Last Post About The Beach. Promise.

As Alex and I pulled away from what he called “the kwondo” (condo) this afternoon and started our trip home, we had a sweet little conversation:

A: Mama, it was a real fun time at the beach.

Me: I know, baby. Daddy and I had so much fun with you.

A: But Mama, it’s over now. The pool is over, the floaties are over, the sand is over, the waves are over, the kwondo is over, the watching movies is over, and Mama, it’s time to go home.

Me [teary-eyed from all the adorableness]: You’re right, little man. It’s time to go home.


So we’re home now.

And yes, it was a really fun time.

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  1. all that preciousness in that little body.

    so glad you had a week filled with wonderful family togetherness.


  2. I don’t think I can sleep now, not after that sugar rush :)

  3. Those are just the cutest, sweetest words ever! I love all the pics you shared. I wish my husband loved the sea and sand more, especially since we’re 20 minutes away from our front door.

  4. Im glad you all had a fun time. I enjoyed reading about your time and seeing your beautiful pictures.

  5. Glad y’all had such a special family time and such spur of the moment fun.

    We have to plan and plan and plan and then plan some more to get a trip to the beach together!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Isn’t the last day of spring break so bittersweet? Glad you are home safe.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! My mother-in-law called yesterday and asked if my girls and I would like to go to Orange Beach for a night or two in the near future. I told her we had better things to do! :-) Are you kidding?? I haven’t told my girls yet and I’m so excited I can hardly keep it to myself! Sun, sand, peace…

  8. That photo says it all. What a great way to start spring!

  9. What a little angel. Glad you all had so much fun.

  10. Good news is, those things are not really “over” just because you had to leave them behind for a while. You can go back to them someday and experience them all over again.

    You’re a good mom to create those special family memories with your little boy. He may be young, but he’ll remember them more than you think. At least my kids do…

  11. Awww, I wish I had a three year old to just go ahead and make an arranged marriage with that little sweetie pie. He’s gonna be an awesome MAN!!!

  12. what a beautiful, precious child…makes you wanna just grab that little chin and hang on!

  13. Welcome home, BooMama! Glad y’all got back safe and sound, and hope that you’re re-everythingtheLordneededtoaccomplishthroughthistrip!

  14. Fun times! I enjoy reading your posts about daily routines, conversations, etc. between you and your little boy. My “little” boy is now 14, almost 6 feet tall and wearing a size 15 shoe! The funny thing is all these conversations and times you are having take me back to the times not so long ago when I was doing all these same things with my boy. I can attest that because of these many, wonderful times of memories, talks, songs, and just time spent together we have a great relationship today. We still have great conversations about many things and he trusts us and know we love him beyond measure. Thanks for the walks down memory lane. Our great memory-making times continue, but it is always fun to remember those precious years of discovery! We have our moments, but I wanted to also tell you to keep doing what you are doing and you will reap the blessings for years to come!

  15. Precious.

    And I am trying really hard not to be jealous of you and your ocean enjoyment. It’s been three years, and I am so ready to go back. Sadly, there is no ocean close to Oklahoma. I really should start saving for another vacation.

    Glad you’re home safe!


  16. I am glad you guys had fun at the “kwondo.” I mean what’s not to love about a good beach, good pool, & a good kwondo…good times:).


  17. I’m so glad you had a good time! Really a sweet picture :o) Hopefully we’ll be heading out to our vacation in a couple of weeks. I’m going to just “take in” every second!

  18. It’s not really over, you know Boomama… Alex will be talking about it for weeks to come and you’ll get to enjoy it time and time again as you remember it.

    Glad you have these memories with your family on which to reflect and to smile.