I would just like to report that the Wii-tacular is completely out of control at our house.

We haven’t watched television in four nights because D. is trying to set homerun records, I am trying to become a champion target shooter, and Alex is working on being able to pick a set of identical twins out of a moving crowd in less than 30 seconds.

Also: I smoked D. at bowling this afternoon, and even though I didn’t, like, write it down or anything, I believe the score was 265 to 190 and I may or may not have hit six strikes in a row at the end of the game.

I’m just sayin’.

I have to put this type of information in the blog for posterity, you see, because it’s the first time in almost ten years of marriage that I’ve ever beaten D. at, well, anything. It felt good to bring my Streak-O-Defeat to an end.

Even better, Alex has learned this valuable bit of information: three bowling strikes in a row is called a “turkey.” I don’t know about you, but I had no idea, so in addition to being loads of fun, the Wii is totally educational.

To wit: Alex also learned that knocking the cue ball in the pocket during pool is called a scratch, and really I can’t think of a better use of our recreational family time than to teach him sports terminology that he can use for the rest of his life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a bowling match with my boy and my man. And Mama here has to represent for the ladies, you know. I’ll try to make y’all proud.

Edited to add: Alex is feeling so much better. He told us earlier today that his doctor “fixed” his ears. And yes, I thought that was the cutest thing I’d ever heard.

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  1. You go girl! I have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. You have a great writing style and talent. I admire that. Thanks for the laughs. Now get back to your “Wii–ing!”

  2. Ok- I ordered the darn thing after the last email I sent- but am making Jonathan wait til 4/19 to get it. Can I stand it that longggggg?????? Maybe John and I have some late night activities in our near future –

    Ahem- I mean the Wii of course.

  3. You go Mama. My husband spent most of last week in front of my son’s Wii trying to master the golf game. You should have seen all his notes about how the wind affects the ball. My son won’t even play with him now. Takes all the fun out of it if you ask me; but he is having a blast.

  4. We LOVE our Wii!!! We play until my arms hurt, which makes me able to justify it as exercise, and we all know that we can use more exercise! I am really good at golf. I think it is because I am patient and careful. My husband hates golf, because he is NOT. But he loves bowling and boxing. And we also like the shooting game…and I kind of dig fishing too. Anyway – enjoy your WiI!

  5. Do I live in a cave? Apparently so. What in the name of Pete is a Wii? So I clicked on the link. Nintendo. Because of the competitive nature of some members of my household who shall remain nameless, I’d better keep this information to myself.

    BTW, go take a look at Lisa Whelchel’s Coffee Talk. Just do it.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Here’s the full link to this week’s Lisa Whelchel’s Coffee Talk


  7. I do believe a Wii will be the next piece of electronic gamery brought into this house. (I almost said “electronics” but then remembered I want an IMac…)

  8. Bailey's Leaf says:


    You forgot to tell us the most important thing! Is Alex feeling better? (He must be if he is participating in the Wii-tacular!) :)

  9. ::JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR BOOMAMA’S AWESOME PLUG AT LISA WELCHEL’S SITE:: omgawsh Boomama we know and love you but dawg youre like famous now! WOOHOO I am excited to ride your comment coattails LOL xoxo melzie :D

  10. Glad to hear I’m not the only mom who enjoys beating the men at, well anything.

    More importantly I wanted to point you to Lisa Whelchel’s journal entry this week. Go see for yourself.

  11. Well, you might as well go ahead and order yourself a fancy, satin bowling league jacket.

  12. You go girl! I’ve dabbled at playing the Wii with my son, but he’s thirteen and whips me at everything, so I just observe most of the time…but if you keep up this bowling streak of yours, well, I just may have to challenge you…in a friendly sort of way:-)

    So glad the doc fixed Boo’s ears!!

  13. Congratulations! So what is six strikes in a row called? On our first date I beat my husband at bowling. I’m lucky he asked me out again.

  14. Amanda–six in a row is called a Six Pack. Which I wouldn’t know on my own, except that our youth leader scored one on a bowling trip once, and all the kids thought that was hilarious. Nothing like 7th grade humor :)

    BM–I can attest to the addictive nature of all things Nintendo; when I was in high school I loved playing golf on it with my dad. It’ll suck you in!! Now go buy that satin jacket BM2 mentioned :)

  15. ok. I don’t even know what a wii is.

  16. ok. I googled it. THAT’S SO COOL!!!

  17. This is the one time that I wish our 4 were older. I don’t want to wish their lives away, but I can hardly wait for family game night to be in front of the big screen with a Wii-like device. Can you imagine how great the Wii will be in a few short years? Do they make games for 3 year olds and 18 month olds now? hehe Can you tell I’m a geek?

    Glad your little one is feeling better. I just put up a video of our three little ones after they recovered from rotavirus (actually, all 4 had it and our oldest spent the night in the hospital; long week at our house).

    It’s so much more fun when everyone is healthy, isn’t it?

  18. Go girl! You represent us all in this challenge vs the men in your life. I won’t let one into this house until all exams are over. I am a mean Mum!

  19. Ok, I just clicked on Lisa’s link, and I think you better take my blog off of your blogroll. I’m afraid people will be terribly disappointed if they click to mine expecting to find too much right now!

    Congrats though!!!

    PS I think if I got T a Wii, I lose him forever!!!

  20. Oh how I’ve missed reading your posts.

    The birthday boy’s pics—so cute! What a yummy little face!

    And, so you say a “turkey” is 3 strikes in a row…yes, I did not know that. I would agree…very educational.

  21. We so need one of these. My husband and I love bowling…we have our own balls and shoes. We love to shoot pool, etc….And what better way to spend time together at home than doing these things on a Wii.

    Glad Alex is feeling better….as a mom of one who has tubes and another whose had a few herself…I know that dealing with them as moms can be a pain too!

  22. BooMama,

    Maybe this is old news…but did you know you are suggested reading on Lisa Whelchel’s blog? That is so cool!

    Keep it up. And when you FINALLY write a book, I’m buying it for all my friends.


  23. suzanne says:

    Better get you some custom bowling shoes to match the jacket while you’re shopping….cause we all know how you love shopping……I’m just saying, might as well be practical and get them at the same time, kwim?

  24. Boomama,

    We just scored ourself a Wii at our house too! And, I also was thrilled to beat my husband at bowling (I never win anything against him)!! It’s at least something fun and interesting to do together without leaving the house. I must say though that I bet the sight of me 8 months pregnant and playing Wii baseball must be hilarious!! We’re going to teach our young-uns to play tomorrow… should be interesting!!

  25. We love our Wii. I’m reasonably good at most of the sports but my 5 year old son stomps me at boxing. I don’t know how he does it.

  26. LOL! Here you are, being able to “braig” on your Wii-tacular. Meanwhile over at Toni’s blogville, I’m struggling to get out of the 20th century (my VHS and my Dino-cam are hangin’ on like a ball and chain).

  27. That is too funny! I bet the whooping and hollering around your house is something to see as Boomama breaks the record! We have a computer bowling game that says “Cold Turkey” and gobbles every time you get three strikes in a row! I totally thought it was just that game… now I know :-)

  28. Wii gave our boys a gift card for one at Christmas because there wasn’t one to be found anywhere. Wii finally got it this weekend, not at the store in which the card was bought…but at Sam’s. Wii had a blast for about 5 hours when Wii realized the game wasn’t working because the console itself had scratched the dickens out of the cd. Wii took it back and they were sold out again. Wii are waiting for them to come in again.

  29. Theresa says:

    Hey, you can consider the Wii college prep for Alex. I ended up taking bowling and billiards to help meet my PE requirements. I couldn’t have gotten my BS in computer science without knowing what a scratch and a turkey is… I wish I was kidding.