, you would catch me sporting some very fetching pegged pants, big hair that was parted to the side, pulled up, sprayed with hairspray then dried STIFF, and a variety of those long shirts that had a pull string tie at the waist. What was up with those? Did I mention scrunchy socks? Must not forget those. Sexy, I tell you. No wonder why I went basically dateless! Thank God for college and the fact that my style changed enough to fetch my hubby.

  61. Okay, I’m un-lurking. Boomama, this Yankee girl thinks you are absolutely hilarious. I think I’m older than everyone else here, as I am a girl of the ’70s. My best friends were Diane, Lee, & Cindy, and back then you didn’t dare wear nothin’ but Levi’s jeans and usually flannel shirts, and probably no bra. Or in the summer some kind of cute little halter top and hot pants (do you even know what they ARE?) if you were daring.
    Favorite music: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beatles etc. Rock on, Boomama!

  62. What’s the deal with all three of you wearing the same dress?

    I went to three different highschools, so it’s difficult for me to say who my friends were. I ended up marrying the cute guy from the math class I did until I started going out with him (nabbed a hottie, so therefore math was irrelevant) Alanis Morrosette was big in my final year, as was Savage Garden and Prodogy. It was ’97, and the fashion was going through a morphing stage… coming out of the baggy pants/overalls with tight tops and sliding into… well… nothing really worth mentioning. Rather non descript, really. I think we were heading towards normal. And then, somehow, the ’80s returned.

  63. What, you mention the Great Wall of China hair (or “the claw”, as we call it now), but no love for the blue eye shadow? The 80s just wouldn’t be the same without blue eye shadow. Or green eyeliner. Not that I would know, or anything.

  64. what i would give to be with my high school best friend who is STILL my best friend. so jealous.

    couldn’t live without my guess jeans with the zippers at the bottom. actually anything that was guess with zippers. and preferably with the logo prominently displayed for all to see.

    hmmm…the band. couldn’t beat chicago with a little “you’re the inspiration” or some reo speedwagon. hopeless romantic without a steady boyfriend. (awww…poor me.)

  65. Hmmm… 1995. Let’s see. Our theme song of Spring Break was Red Light Special by TLC, or This Is How We Do It by Montel Jordan. We also liked Janet Jackson or anything you could dance to… particularly house music or rap.

    We wore Gap jeans or short shorts (I had to do the “arms to the side” check often as I was always trying to push the limits) and polos or Gap t-shirts or anything Tommy Hilfiger was “cool” too, although looking back at some of the pictures, we weren’t so cool.

    My best friends were Amanda, Angie and Beth (twins) and Brittany. Just talked to Beth today actually and talk to her and Angie lots. They were/are hilarious! I wish we lived closer!!

    Have fun this weekend!

  66. Girl…we had to have graduated from high school the same year. If we were friends then, you would have seen my sporting my red parachute pants and a metal studded leather bracelet that my boyfriend gave me. I got up at 530 every morning so I could put my hot rollers in before the bus came. As far as music goes, well, Jon Bon Jovi was the best thing since sliced bread for me and my main girls–Karen and Haley.

  67. *Love* the pictures! : ) And hey! Have a GREAT time with your friends!

    Ok, now to answer the questions: High school was the early 80’s for me and my best friends were Jana, Julie and Holli. My favorite bands/singers were, the Go-Go’s, The Clash, Prince, Madonna, U2, Eurythmics…just to name a few. I would have been wearing mostly black, spiked heels, big earrings and maybe a beret. My hairstyle was a bi-level bob and changed color a lot. : ) Oh my! My poor mother!

  68. And we climb, and climb and at the top we’ll fly…let the world go on between us, we are lost in time…pretty sad when you can still remember the words to the song that you drove your parents crazy with! A little REO Speedwagon, when I wanted to date that “perfect” guy and yet unreachable…

    Melanie and Lori. They were my best friends and are still my best friends after almost 20 years. When I decided to truly follow God, we were all going to be the next Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith famous artists and be missionaries in Africa…so that didn’t happen, but I am a missionary in the U.S! And a music teacher, too! So much fun going down memory lane, except for those rolled up jeans and the leggings without feet! Leg warmers, striped uneven skirts and my favorite…batman pants (you know, the ones that overlapped at the top and you could unbutton them and they stretched out beyond belief?) Oh.My.Goodness. It’s all coming back. Lord help us all…I will NOT tight roll my jeans for anybody if that comes back!

  69. My BFF was Lisa, same as me, so we dubbed ourselves, “Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.” Oh crap that makes me cringe.

    I’ve seen no one on here who loved PRINCE. I wore Paisley Pants honey because I wanted to belong to His Highness’s entourage..and pumps, everyday, with shoe jewels on them.

    My hair was exactly 5 inches on top. It was a masterpiece perched atop the very trendy ziploc bag perm which I got for free as an advertisement attempt by my hair girl. The bangs were curled down..moving on back, the next two sections went to the right side, the last three rolled towards the back. Then I would turn my head upside down and tease the heck out of it with my Goody’s pick. Then, I would pick it up with the pick so as to stand the full 5 inch height and douse with aqua net all the while drying with the hair dryer. I would then blow each side with the dryer so as to create what I like to call the “cobra effect”. It was (sing loudly with me now) SOLID, SOLID AS A ROCK…(something, something, something)…hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. :))

  70. TheCoordinizer says:

    An addendum to my post (#26)…

    On our date night last night, my hubby and I were discussing this topic since we knew each other in high school. He reminded me of the most key ingredient in my GAPped-out ensembles…


  71. Wow! A walk down memory lane! I graduated from high school in 1992 and my best friends at that time were Lori, Jennifer and Emily.

    The songs I remember from that year were “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica and also by Metallica, our class song “Nothing Else Matters.” I also remember some Guns N’ Roses like “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain.”

    By this list of songs you’re probably thinking I was some heavy metal freak, but quite the contrary. You could find my any day of the week in my Levi jeans and a sweater or shirt. Either a pair of Keds or some Bass Bucs (remember those??)on my feet. Very low maintenance. Plain Jane then, still Plain Jane today!

    And like Liz and Merritt, I too had a gold chain on in my senior portrait! Thing about it is, it wasn’t even mine! It was my friend Emily’s and we decided at the last minute that I needed something around my neck. I’ve always looked at that picture and thought, “Why on earth did I put that chain on???”

    This has been fun!

  72. Oh, I forgot to mention Wilson Phillips. Loved their stuff. And I was sporting Chynna Phillips’ short haircut my senior year!

  73. Hoping you have a grand time! I haven’t seen my friend from high school in…well…27 years! Tammy & Kathy were my closest pals. Can’t remember what I wore. Favorite band was Styx.

  74. Well, since I’m sitting here with a towell on my head and should not even have sat down to read in the first place — seeing as how I have two children to get to a soccer game (sigh. how did I actually become a Soccer Mom?) — I’ll have to take a pass on the song and attire sharing and all such. But I will say I deeply understand the joy of being surrounded by your closest girlfriends. I haven’t a doubt God designed us to need and seek out such relationships. I’m so happy this weekend will be abundantly joyful for all three of you.

  75. You honestly crack me up. I know you probably hear this all the time. I don’t get over here too often, but I do when I need a good tear-jerking laugh. I can’t even imagine posting my high school or college pictures, but I may have to do it someday – from the 60s, mind you. We could have hung ornaments from our hair, too, but it would have been much higher off the ground. Oh, my word, the high hair! I could go on and on, and maybe I will someday on my blog. Your daddy cracks me up. What a sweetie! And your description of your mom. Deep south for sure! I can imagine you talking and sounding like Susanna Sugarbaker. No offense intended whatsoever!

    Well, gotta go. My blog right now is not amusing – my son and I are doing a journey THROUGH his drug addictions to DELIVERANCE. Check us out if you want a reality check in the most grahic sense of the word.

  76. Oh my, I don’t have time to read all the comments, cause the boy has baseball practice, but my goodness are they entertaining!!!

    Best friend: Cynthia Jackson
    Music: Amy Grant, George Strait, and The Go-Go’s
    Clothes: Jeans were either tapered leg, (skin tight was in, but since I was so doggone skinny that a “0” still wasn’t skin tight, I used to wear sweatpants under my jeans to make them look tight…oh for the days of being TOO skinny!) or pleated with a 2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow for a belt. Prairie skirts were big, and all shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc. had football-player-worthy shoulder pads.
    Hair: Pretty much, like your picture. We wore our hot-rollers to marching band practice every morning in order to preserve the hair-do for actual class time!

    I must come by later and read more comments! Have fun with your friends!

  77. How DO you do it??? God just gave you the majority of the humor genes, cause you are some kind of funny!
    As for me, my BFF was named Mona, and the clothing? Can’t even begin to tell, but the hair, let’s just say I did have me some feathering going on. Bangs that did not necessarily go with the rest of the hair.
    And music, well, I remember Dan Fogelberg, but for the life of me, can’t remember what else. Too much water under the bridge since then, I guess. Have fun with the girls!

  78. Oh heavens … thanks for the memories.
    We must have graduated around the same time. Same hair – mine much (much, much, much) more um … *frosted* … absolutely ornament worthy.

    Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Def Lepard, Scorpions, Modonna, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith … glam rock baby!

    Best friends … Tammy and Mandy for sure. We went everywhere together. Oh the trouble.

    Clothes … Madonnaesque. Torn, neon, padded. Sad but true. Ha – if I could have only seen me now.

  79. I’m laughing while many of your comments on your post, my hudband wondered what was I reading :) :) :)

    What a fun post to read!

  80. ok, I need to clarify..I mean laughing while reading your blog (not the comments). I will check out the comments later….

  81. Bestest friend–Mary. I loved Billy Joel as a senior in high school (and no, I wasn’t in high school in the early 80’s, I was just behind the times in 88, I guess, although yes, he was making new music and I liked it). I would probably sadly look a lot like I look now–jeans, tennies, and a T-shirt, or perhaps, actually, a really cool sweater (back in that day). My hair was either nicely layered, or trying to grow out into a bob, which I always wanted.

  82. holy moly! I’m comment #82 most likely not even to be read… but hey! Love the pics and I soooooooooooo remember the pictures when we all wore the drapes from the photographer for our senior pictures…

    yikes… I don’t want to see mine.

  83. My best friend since almost forever has been Kenya. She moved to my home town in 6th grade and everyone knew her right away, because she had a very unusual name, but MOST IMPORTANTLY she had FABULOUS blonde wings just like Farrah Faucett!! She still has fabulous blonde hair at 36 (I mean really – you almost have to hate someone that doesn’t have to color her hair by her 36). We pledged the same sorority and were college room mates. Everyone refered to us as one – Tammy/Kenya or Kenya/Tammy. We loved ESPRIT and felt really really cute on game days when we could wear our cheerleading uniforms to school. We loved Run DMC, Prince, Journey and New Edition. I pray that my girls find that one special friend that they can always count on!! Kenya is in the BIG city of Atlanta and with small children, we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.

  84. Oh my, where to start. 1985 was graduation year. But for the 4 years surrounding that day, Cathy was my best friend. We went through several style changes in that time. Polo shirts with the color up, a bandanda folded and worn loosely around our neck. A complementary color of course. Matching earrings to the bandanna, usually curly que ones. Those were the first hole. Then a second and possibly third one held post style earrings of color. Gold and silver weren’t cool. Our pleated Zena jeans with leg warmers and those blue leather clogs that had a these tiny shoe laces. Sadly, I still have those clogs. My daughter wore them a couple years ago for Homecoming theme week. They had an 80’s day (heavy sigh). I think that makes me officially old. Getting back to the clothing, of course huge shoulder pads were all it was about for a while. We both had the long black coats with the shoulder pads and big collar that we’d jam full of mini buttons usually of Prince. We did the parachute pants, and that long belt that would wrap around your waist twice. Or sometimes the thin metal ones that really did nothing that a belt is supposed to do. Our music choice? Of course, as mentioned, Prince was #1, but we liked Def Leppard, Ratt, and Bon Jovi, to name a few.

  85. You have wonderful skin!

    anyway… my best friends were Tiffany and Mike. I jammed to Guns -n- Roses. Sadly, I actually could do a perfect impression of Axl Rose. I was flat-chested, thin and had long stringy hair. All I needed was a pair of spandex and a baseball cap on backwards and voila… Axl appears.

    As far as my clothing, I wore jeans and t-shirts with the sleeves rolled. Of course, the only shoes I could wear were my Keds (actually, I had the fake Keds.) :)

  86. That was an awesome post !!! It cracked me up. I’ve only recently found this blog. So glad I did. You remind me of Erma Bombeck, and that is a huge compliment.

    2 of the friends that I have had since elementary school are Veronica and Treena. We are still friends after all these years. All these years? Well we’re not ancient or anything, early – mid 30s, but it’s been a lot of years. :o)

    I was Treena’s maid of honour just a few months ago. Talked to both of them this week.

    Love your blog. Keep the laughs coming.

  87. Best friend–Jennifer P. for sure. Our favorite things to do at sleepovers? Imitate the Sweeney sisters OF COURSE and let me tell you, I had an Church Lady impression. I was even Church Lady for Halloween one year in high school!! Our favorite singer was Amy Grant. At the time Amy & I both had big, naturally curly hair (My best friend Jennifer always had a great perm, because perms were great then and so was big naturally curly hair, which was good for me :). Let’s see, you probably would have seen me wearing…one of my older sister’s big Forenza belts, a Girbaud jean jacket that was white with big baby blue letters on the back, some shoes with bows on them, a jean skirt, or maybe a really cool pair of Girbaud pants (one of my older sisters worked for Blue Bell/Vanity Fair Mfg. and they sold Marithe & Francois Girbaud clothing CHEAP :). On a bad hair day, I would have had a banana clip in my hair, of course. Man, was I ever in style or what??!!

  88. Did you hit an oil-well of memories, or what??!! Look at the comments number! :-)

    I am LOL! The fact that you still know the Dominoes # is absolutely priceless. Thanks for the laugh, Cmommy

  89. That hair is really all too familiar – you could be in one of those Diet Pepsi commercials – ya know the ones where they say – “I wish I had the _____ I wore in the 80s etc.” Then they look back and realize… to think, a whole generation of people grew up with big hair and unflattering pants (really pleats all over the front and then cinched in tight bottoms…and…well we all looked in the mirror and thought how smokin’ we were with all that bling – big earrings to match our shirts and legwarmers…I can remember saying how I would neeevaah wear bell-bottoms (oops!). We needed those big puffy pants to offset the big glasses…and big hair..and…really somebody shoulda told us how ridiculous we all looked.

    …and then when my daughters (9 & 10)went in to Old Navy and tried on the big belt over a long tunic, Short scrunchy boots and SKINNY JEANS…well the look on her face was priceless – “I will never wear those skinny Jeans – gross!” I just smiled…she has 3 pairs now

  90. I graduated in 1989. Went to 3 high schools.

    Best Friends – Stacy Cross since 3rd grade Still friends, Myra Bennet since 6th grade still friens, Michael Hall Since 9th (married to him now for 17 years)

    Music – Bonjovi, Def Lep, Skid Row, Motley, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith (class song Frinds are friends forever… secular school even), George Straight

    Clothes – Jams,Stonewashed jeans, or baggies…loved the baggies, reboks with socks pushed down or keepas. T-shirts with sleves rolled up or button downs. No specific style. Do u remember the huge 80’s jewelery?

    Hair – I had the puffy hair on date night and pictures, most days when I was lazy it was pulled back in a barret and BIG PUFFY BANGS!!!!!!!!!

    You have got to LOVE the 80’s.

  91. If you get this far in reading your comments, (WOW 90!) I will tell you my best friend in High School was Lisa, we are still best friends to this day although seperated by almost all 50 states! I am in Florida, she, Oregon. If you saw me, I would have either been in leggins and a big sweater from the gap or a baby doll dress from Contempo, thigh high stockings with bows on the back and ballet slippers probably listening to either the Cranberries or Alanis Morrisette!!

  92. Jackie, Julie, Danielle, and Sabra (I now have a daughter named Sabra) were my best friends; Duran Duran, Prince, Sting, The Police, and Phil Collins were playing on my stereo (boom box!); khakis, penny loafers, and a Ralph Lauren shirt or my cheerleading uniform on me. Thanks for the memories!

  93. I loved this post! It’s got me all excited for a similar weekend I’m having with MY best friends from high school in about 3 weeks. The countdown is ON!

    My best friends are called “The Buddies”, affectionately termed by one of our moms when we were in HS. There are 10 Buddies, and we have remained close for more than 15 years now. Every year we get together for a girls only weekend (well, nursing babies get to come, too) where we act like the crazy high schoolers that we used to be. Our group was made up of freshman through seniors (I’m on the older side of that range)…and life WOULD NOT be the same without them.

    Our weekend away coming up is in honor of one of the girls turning 30…shh…it’s a surprise for her.

    In HS we were wearing the latest bubble skirts to prom, our bangs were SKY high on one side, and curled under on the other…perms were prominent (although my stick straight hair wouldn’t hold a curl)…blue eye shadow and cobalt blue mascara was everywhere, and you were IT if you had Guess? overalls.

    Ah, the good life…