Expanding My Bloggy Horizons

One day a couple of weeks ago I found myself reading several new-to-me blogs written by some of the smartest women I’ve run across in the blogosphere. These women’s posts are articulate, thoughtful, intelligent – everything good.

Much to my surprise, a couple of the women had written about not having much blog traffic, and I was blown away by that. They should have traffic because they are thought-provoking and clever and inspiring. And needless to say, especially in light of their super smarts, I started to feel guilty for having a good many readers WHEN ALL I TALK ABOUT IS FRIED CHICKEN.

What’s even worse is that I was too stinkin’ intimidated to send any of them an email asking for permission to link to them because did I mention the part about their stunning brainiac-ness? I mean, compared to the stuff they’re posting on their blogs, any email from me would inevitably sound like “Me write blog too. Link your blog? You I think write pretty. Like very much letters and words you use.”

No kidding – these women should have people lined up to read their blogs (if that is in fact their desire), and I should have to, like, shine their shoes or something. And pray that the smarts permeate the leather and in turn rub off on me so that I can perhaps find a synonym for “smart” instead of using the same word over and over.

(And by the way, the women listed in my sidebar are also mighty intelligent, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.)

So as a result of discovering a whole new wave of super-smart (THERE I GO AGAIN) bloggers and thus confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that my blog is waaaay down there on the intelligence totem pole, I have created a first-ever Blog Identity Statement (henceforth known as “BIS”) for BooMama, The Blawg:

“This blog is like a bottomless cup of lukewarm coffee. It may not always be particularly enjoyable, but it’s always there, and all things considered, it’s better than a hot pile of nothing.”

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch a Ti-Faux’d episode of “Dancing With The Stars.”

After all, it is quite cultural, you know.

Because you learn about the samba and the cha-cha. And stuff.

(I’m taking baby steps, internets. Baby steps. Any deep philosophical analysis will just have to wait because OH MY WORD IT’S JOEY FATONE.)

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  1. You are so funny! You must share the blogs you mentioned so we can all be likewise stunned at the brainiac-ness! Please tell!

  2. I know I’m on your blogroll, but I don’t recall the words “mighty intelligent” ever being used with my name in the same sentence. ;-) I’ll take my strokes wherever I can get ’em, though.

    Now you’ve got me mighty curious as to whom your new blog reads might be….Come on, GIVE! ;-)

    Have a great Sunday, S.

  3. I also want to know where they are…. Please!

  4. I’m always looking for some great blogs to read. I’d love to hear what ones you discovered.

  5. I know one of the bloggers you are talking about, at least I think I do. She is a friend of mine and an awsome writer!! If it is Tracey, you should definitely email her. I am sure she wouldn’t mind you posting the link.

    So I was going to post…I love Dancing with the Stars!!! Joey was so GOOD! I didn’t enjoy Heather Mills and hope she goes home! “Cliff Claven” from Cheers did so much better than I thought he would!

  6. Your blog is great!!! :o)

  7. Some days reading about fried chicken, butter beans or cream cheese is just what I need:-)Plus I miss real southern cooking…speaking of different foods…did you know they have never even heard of boiled peanuts in Oklahoma???!!! Back home we had road side stands selling them and they have never heard of them! I am still in shock over that lol

  8. i think your “blawg” is so popular BECAUSE you ARE so relateble (there’s another good word for ya)

    After a day of changing poopy diapers and playing Spiderman, I want to read something that my brain can understand and laugh about.

    My brain suffers enough as it is!


  9. not that there is a correct spelling for a fake word, but I meant relatable

  10. Link us up to the brainiacs please. I’m always looking for new reads.
    Please don’t change your blog to try and copy them! We like your blog just the way it is.

  11. Nobody posts about fried chicken with quite the flare as you, Boo Mama. Never stop. OK?

    And who on earth would object to being endorsed by Boo Mama, for Pete’s sake. Share the love, please.

  12. But I LIKE reading about FRIED CHICKEN! And you’re just so funny. And you have the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen! Well, next to my children, of course.

    But, I would really like to know who these blawgers are who need more traffic. It would be really nice if you’d link to them, so maybe some of their smartness can rub off on me through osmosis. :)

    And just for the record, I’m drinking lukewarm coffee as I type. And I like it just the way it is. :)

  13. I am laughing right out loud at “blawg.” Lately I’ve been feeling more “blahhhg,” so by all means, share some new links with us to get me inspired! Or, more likely, too distracted to ever post anything original again. ;)

    P.S. to Barbie: am now craving boiled peanuts, which cannot be found in Dallas except IN A CAN. I’ve been sorely tempted many a time, but never brave enough to actually purchase and partake of them.

  14. I’d like a nod or two in the direction of some brainiacs. Can you e-mail me the links?

    I looked up another word for “smart.” Thought maybe you could use it the next time you need it: perspicacious.

    I know, I know. You can thank me later.


  15. First of all, I think it takes quite a bit of intelligence to get bazillions of readers to laugh about fried chicken and Martha. You are just very real and honest and open. (Not that the others aren’t.) People will always want to read someone they feel they can relate to!

  16. You are so silly. You are like the hot cup of coffee with cream–that first sip that is so warm and so hot and satisfying–aaaaah.

    Trust me as a recipient of a former shout out from “The Boomama:” I don’t think you have to ask. No one cares. If their blog is public, they will be tickled pink at the traffic.

    One of the reasons that we are all so smitten by you is your humility and ability to use your blog-trafficking powers for good instead of evil.

  17. P.S. to Barbie: am now craving boiled peanuts, which cannot be found in Dallas except IN A CAN. I’ve been sorely tempted many a time, but never brave enough to actually purchase and partake of them.


    I thought I would save you the trouble THEY ARE NASTY! I even tried heating them up and adding cajun spices and they just aren’t the same:-( I may have someone from back home just ship me some green peanuts so I can make my own.

  18. I know this sounds strange because I am probably old enough to be your mother but…I read you because you remind me of my mom.

    She was from the south…does that explain everything?

    Like Mr. Rogers would say, “I like you just the way you are.”

  19. I don’t get much traffic, but it doesn’t stop me from being a “BLOG addict”. I frequent your blog – and have you on “google reader” – I just enjoy the lightheartedness so much.
    I asked you the other day if you would mind linking to my contest – but that was right when you got whisked away to the tropics. Would you mind linking – or publicizing it for me? If not that is fine – I just wanted to make sure that you got the request!

  20. Oh, dear, you don’t even have to pretend I’m mighty intelligent, even if I am on your sidebar. I’m so tired right now I probably couldn’t spell my own name. You don’t even want to know how many typos I’m making just typing this one comment!

    So anyway, keep it up with the fried chicken posts. Besides, I’d liken your blog more to a Diet Coke over ice in my favorite cup–sassy, refreshing, and fabulously familiar. Butter beans notwithstanding :)

  21. And you do know I wasn’t calling you “dear,” right? Because my favorite checker at Kroger calls me “Sugar” and “Dear” all the time, and she’s about 103. I’m not old enough to call anybody “Dear” yet.

    I hope.

  22. My dear Boomama,

    You are a constant delight to me! Your writing, or shall I say blawging, is a bright spot in my day, and usually good for a chuckle, if not a belly laugh (unless of course you are discussing something serious, then no laughing….)

    Women like you finally inspired me to start blogging. I mostly blame Momrn2, but you get the second most blame…good blame! It is a strange joke in my family, we don’t assign bad blame, just good blame…. Yup, we are a strange lot, but they do say that California is the lowest geographical point in the country and all the nuts roll down hill……

  23. Give yourself some credit, girl! I look forward to clicking your link every day to see just what’s on Boomama’s mind, which might not be so different from what’s on other people’s minds, but you’ve just got this way about you, don’t know what it is, but I’m sure that I can’t live without it…

    Oh, sorry, slipped off into a Billy Joel song there for a minute…

  24. You have a great blog. I enjoy reading it because you are so down to earth and you can make me laugh! I look forward to checking your blog out everyday to see what you’ve got going on!

  25. Boomama is on my short-list. ‘Nuff said.

  26. No one talks about fried chicken and butter beans like you, BooMama. Keep up the good work!

  27. “Me write blog too. Link your blog? You I think write pretty. Like very much letters and words you use.” These are the exact thoughts I have when I have thought about leaving you a comment before! I have only left one other comment (at Christmas) because I am just one more mom with a blog and you are Boomama! You have a gift and and I enjoy reading your blog.

  28. SHUT UP! Of course you can e-mail me, BooMama. Don’t be afraid!

    JUST KIDDING! I would, however, love to share in your new reads. Give us the links!!

  29. Don’t say such things about yourself! I have exactly 4 blogs on my blogroll (and two belong to the same person) and you are on there! I get all shaky if I check your blog and there wasn’t a post yet…I need my daily boomama fix! Sorry if it sounds like I’m comparing you to my coffee addiction…it’s unintended.

  30. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    “better than a hot pile of nothing”?? And you honestly think THAT isn’t brilliant? You are doing just fine, my friend.

  31. No, what most of us need is a good laugh and you are faithful to give that to us! Intellect is good, too ….I’m just sayin’… don’t underestimate your gift to put a smile on a tired mom’s face!

  32. Permission to link?

    Uh oh.

    I’ve been linkin’ to you for a long time and I never EVER asked. Now I’ve done it.

    But seriously, linking is like a compliment of the highest order. You should link away, in my opinion. And you certainly should not tease us with talk of blogging greatness without even sharing the actual greatness!! I’m sure it was merely an oversight which will be corrected in short order.

    And one other thing…after I found Boomama I couldn’t write a good post for months. Months. Your incredible writing talent spooked all the words right out of me! I’m still trying to pull myself together!

  33. suzanne says:

    I totally agree with Jan. I just simply cannot write after I read your posts…you leave me all speechless/wordless and such, except maybe to say “hey, ya’ll go read Boomama, cause she writes way better than me”. And also, the teasing about bloggity goodness and intelligence without telling us? Just what kind of torture are you trying to deliver?
    Keep up the good work. God has mighty BIG plans for you, I just feel it in my bones! ;-)

  34. I bet we all have YOU on our side bar!!!
    : ) And, I’m sure whoever it is you are reading would be thrilled to pieces to be on yours!!!
    God is using you to bless the blogasphere!

  35. Please keep writing. We all love you–just the way you are!!!!

  36. Your posts show more insight than many others I have read…this on in particular…email them, go on.

  37. Oh. My. Word…Boomama, you just come over here so I can give you a good hug and shake…how you, in all of your bloggity goodness and creative turn of phrase could ever think you…well…
    You rock, nuff said…linking to those brainiac women would be a COMPLIMENT…I see your blog EVERYWHERE…you are loved BLOGGY-WORLD WIDE…and
    Sometimes, a laugh is the most precious gift you can give, especially on a day like today…

  38. Hey Boomama! Its been awhile since Ive visited your blog. As for the intelligent Blog, Ive seen some as the way u have described them! And I too felt too ‘unintelligent’ to email or comment on them! haha! But the word ‘hello’ may be simple but it is warm and inviting. And sometimes it is all thats needed to start a great blog friendship! I try and blog hop as much as I can to make new friends. Id love a blogroll as long as yours! Well Ill be sure to stop by again soon! HUGS!

  39. Me new here.
    Me like Boomama.
    Me laugh lots.
    snort snort
    Me want to read same as you.
    Me want be smarter.
    Me not smart now.
    Me want be famous blawger too.
    Me want be you.
    Me want you read my blawg. Tell world to read too. World listen to BooMama. BooMama smart. BooMama goooood.

    (this is fun)

  40. Hey Boomama,

    Don’t judge a blogger by her blog. I would venture to say that some of the brainiacs would be a little intimidated by your readership and maybe even a little envious of your style. I’m sure they would love to hear from you or be linked on your site. You’re like the Rock Star of Mommy Blogs….and probably a few more bloggy categories.

    I have a master’s degree and am a few classes and the big D short of a PhD (I traded finishing that for the titles of Mrs. and MOM). I’ve taken bunches of graduate classes, yet my blog is full of pictures, not clever manuscript. I may have lost a few brain cells when I got the MOM degree.

    And to be quite honest, I think my best writing was in high school English class. The more edu’mah’cated I got, the worse my grammar, spelling, hand writing, etc. got.

    I digress.

    You deserve a heck of a lot more credit that you give yourself.

  41. How funny! I’ve only been by your blog a few times, but you are a new, and quite interesting read for me! See, you do rank! As in “right up there”, not smell-wise… oh, you know what I mean!
    I’m hosting a new meme… come by and leave your link if you want! http://snpnmnmi.wordpress.com/

  42. I won’t join the bandwagon on wanting to know who these blogs are. (I KNOW I’m not one of them, lol) I don’t need anything else to read that makes me feel stupid. I have 3 teenagers, I’m stupid every day, I won’t go out there and purposely make it worse, lol.
    I love your blog because you are REAL and oh, so FUNNY. I need laughs to get me through my life right now. 3 Teens, 2 pre-teens, a toddler, a baby, women’s ministry, husband, friends, family, in-laws, crazy people at church, bills, neighbors, KIDS, pets. All that, and when do I get to clean my house???? No, really, when does a person do that? I’d just cry all day if I didn’t get time on the computer to blank stuff out. Its my prozac!

  43. I agree that you deserve much more credit than you give yourself. You are a witty writer and sometimes that’s just as great as being an intelligent writer.

    As a mom, reading your “blawg” is a breath of fresh air! I am almost always guaranteed a few chuckles with each post!

    And like the rest, I’m sure it was a mere oversight on not sharing those great blogs.

  44. I found your blog a few months ago, and it was love at first snort. Anyone who can make me laugh out loud and snort is on the Daily Must Read list. And, uh, I linked to you without getting permission (sorry!).

    You are smart (SMRT!), witty, charming, winsome, and dang funny. And you are every bit as valuable to us Internets as the brainiacs. 1 Cor 12:12-27, baby!

  45. My sentiments exactly. Except I mean it about YOU, silly. You may use the word smart a lot, but hey – takes one to know one. There’s my elementary dribble for you. I have always felt “not worthy” when I came in here. I think that being witty and funny is a gift (and I was in some other line in heaven at during the hand-outs). Have no idea what line I got in. If that tells you anything?

    So… quit comparing yourself and just shine for the truly unique and talented person you are.

    And keep being smart. Even if you are a smart-butt sometimes, too! Why else would you have so many readers and commenters? Think about how bad some of the rest of us feel when you get 50 comments about your fried chicken recipe post and the only time I have NEARED 50 was when I opened my BIG mouth about the evolution and creation debate.

    Another sign that I’m not so smart! ;) But hey – I still like to talk. So there.

  46. See there… I even managed a few typos. Go figure.

  47. Oh, for the love of all that is intelligent and impressive, DO TELL!

    Psssst…they might be smarter, but you’re probably cuter! *wink-wink*

  48. “All I talk about is fried chicken”–cracks me up. As do you.

    But Dude. Don’t hold back on us. Must link.

    (And, you need permission to link? Not from me. Just for future reference. Link away, girlfriend.)

  49. If I just want a “thought provoking” read, I’d just read a book or Time Magazine.

    I love your blog because it’s not only witty and wise, it’s warm and friendly. Like what one of the comments said, it’s “relatable”.

    Sense of humor, my blogging friend, is very attractive. It’s also a gift :) and you use your gift graciously :)

    I know others asked for the link of that blog… as for me, I am not interested, thank you. I am happy visiting here :)

  50. Wow… what great praise from so many. No wonder our God inhabits the praises of His people – it’s gotta feel great! You are an amazing writer and what is more amazing is that you know where that gift comes from… Melinda Doolittle sings,you blog… – “As Long as He Needs…YOU.”